Relationship between weight density and relative

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relationship between weight density and relative

Density is defined as mass per unit volume; it has the SI unit kg. m-3 and is an absolute quantity. Specific gravity is the ratio of a material's density with that of. Another big difference between the two is that density calculates the intrinsic values of its components (mass and volume, which includes. Everyone has been confused over the difference between "weight" and "density". Which of us hasn't fallen for the old riddle: What weighs more, a pound of lead.

The aluminum tile will have larger mass. The reasons that the same volumes of aluminum and wood have different masses are their densities.

The greater the mass of the body at the same volumethe body will have a higher density. Density is proportional to body mass.

Background on Mass, Weight and Density

In our experiment, the density of aluminum is higher. In order to show how density depends on the volume of the body, we will report the following: In one of the glasses we pour water up to a mark of ml, and in the other we will pour sand until the handler comes to zero, until we get the same mass of sand and water.

relationship between weight density and relative

We will notice that the volume of the sand is smaller and can be read from the glass. The smaller the volume at the same weight the density will be greater. The density is inversely proportional to the volume of the body. A body with a smaller volume will have a higher density if their masses are the same.

Relative density

A physical aspect that is determined by weight and volume is called density of a body or substance. Density shows us how much of the mass of a certain substance stays in the volume unit 1m3. The mass of 1m3 of gold is Density is equal to the body mass put in 1 m3 volume. Density of the body is obtained when the body mass is divided by its volume: Measuring an object's volume can sometimes be easier than calculating it. Putting it into a large container of water and measuring the rise in water level can quickly find the volume, no matter what shape it is.

Density is sometimes used to describe other quantities divided by volume, such as energy density. The densities of thousands of substances, including metals, plastics and more, are well-known.

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At room temperature and pressure, the density of a given substance is almost always constant--an iron nail and an iron boat anchor both have the same density though they are very different things. A king had asked Archimedes to determine if his new crown was made of pure gold, but without damaging it in any way.

relationship between weight density and relative

Archimedes realized that by submerging the crown in water, he could determine its volume and therefore its density. This way, he proved that the crown was not pure gold, but had cheaper metals in it. References Georgia State University: Density About the Author Michael Ryan started writing in He wrote and edited for "Egypt Today" magazine. Before this, Ryan has been a development worker in southern Africa and a physics researcher in California.