Relationship between capital structure and liquidity

relationship between capital structure and liquidity

Capital structure and liquidity in association with financial performance have . on the relationship between the firm characteristics and the capital structure. They are mainly concerned with the dynamic capital structure implications of the association between liquidity and capital market development, proxied by. relationship exist between capital structure and profitability of listed .. level of using debt, the study found out that highly profitable and liquid firms use debt.

Debt refers to money borrowed, while equity refers to money invested or earned. Financial ratios that measure capital structure include the debt-to-equity ratio or the ratio of fixed assets to long-term liabilities.

The debt-to-equity ratio divides the total liabilities of the company by the total stockholder equity. The higher the ratio, the more debt the company carries.

relationship between capital structure and liquidity

A debt-to-equity ratio close to one demonstrates a balance between debt and equity. The fixed assets to long-term liabilities ratio divides total fixed assets by the total of all money owed with a repayment date longer than one year.

relationship between capital structure and liquidity

This ratio illustrates the percentage of equity the company has in its fixed assets. Any ratio with a value higher than one demonstrates positive equity in the assets. When a company lacks sufficient access to cash, it loses the opportunity to pursue investments and may fall behind in its bills.

Liquidity ratios include the current ratio and the inventory turnover ratio. The current ratio compares the current assets, or assets convertible to cash within a year, to the current liabilities, or the debt due within one year.

relationship between capital structure and liquidity

Any value above one demonstrates that the company can pay its current obligations with cash. The inventory turnover ratio determines how many times the company sells out its inventory during the year.

Liquidity must be taken into account when the companies want to get the additional capital from the outsiders. The easiest way to increase the capital is to issue the long term bonds because companies have ample time to return the amount of bond along with interest. When the firms increase the inventory level, this will lead to increase in leverage.

The impact of liquidity on the capital structure: a case study of Croatian firms

When the firms increase the cash in hand and other current assets, this will lead to reduction in the short term and long term debts. Liquidity, Capital Structure, Textile 1. Introduction The textile sector has great importance since it is involved in the production of yarn which is the most important to the whole procedure of making clothes. Textile products play an important role in meeting the basic needs. The clothing industry is where the majority of textile are produced and used.

However, textile sector is important in our lives from birth to death. Obviously, textile sector of Pakistan participate an active role for the economic development of Pakistan. Pakistan is at 8th position in Asian countries for the export of textile merchandise. The contribution in GDP of textile sector is 9.

Capital Structure Ratios vs. Liquidity Ratios

Participation of Pakistan in international trade is less than 1 percent which is approximately 18 trillion dollars. After independence, in initial decades Pakistan produces quality products. In present, Pakistan produces all types of textile products at global level as well as at small and medium businesses.

Pakistan is very prominent in the production of cotton and has 4th place and due to high usage of cotton Pakistan hold 3rd position all over the world. The textile division has been the backbone for the economy of Pakistan in the terms of foreign exchange and providing job opportunities for the last 5 decades. The textile sector will be beneficial for the growth of the country in the future. Liquidity means the point at which a security and assets can be purchased or sold easily without recourse to the court of law.

Liquidity is important if a person or a company needs access funds in short time frame or to pay for expense. Capital Formation means how much proportion of capital comes from equity financing and how much comes from debt financing.

relationship between capital structure and liquidity

The stakeholders of the companies have much interest in the debt to equity ratio of the company which shows the credit standing of that company. Capital accumulation describes that how a corporation funding its assets. Capital comes in a company into two forms which are as follows, Equity Capital. This portion shows money owing by the shareholders. This refers to the borrowed money that use by the business. The long term bonds are usually the secure form of debt. When financial institutions want to provide finance in a particular company, they analyze the liquidity of that company in which they are investing.

To evaluate that how much liquidity affect the capital structure of textile sector. To evaluate that how much liquidity is important for any organization.

How much current ratio has significant impact on organization. The span of time is limited only five years from to The total number of companies taken as sample is The results were affected due to the lack of reliability of data. The results were also bounded because the duration is also limited. That was the dilemma in this study.

The rest of the paper explains next sections in the following manner. Next Section explains literature review of other studies related to this topic from all over the world.

Lastly, reference list is given. He investigated in his research by using the model of asset price that production capacity of a firm did not affect due to change in the demand of the goods. He demonstrated that credit spreads enhance with the change in unsecured debt and it will reduce favorable leverage.

He concluded in his another model that the asset liquidity has a hefty impact on capital accumulation preference of the corporation. Marmor and Valentincic investigated that creditors of small enterprises interested in short term liquidity because any cash deficiency can result in delayed payment.

