Relationship between social psychology and education

relationship between social psychology and education

Answer to: What is the Relation between psychology and education. By signing up, you'll get thousands of step-by-step solutions to your homework. Social psychology has been the label traditionally assigned to a rather arbitrary fiable statements of relationships between specified variables. We have. No, social psychology is not a subfield of educational psychology. Social psychology is one of the basic disciplines of psychology (like e.g.

One question, which is frequently asked that a field like psychology, which is divided within self, could be used and applied constructively to a practical field like education. It is the fact that we are dealing with two different fields; one is concerned with human ends and the means of promoting them, the other with understanding and knowledge of human experience and actions.

Today it is acknowledged widely that psychology has influenced education in the past. Why We Study Psychology In Education It is very essential for a teacher to teach his students according to their mental abilities.

Relationship Between Education and Psychology

Educational psychology helps the teacher in doing so. It enables the teacher to teach where and how? It helps us in the following ways. Relationship between education and psychology Education and psychology are interdependent. One psychologist said that I did not understand how a teacher could teach with out the knowledge of education Psychology.

relationship between social psychology and education

Psychology had changed the spirit of education and it gives new meaning to learning in classroom. Psychology also changed the old concept of education where only upper class had the ability and right to learn. Psychology gives education the theory of individual differences that every child has different mental ability and learns with different pace.

Today in modern era, education psychology is the foundation of education. Psychology effect education in every filed of teaching learning process.

relationship between social psychology and education

A train teacher could understand the problem and eradicate it. Educational Psychology and Curriculum A good curriculum is that, which stimulate the constructive potentialities of the students and which is prepared according to their needs. Educational Psychology and Method of Teaching: If the teacher teaches his students according to the interest and mental development of the students, they will like it and will learn it easily.

The teacher should teach according to their mental level. Audio visual aids in the educational Processes are also the result of educational psychology.

Education process is also the result of educational psychology.

Education Psychology and Guidance and Counseling Many students have many problems in education, society and emotions, which have to be guided. Psychologist provide guidance in such conditions and for this purpose child guidance clinics have been opened in school in developed countries What are the duties of Guidance Counselor?

Psychologists consider that if the reaching process is according to these different stages it will be easily learnt. Different methods of teaching are used at different stages. This is impossible without proper knowledge of psychology.

Thus, education and psychology are logically related. The developmental stages of children and characteristics are very essential factors which the teacher must know in order to be a successful teacher.

Relationship Between Education and Psychology

The traditional education was subject centered and teacher dominated. But the modern concept of education has been changed into learning centered to learner centered.

It is the child who is to learn according to his needs, interests and capacities. Hence, there is no doubt that a knowledge of psychology is quite essential for planning and organizing any educative effort.

relationship between social psychology and education

For this purpose all the great educators emphasize that education must have a psychological base. Pestalozzi tried to psychologies education.

Montessori and Froebel also advocated that education must be based on psychological principles. Almost all the aspects of education are guided by psychological principles.

Different aspects of education related to psychological principles are as follows: The objectives of education at different stages have a psychological base. Preparation of curriculum for different stages as per the age, ability and capacities of the learner must be based on some of the psychological principles.