Natsu and lisanna meet again somehow regina

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There, they meet other teenagers who have gone through what they have. Takes place in Skin Deep after Regina and Rumple talk about his name. .. Benson has to somehow get them to testify at the trial so the man who had caused them so When Lisanna comes back, Lucy begins to feel lonely without Team Natsu. Everything Comes Back to You by onceuponacaptainswan reviews This is a fuller version of a short one shot that is probably buried somewhere in . - [ Emma S., Killian Jones/Captain Hook] Henry Mills, Regina M./The Natsu is devastated until he meets his new room mate and his lid fe is then turned upside down. Transport them somewhere quiet, safe and where no-one goes there 3. Dismember I asked Lisanna to meet up in my house. 'Now, I can I hold up my arms to hug her and she hugs back. 'Come in!' 'I've seen the way you look at Natsu-senpai.' With each and .. "Is useless," interrupted Regina. "We all.

Natsu is devastated until he meets his new room mate and his lid fe is then turned upside down Fairy Tail - Rated: She will make many friends and solve many cases and even become close to a certain pink-haired agent, but nothing lasts forever. FTBI will go up against there hardest case yet, what will they do? The Invitation by Kjb reviews When Emma Swan was feeling the pressure from her family about her single status, her friend Killian seems like the perfect solution to a Christmas invitation.

One day, Lucy decides to break up with him. What is Natsu doing? A son named Igneel? Killian tries to convince her that some men are more skilled than others. Smutty one shot with bar sexy times. This is my first ever story so I hope you enjoy!

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He finds out that she isn't a fan of him and he feels completely attached to her. Will Lucy learn to love the famous Dragneel or will she leave him alone because of his popularity? They're also fuck buddies, and that's enough for Emma. I've changed a few things and fixed some issues that were bugging me. High School Musical - Rated: She calls herself the Oven - she's baking his future for him for the next 9 months. But could she be his future? Could what he's always wanted be living down the hall, having his baby for him?

Rating subject to change. A handsome stranger moves into the apartment right next to Emma Swan's. Emma isn't ready for romance, but what harm could come of making friends with the charming self-proclaimed "pirate" whose bedroom shares a wall with hers? When Neal dumps her and dies soon after, Killian steps in to help her raise Henry. Blanchard - Complete now that you're here by piratesails reviews A series of domestic one-shots following Emma and Killian through parenthood, set in an AU future where big bads aren't a problem.

They would be a perfect couple, wouldn't they? But they hate each other. Their greet each other saying "I hate you! But is that the real feeling? And what if their pasts mix in?

The line between love and hate is thin so what is their true feeling? Show me the playbook by killians-dimples reviews Henry plays matchmaker for his mom and his high school football coach Killian Jones.

Lucy vs. Lisanna

Collection of drabbles, not a full-fledged story. They met Gray and Levy in middle school and met the others in high school. They are now 2nd years in Fairy Tail High. Nalu, Gruvia, Jerza, Gale, Lamira. Emma and baby Henry move across the country to escape their past.

But it's hard to be a single working mom in a new place, even harder to make new friends. That is, until she runs into a handsome stranger Lots of CS meet-cute. Herondale are teachers at a school. Robert Gold was not to be trifled with. He had a reputation for being ruthless and cunning and a monster of a man.

Natsu and lisanna meet again somehow regina

Everyone in Storybrooke knew this and everyone in Storybrooke stayed away from him. But as he was walking to his pawnshop one day, something changed. Many things have changed and all Ember wanted was to become stronger to protect her family, but she eventually realizes that being with your nakama DOES make you strong. In the end, there's a guild member that's dear to her, even if she doesn't know it yet. Well preferably no one will be wearing pants. Can she change the path he's on? Takes place in Skin Deep after Regina and Rumple talk about his name.

Thanks to Emilie Brown for the cover art! But Emily promised that this would be the last move for awhile. Hopefully mother and daughter can forge a life here, and Emily can give Violet the stability she herself never really had. K - French - Chapters: Twelve years later, the gate is open again and a sinister force has taken Twilight.

While the search for Twilight Sparkle is on, the Mane 5 are tasked to helping Twilight's ten year-old hybrid daughter: Aurora, adjust to the world of Equestria. This story is about family and love. My Little Pony - Rated: More than years had passed after 5 years in the Realm. Now Lucy needs to complete her mission of finding all 88 keys. A prophecy had foretold many things, and it was becoming too much for Lucy to bear. Lucy, who carries so much burden, will she fall into despair?

Une fille charmante sans histoire. Ce que personne ne sait c'est que la nuit venue je vois des choses que je devrais pas voir Une fille lumineuse d Fairy Tail - Rated: Snow White was actually pregnant with twins and gave birth to her second daughter after Prince Charming already left to take Emma to the wardrobe. Emma's twin sister Hanna was swept away with the curse just like all of the other inhabitants of the Enchanted Forest. Here is her story Blanchard God gave me you by Bella Gracelyn Prentiss reviews Callie and Arizona have been happily married for two years.

