Relationship between people and effort in software engineering

relationship between people and effort in software engineering

11 Relationship Between People and Effort Common management myth If we 20% based on the effort applied to software design • Testing and subsequent. Software engineering handles the relationship between people and effort management for product development phase. The Putnam Norden Rayleigh (PNR) curve is an indication of relationship which exists between effort applied and delivery time for software project. People management. Scheduling for Software Engineering Projects can be viewed from two rather different 10 THE RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN PEOPLE AND EFFORT In a small .

These are all about process. A relatively small project might be a best accomplished using linear frequent approach. If very tight time constraints are imposed then problem can be a heavily compartmentalization RAD model.

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Project with other characteristics will lead to the selection of a other process model. Once a process model and process framework is decided then generic communication framework communication, planning, modeling, construction and deployment can be used. It will works for a linear model for iterative and incremental model, for evolutionary model and for concurrent or concurrent assembly models.

Process decomposition commence when the project manager asks how we accomplish the actual activity. Process decomposition is appropriate for the small relatively and a simple project for it. In fact, formal technical reviews conducted by software teams can lead to better analysis and design, and more important, can reduce the number of errors that go undetected until testing thereby reducing testing effort.

Hence, productivity and quality, when measured by time to project completion and customer satisfaction, can actually improve. The number of delivered lines of code source statementsL, is related to effort and development time by the equation: Rearranging this software equation, we can arrive at an expression for development effort E: This leads to some interesting results.

The relationship between people and effort in software engineering?

Consider a complex, real-time software project estimated at 33, LOC, 12 person-years of effort. If eight people are assigned to the project team, the project can be completed in approximately 1.

relationship between people and effort in software engineering

If, however, we extend the end-date to 1. This implies that, by extending the end-date six months, we can reduce the number of people from eight to four!

relationship between people and effort, Software Engineering

The validity of such results is open to debate, but the implication is clear: Benefit can be gained by using fewer people over a somewhat longer time span to accomplish the same objective. A recommended distribution of effort across the definition and development phases is often referred to as the 40—20—40 rule.

Forty percent of all effort is allocated to front-end analysis and design. Unfortunately the first situation is encountered for more frequently than the second one.

As the Size of Project increases, more people must become involved because no company afford the luxury of a 10 man year effort with one person working on it for 10 years. Therefore, during teaching no work is done, and the Project falls further behind.

  • relationship between people and effort, Software Engineering

It is also possible to extend a Completion date by reducing the number of Resources. Although it is possible to accelerate Delivery, the Curve rises very properly to the left of t d. The implication here is that Delaying Project Delivery can reduce Costs; Of course this must be weighted against the Business Costs associated with delay. This leads to some interesting results. Person - years of Effort. The Project can be completed in approx 1.

The criticality of Software dictates the amount of testing that is required. If software is human life related the Testing rate will be even higher.

relationship between people and effort in software engineering

The Task Set will vary depending upon the Project Type and the degree of rigor with which the Software Team decides to do its work. Although it is difficult to develop a comprehensive Taxonomy of Software Project types, most Software organizations encountered the following Projects Types: When the potential for some new Technology must be explored 2. Even within a single Project type, many factors influence the Task set to be chosen.

However the macroscopic Schedule must be refined to create a Detailed Project Schedule. In addition, when more than one person is involved in a Software Engineering Project it is likely that development activities and Tasks will be performed in Parallel. When this occurs, Concurrent tasks must be coordinated so that they will be Complete when Later Tasks require their Work products. It is sometimes used as the mechanism through which Task sequence and dependencies are input to an automated Project Scheduling tool.

Critical Tasks must be completed on time if the Project as a whole is to be completed on Schedule.