Relationship between henry and jane fonda

relationship between henry and jane fonda

Henry Jaynes Fonda (May 16, – August 12, ) was an American film and stage actor They were among the first Dutch population to settle in what is now upstate New York, establishing the town of Fonda, New York. .. Their relationship became extremely strained as Jane Fonda became a left-wing activist. Henry Fonda with Jane and Peter in [REX]. The job affected my relationship with my kids but I was always tactile and loving. Peter Fonda. The actress and activist talks about her mother's death, her troubled relationship with her father, Henry Fonda, and dealing with the unexpected.

Lincolnhis first collaboration with director John Fordand that year he played Frank James in Jesse James Another film was Drums Along the Mohawkalso directed by Ford. She was one of Fonda's favorite co-stars, and they appeared in three films together. He was acclaimed for his role in The Ox-Bow Incident Fonda did seven postwar films until his contract with Fox expired, the last being Otto Preminger's Daisy Kenyonopposite Joan Crawford.

He starred in The Fugitivewhich was the first film of Ford's new production company, Argosy Pictures. Fonda in Navy uniform Refusing another long-term studio contract, Fonda returned to Broadway, wearing his own officer's cap to originate the title role in Mister Robertsa comedy about the U. Roberts wages a private war against a tyrannical captain. He won a Tony Award for the part. Fonda followed that by reprising his performance in the national tour and with successful stage runs in Point of No Return and The Caine Mutiny Court-Martial.

After an eight-year absence from films, he starred in the same role in the film version of Mister Roberts with James CagneyWilliam Powelland Jack Lemmoncontinuing a pattern of bringing his acclaimed stage roles to life on the big screen.

On the set of Mister Roberts, Fonda came to blows with director John Fordwho punched him during filming, and Fonda vowed never to work for the director again. Fonda refused to participate until he learned that Ford had insisted on casting Fonda as the lead in the film version of Mr. Roberts, reviving Fonda's film career after concentrating on the stage for years.

relationship between henry and jane fonda

Fonda worked with Alfred Hitchcock inplaying a man falsely accused of robbery in The Wrong Man ; the unusual semidocumentary work of Hitchcock was based on an actual incident and partly filmed on location. The film was based on a teleplay and a script by Reginald Roseand directed by Sidney Lumet. The low-budget production was completed in 17 days of filming, mostly in one claustrophobic jury room.

It had a strong cast, including also Jack KlugmanLee J. CobbMartin Balsamand E. The intense story about twelve jurors deciding the fate of a young man accused of murder was well received by critics worldwide. Early on, the film drew poorly, but after winning critical acclaim and awards, it proved a success.

In spite of the outcome, Fonda vowed that he would never produce a movie again, fearing that failing as a producer might derail his acting career. His co-stars were Allen Case and Read Morgan. He also returned to more light-hearted cinema in Spencer's Mountainwhich was the inspiration for the s TV series, The Waltonsbased on the Great Depression of the s memories of Earl Hamner, Jr.

After initially turning down the role, he was convinced to accept it by actor Eli Wallach and director Sergio Leonewho flew from Italy to the United States to persuade him to take the part. Fonda had planned on wearing a pair of brown-colored contact lensesbut Leone preferred the paradox of contrasting close-up shots of Fonda's innocent-looking blue eyes with the vicious personality of the character Fonda played.

relationship between henry and jane fonda

Fonda's relationship with Jimmy Stewart survived their disagreements over politics — Fonda was a liberal Democratand Stewart a conservative Republican. After a heated argument, they avoided talking politics with each other.

The two men teamed up for 's Firecreekwhere Fonda again played the heavy. InFonda and Stewart co-starred in the western The Cheyenne Social Cluba minor film in which they humorously argued politics.

Henry Fonda

Fonda returned to both foreign and television productions, which provided career sustenance through a decade in which many aging screen actors suffered waning careers. After the unsuccessful Hollywood melodrama, Ash Wednesday, he filmed three Italian productions released in and The most successful of these, My Name is Nobodypresented Fonda in a rare comedic performance as an old gunslinger whose plans to retire are dampened by a "fan" of sorts.