He concluded with the help of nave model that once a firm experience liquidity difficulty or problem of delayed payment in any period by reason of inadequate bank balance then the corporation will consistently have the same problem in the preceding year unless the company restructures. He suggested in his research that possibly creditors of very small private companies will trust on financial indicators if the information regarding liquidity will be readily available to public.

The result told that liquidity does not restrict block holders from governing. He examined in his research with the help of correlation coefficients that to draw the attention of huge stakeholders of an corporation or to administer them successfully then the liquidity of the enterprise should be effective and it will be constructive. Sarlija and Harc investigated that the capital accumulation has been affected by liquidity.

He argued in some countries, the liquid firms financed by their own capital rather than outsiders and they were less leveraged. He demonstrated that increasing the level of inventory leads to an increase in debt of the company and increasing level of cash in current assets leads to decrease in debt long term as well as short term. He examined in his research with the help of Pearson correlation coefficient that there is negative relationship between liquidity and capital structure.

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He also concluded that the share of retained earning s as well as equity to capital is not correlated with equity. Uremadu and Efobi analyzed the importance of capital structure to corporate financial stability, growth and adequate returns and liquidity cannot be undermined.

He concluded in his research with the help of multiple regression model that increasing proportion of both short term debt and long term debt on the overall liability of the firm reduces corporate profitability.

He also revealed that profitability and performance of firm depend on proper management and composition of their capital structure. Sibilkov examined that asset liquidity has major influence on capital formation. He concluded in his research with the help of multiple regression model that liquidity of assets has been positive relation with leverage. He demonstrated that lower assets liquidity reduces the cost of debt and for that reason companies use more debt.

He also concluded that his research showed some relations about secured and unsecured debt. Faulkender and Petersen analyzed that in previous years the firm can get capital only due to its characteristics.

He concluded in his research with the help of regression model that the firms which could not get financing from the public are less versatile and that firm will be more affected than others. Driffield, Mahambare and Pal analyzed that the cash flow system and capital accumulation system depend on management control and it should be separate from the other systems.

Udomsirikul, jumreornvong and jiraporn examined that the firm which have equity composition that is more liquid get the benefit of lower cost equity. These corporations also encouraged to have more equity rather than debt in their capital.

He concluded in his research that Thailand is an rising economy and move towards achievements has a banking system which provides debt and has high absorption of commercial ownership.

Weston analyzed that the fees charged by investment bank are lesser for those who have more liquid stock. Shivdassani and stefanscu analyzed the capital structure implication defined benefit corporate pension plan. He concluded in his research with the help of regression model that the organizations settle their leverage ratio to judge the firm pension asset. He also found that discouraging pension policies in capital structures test have the risk and it is most important and it is related to business features.

In conclusion, it should come to the knowledge that there is a strong relation between liquidity and capital formation and leverage is positively related to asset liquidity.

The last but not least is that to control the enterprise more efficiently and effectively liquidity can be helpful and it will also enabling them to invite more stakeholders and to improve the performance. Data And Methodology Methodology is an organized technique which provides guidelines which provide guidelines to the researcher how to deduct the solution of a problem.

It is a arrange system which includes the guideline or rules, measure, method to explore the particular problems in that arena. Methodology is very important area of research because researcher picks the most suitable type of methods to solve and regain particular information so that they easily make the correct decision. An authentic research design is verified that the conducted research is valid and also evaluate that the hypothesis and variables.

Methodology notifies that data is consistent and not irrelevant.

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Data means raw facts and figures. Data is the vital source and without it nothing can be find or possible to do research. Information is also play vital role in research. Researcher collects data from the financial statement of different textile firms. There is availability of two types of data collection sources through primary source and secondary source.

In this research our area of focus for data is secondary sources in which we analyses the articles and different research papers. Another medium for data collection is the use of web sites of banks to find their financial statements information.

I collect date of the time period which is most recent i. The data is reliable and verified from Karachi Stock Exchange. Researcher chooses the textile sector and there are companies listed in Karachi Stock Exchange and select only 10 corporation of the textile sector and all are listed in Karachi Stock Exchange.

The Karachi Stock Exchange was established in The firms which have highest market capitalization and market share are listed in top hundred companies which structure the index.

Karachi Stock Exchange is most leading exchange in Pakistan. The KSE are operating through electronic system which has linked with other market of the world. There are 34 sectors in KSE and every sector includes a wide range of companies.

relationship between capital structure and liquidity

It is also called lottery sampling.