Relationship between denmark and sweden

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relationship between denmark and sweden

For many years, we were engaged in open warfare for power, territory and control of Øresund, the Sound between Denmark and Sweden. When the wars ended. Denmark–Sweden relations relate to Denmark and Sweden. Both of these countries have a very long history together. These countries were part of the Kalmar Union between and , although, there exists an inherited cultural competition between Sweden and Denmark. The relationship between Sweden and Denmark is a complex one, involving some carefully nurtured differences. For much of their history.

But when you hear the same word spoken, rest assured that you won't understand anything of it. Danish almost sounds like they have something stuck in the throat while Swedish can sound like you are exercising your lungs and holding your breath.

Sweden and Denmark are not all warm welcomes and cuddly politics

One thing is for sure, the Danes are not afraid of social interaction, and even embrace it warmly. At a birthday party or at a house party, they will welcome you and introduce themselves without the need to first down several drinks.

relationship between denmark and sweden

Likewise, on the street, if you ask for directions, they will not look the other way and try to escape. The Danes have a sense of humour and a relaxed approach to life.

Even if on the surface they may seem quite stand-offish, underneath this armour they can be actually quite friendly once you get to know them.

Relations with Sweden

My German boyfriend is an area manager for Scandinavia and he finds the Danes the easiest Scandinavians to relate to. He also swears that Copenhagen is by far the liveliest Scandinavian city, even though it's not as beautiful or clean as Stockholm. Maybe I'm almost becoming Swedish at this stage. Or maybe I just miss my free glasses of water at lunchtime, the efficient public transport system, hills, rocks and forests, and fikas that don't cost a small fortune. Directness and frankness in communication is seen as a sign of sincerity and honesty.

relationship between denmark and sweden

When you gain their respect, they'll start liking you for it. Personality and individuality is welcomed in Denmark.

relationship between denmark and sweden

They're a small country and like to feel that people appreciate them, or at least acknowledge their impact on the world. Just don't do anything stupid, they will not love you for blocking cycle paths or riding in the wrong direction.

relationship between denmark and sweden

Your efforts to pronounce their language can help to break the ice and are sure to cause a few laughs. The ruling Social Democrats practised quite rigorous austerities — in many ways the Swedish Social Democrats are far to the right of the British Tories, just as Swedish Conservatives can seem far to the left of much of the Labour party in their concern for social cohesion. The economic crunch overlapped with a great rush of refugees from the Balkan war and the two together led to considerable tensions: That crisis passed, but the tensions only went under the surface.

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Refugee immigration continued, increasingly from the Middle East and Somalia. The new immigrants concentrated in satellite towns built around the big cities in the 60s. They did worse at school and in the labour market. Official Sweden largely ignored the problem.

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All of the official parties shunned them. Meanwhile, in Denmark, anti-immigrant feeling had moved into mainstream politics and been embraced by the right and accepted as legitimate by the left. But the conservative party in Sweden was entirely neo-liberal and Stockholm based.

It believed Swedish business needed immigrants, and despised the Sweden Democrats as fascist yokels as — actually, almost everyone in Stockholm did. Although Denmark pushed for the reclamation of her lost territories, this was unsuccessful.

However, Denmark was able to begin its claim in the area now known as Schleswig Holstein. No way we lost Norway During the Napoleonic Wars a century or so later, Denmark and Sweden were once again on opposite sides.

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The subsequent shelling of Copenhagen by the British Navy pushed Denmark closer to Napoleon — a decision that would have dire ramifications. Although the Norwegians soon claimed their independence, the loss of Norway was a bitter pill to swallow, more than halving the territory established by Queen Margarethe nearly half a millennium before.

Family bonds Although there were minor border disputes throughout the 19th century, relations between Sweden and Denmark improved.