Relationship between supplier and distributor

The Relationship between Manufacturer and Distributors: Knowledge Transfer and Performance

relationship between supplier and distributor

Abstract. This study explored the relationship between knowledge transfer from manufacturer to distributor. The research question is related to knowledge. Face-to-face sessions between manufacturers and distributors are "Now more than ever, the manufacturer-distributor relationship is all about. The manufacturer-distributor relationship is mutually beneficial but is the nature of the relationship between manufacturers and distributors?.

Then they'll say, "That's nice, but we've ordered these left-handed widgets for ten years now, and, by golly, we're just going to order them again!

relationship between supplier and distributor

When customers call and need something, they usually want to talk to someone now. When clients need something, they need it; in our industry it can be spur of the moment. The items we sell are not like items where they can look on a shelf and say, "I need so many of this or that! I've got some people coming in from overseas and they are good customers of ours. I want to give them something special. What do you have to give them?

It's got some weird things.

Distributors Must Manage Supplier Relations | Glen Balzer, Expert Witness

Some are very old-fashioned and some are silly in some ways, but the industry works extremely well, and the people in it make a good living.

There are some wonderful, fun people in it. It just has a lot of oddities. It's a very funny industry as far as friendships are concerned. There are tremendous friendships. I could get on the phone, and, after making ten calls, I could have 12, samples in the salespeople's hands and have a new product made by tomorrow morning. But if somebody else would call, they'd say, "Well, we'll think about it. Q - With whom do you deal?

Differences Between Wholesalers, Distributors and Retailers

A - It depends on the size of the customer. For instance, with the local bank I would go in and deal with the marketing director. In many cases it is the vice-president of marketing or the marketing assistant. It is generally someone in a marketing department. In a smaller company, it could be anyone from the secretary to the president of the company.

It depends on the person's ability and responsibility within the corporation. Depending on the size of the supplier, it is pretty much the same situation.

If it is a smaller supplier, then often I have to contact the resident of the company. Time is of the essence in many cases, and for the most part I find the suppliers are very willing to answer the questions, or quote, or do whatever is necessary.

When you are dealing within multi-conglomerate, they have sales representatives who are familiar with you, and you try to establish a rapport with that one person. It is sort of a "you scratch my back, and I'll scratch yours.

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If I have built up a good rapport with the company sales representative, I can call and say, "I know your manufacturing process is forty days.

Is there any way you can squeeze this out in thirty-five? It's a distributor's dream.

relationship between supplier and distributor

We try to deal with just a few sup pliers, but at the end of the year we probably have dealt with You think it's not a hassle to keep who gets what from whom straight?

These are intermediates between the producers and consumers. The distribution of any product takes place through channels, which are interdependent organizations.

Supplier vs Distributor - Difference Between

These channels are designed by the firms with a proper path-organization. They provide strong manpower and cash support to the supplier or manufacturer's promotional efforts. They also provide a range of services such as product information, estimates, technical support, after-sales services, and credit to their customers. They have their position in the marketing strategies, because they act as a link between the market and the consumers. Comparison between Supplier and Distributor: Distributor Short description Individuals, companies or other organizations which provide goods or services to a recognizable customer or consumer.

They are an intermediary between producers and retailers, with large warehousing capacity and a sales and delivery force servicing stores in their area or region.

Who are they They may be a person or company which supplies products or services to another company. They are generally, the middlemen or a company which sells mainly to retailers and institutions, rather than to consumers.

relationship between supplier and distributor

Roles They sometimes also supply the products directly to the end user or the customer.