Fonda continued stage acting throughout his last years, including several demanding roles in Broadway plays. He returned to Broadway in for the biographical drama, Clarence Darrowfor which he was nominated for a Tony Award.

Fonda's health had been deteriorating for years, but his first outward symptoms occurred after a performance of the play in Aprilwhen he collapsed from exhaustion. After the appearance of a cardiac arrhythmia brought on by prostate cancerhe had a pacemaker installed following cancer surgery. Fonda returned to the play in After the run of a play, First Monday of October, he took the advice of his doctors and quit plays, though he continued to star in films and television.

relationship between henry and jane fonda

To make things worse, it was triggered by his involvement with a 20 year old woman, Susan Blanchard. This was too much for Frances, already not well, and she ended up being committed into a psychiatric hospital, unable to cope with the idea of being left alone after Henry had promised to be with her forever.

The End of the Road For Frances, this nervous breakdown was one from which she would never recover. Inaged just 42, and with two young kids at home, she took a razor blade and slit her own throat, while still staying in the psychiatric hospital which she had been admitted to. Were their signs that this would happen?

relationship between henry and jane fonda

Reading the Signs Perhaps there were signs. Sometimes things which seem only slightly strange come into focus after they can no longer be helped. This is a chilling fact, now that we know what happened next. Hiding the Truth After the death of their mother, Henry made a tough choice. Jane was only just a teenager, at 13 years old, and he did not want his children to know what had happened to their mother.

So despite the media catching wind of the story, he kept the real cause of their mothers death from them. Finding Out The Truth Of course, Jane would find out what happened to her mother, and the real circumstances of her death inside the psychiatric hospital by suicide. But she should have found this out from her loving father.

Instead, she ended up hearing the news from reading about it in a magazine article, along with her brother. Can you imagine any more callous way to find out that your mother has killed herself? A Heart Attack Peter remembers the time well, and he even opened up about it to the Daily Express, back in Turning the Blame Inwards Like with any secret, Jane started to wonder why it had been kept.

She remembered how her mother had called her to her bedside when she was still at home, with a nurse to help her. Regret flooded her heart. Speaking Out Jane truly believed for many years that she could have made a difference to what happened to her mother. It was my fault. Moving Forward and Learning the Truth The only way that Jane Fonda could possibly move forward was to learn more about the circumstances around her mothers suicide.

Could there be more behind her mothers mental health than her diagnosis of Bipolar and her father asking for a divorce? What was the truth? Tracking Down the Records Jane, still young at the time, decided to try to find the mental health records of her mother from the institute where she was at the time of her breakdown and subsequent suicide.

This turned out to be the best thing that Jane could have done. In the records was the truth about her mother, long kept from her by her father Henry Fonda, and which would complete the puzzle, providing the missing piece that Jane needed to find forgiveness for herself. A Long Battle After reading these records, Jane realized just how long her mother had been battling with mental health issues, and what was at the true root of them.

This abuse had happened long before Frances ever met Henry, and it showed Jane that there was nothing she or anyone could have done.

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It had nothing to do with me. Peter and Jane loved her dearly but the marriage lasted only five years.

Jane Fonda Talks Being Reunited with Robert Redford... in Bed

We were living in Rome and she came down to breakfast and told us. I was devastated and cried and she said, 'I'm young, I want to dance and tell jokes.

I need to cut loose'. And I knew exactly what she meant. For a moment I felt I'd be better off going with her but that would have been too devastating for my dad.

relationship between henry and jane fonda

Funnily enough my best relationship is with my stepson Thomas because it started as friendship. But after 39 films she turned her back on the business.

I remark that her British accent in Scandal was spot on. I actually met Mandy Rice-Davies back in She was dating a guy who was in the movie I was making. He loathed her second husband, activist Tom Hayden. Frankly he's lucky he's still alive. That is not serving your country. He lost the case but the friendship was volatile thereafter, though Peter says Hopper at least stopped wanting to kill him.

Other than Dirty Mary, Crazy Larry a cult hit that actually did make moneyeven diehard moviegoers would be hard-pressed to name many Peter Fonda films. I worked to feed my creativity rather than for the money.

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