Now they have decided to have kids, so when a ten year old foster kid comes into their hospital with serious injuries they decide to foster-to-adopt the girl once she is well enough to leave the hospital. The only problem is that the little girl doesn't remember anything that has happened in the last six years.

What supernatural being could be behind all of this? But during the hunt, Caitlyn finds out things aren't always what they seem. Rated M for smut, torture scene, language. As she joins Natsu, Happy, and Lucy on their adventures, she looks for her memories, and more importantly, why was she brought into the lives of the Fairy Tail members? Mais quant elle apprend que sa guilde lui ment et qu'elle voit celui qu'elle aime embrasser sa rivale, elle laisse tomber.

But one day, she shows up. How will Elena try to keep her little sister safe from all the vampire drama that happens in Mystic Falls? Begins at S1 Ep. Vampire Diaries - Rated: Voici 10 ans que je t'attends Lucy Sometimes it's about the bad girl meeting the former bad boy. Both have a hard life, both have a rough past, both have butterflies in their stomach when they kiss.

High school fan fiction. Rated T for swearing. You should really give this story a chance, I promise it gets better after the first few chapters: How Long Had It Been?

She runs into Erza Scarlet. She agrees to take Lucy to her guild. Lucy becomes a member of Fairy Tail, but she is too traumatized to become friends with anyone other than Erza.

And can Lucy move forward? Natsu doesn't let the phrase when pigs fly stop him from getting what he wants…. Decay of Agony by KaixinPhoenix reviews Lucy had a rough past. Upon hearing Kageyama's voice, Natsu revives and saves Lucy from being harmed by one of Kageyama's attacks. However, to everyone's surprise, Kageyama is suddenly stabbed in the back by one of his allies and Natsu, in rage, attacks the assassin and tries to avenge Kageyama.

As the wind armor causes Natsu's fire to be put out and stops him from punching Erigor, Natsu becomes angry to the point of heating his flames using his emotions. Happy notices the effects of the superheated fire on Erigor's Storm Mail and provokes Natsu to increase his fire's heat by appealing to his sense of rivalry with Gray. This sends Natsu into a rage, and he is able to defeat Erigor.

Just as they begin to fight, one of the sailors who had previously refused, notices their Magic and agrees to sail them across.

Natsu then quickly knocks Gray out and drags him onto the boat. Gray tells them that they are going to stay put until the moon comes back out and Natsu instinctively falls asleep at this piece of news. They learn from Mirajane that it was their rival, Phantom Lord. When they arrive, Natsu breaks down the door and the battle between the two guilds begin. He initially fights with Elfman before Natsu takes over, and the two dragon slayers have a fairly equal fight.

Just as they are about to leave, Natsu overhears Gajeel and a member of the Element 4Ariasaying they had captured Lucy. He kidnaps one of Phantom Lord's members, burning him until he told Natsu where Lucy may be. Out of fear of further injury, the member of Phantom Lord tells him that she was most likely at their headquarters. Seeing as they were at the headquarters, Natsu wishes to continue the fight, but Happy and a tearful Lucy make him reluctantly agree to retreat.

Phantom Lord's headquarters, which unveils its powerful cannon, Jupiter. The cannon is then shot towards the guild, but Erza takes the full brunt of Jupiter, and prevents it from annihilating the guild. As a result, Jose tells them to shiver in 15 minutes of fear as it reloads. They then agree to split up to find the source of the Magic.

Erza shouts for Natsu to unleash his hidden power and protect them all. Natsu, inspired by this, discovers newfound determination and flames forward until he smashes through a wall and saves Lucy being impaled from one of Gajeel's daggers.

Fire Dragon Fist, and destroys his guild. Erza calls on them to stop messing around before Loke gives Gray Lucy's keys which she had lost when she was caught the first time. They rush to her house and are relieved to discover that she was only going to see her mother's grave. He never follows through with this, as he is struck by a chair thrown by an enraged Erza. Natsu throws a fist at Laxus who effortlessly dodges and then leaves with the affirmation that he will make the strongest guild.

Erza tells Natsu to leave him, and then proposes that she, Natsu, Gray, Lucy and Happy should do a job together: While doing the job, they destroy half a stretch of road. However, Natsu's and the others' destructiveness cause the play to become apparently ruined, but, to their surprise, it becomes a hit anyway. As they are talking, they notice Loke in the distance and come over to speak to him, until he quickly runs away at the sight of Lucy.

Gray apparently wins, but Natsu wouldn't accept it so the two of them call on Lucy to decide for them. When Loke gives Lucy the tickets to a resort, where he had previously reserved rooms for himself and his girlfriends, Natsu joins her, Erza, and Gray in a break from the jobs assigned at Fairy Tail.

He ends up defeating both Mages by using a joke-move, the "Ultimate Strike: Kitty in Pain", to invoke Millianna's pity and make her release him from his bonds, allowing his Magic to return and beating them with a single attack using his Fire Dragon's Wing Attack.