The canada united states military to relationship quiz

The Maclean's Election Quiz: A special edition of our trivia test

the canada united states military to relationship quiz

James Wolfe and the British army defeat the French army for control of What group fled the United States to settle in Canada after the American Revolution? . in John Diefenbaker's cabinet carrying on relationships with Gerda Munsinger ?. That's why the United States military, like any sane military, is constantly soldier gets, and the soldier and the rifle develop quite a close relationship. Canada UK Iran. The United States has many allies all across the world. Every week, we present the Maclean's Quiz, a diversion designed by time to quiz our readers on what you really know about Canadian politics and election history. yet to explain Russia's unhappy relationship with the rest of the world”, The United States was seen to circumvent international norms.

Most Americans knew little about Canada beyond what was contained in their books about hunting and fishing and, later, their films about gallant Mounties rescuing fair damsels. But that did not matter. Canadians were, while still subservient to the kings of England, they thought, much the same as Americans. And, of course, it was true. Was Canada not the safest place for Americans to invest? Was the Canadian consumer not exactly the same, if a little less wealthy, than the American?

Again, the corporations believed so as they won the same brand loyalty for soaps and chewing gum from a resident of Moose Jaw as they had in Peoria. Did Canadians not watch the same movies and read the same magazines as Americans?

the canada united states military to relationship quiz

It was true that Canada and Canadians were similar, and the Americans could be forgiven if they missed the subtle shadings that differentiated the 2 countries. After all, most Canadians could scarcely tell the 2 countries apart - and tens of thousands of Canadians immigrated to the United States each decade in search of greater opportunity for themselves and their children. That was the major attractive force of the United States. There was certainly prejudice there against blacks, Jews and "foreigners" although Canadians were never seen as foreigners except for French-speaking "Canucks" in the New England statesbut there was also a willingness in the United States to accept the idea that people could get ahead through their own talents and hard work.

Sometimes that opportunity seemed to be lacking in Canada, where the old "family compact" seemed to retain a stranglehold on the economy and social status and where only those of British origin had any claim to prestige and power. Order was the great Canadian good, and order meant not only the upholding of the law but also the maintenance of the status quo.

Such an attitude had its virtues - French Canadians as a collectivity were not assimilated, after all, unlike the fate of millions of immigrants absorbed into the great melting pot to the south - but it was undeniable that a greater share of the pie and the honours remained in the hands of a few. Worse yet, it cost more to be Canadian.

Thanks to the high tariff that protected the manufacturers of Canada, the cost of living was always higher than in the United States. A workingman's pay packet did not go as far in Canada, and hence necessities were dear and luxuries were fewer. The climate was worse, an inevitable result of geography, and the land generally less fertile and the growing season shorter. People had to pay a price to be and remain Canadian, but pay it they did for manifold reasons.

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For some, it was inertia; for others, it was loyalty to Crown and Empire; but for many, it was because Canada had escaped the excesses of America and Americanism. This was particularly evident once the United States rose to globalism and superpower status during and after the Second World War. The idealism of the United States - demonstrated, for example, in the Lend-Lease Act that had given the Allies the munitions and supplies to win the Second World War and the Marshall Plan that had helped so greatly to reconstruct Europe after that war - seemed to have been replaced by a military-industrial complex that pursued unwinnable wars for geopolitical ends.

The VIETNAM WAR was the classic example, a war so dreadful in its effects on the American polity that draft dodgers and military deserters by the thousands sought and found sanctuary in Canada, along with thousands of ordinary men and women looking for a saner lifestyle. For the first time, the flow of immigration from the south to the north exceeded that of Canada to the United States.

Canada's smallness and what many Americans perceived as innocence had become virtues as the United States seemingly lost its way. In the United States, they said, the people would have been out in the streets in protest while in Canada the only rallies were those in support of the government.

The Vietnam War provided opportunities for Canadian business, the darker side of the new Canadian prosperity that marked the s and after. The Defence Production Sharing Agreement DPSAnegotiated by John Diefenbaker's government increated a quasi free trade agreement in defence materials in an attempt to decrease the trade imbalances that Canada faced because of its military purchases in the United States.

the canada united states military to relationship quiz

Bombs and bandages, gunsights and grenades, produced in Canada, were used in the war zone. To some Canadians, the economic integration with the United States symbolized by the DPSA prevented Canada from pursuing an independent foreign policy.

That there was economic integration seemed undeniable. Tariffs, as has been noted, were generally low between the 2 countries, but nontariff barriers such as those that favour the price of domestic wines over California vintages were prevalent, subsidies were employed by both to protect weak sectors of their economies and a host of other issues divided the nations.

Although there was, according to opinion polls from tosubstantial although declining support for free trade, there was no doubt that certain sectors might suffer. Even after the agreement was signed in Octoberquestions continued. Could the weak cultural industries of Canada survive an open border?

Would agriculture sectors such as Ontario and BC fruit survive? How many industrial jobs might be lost? The answers were unclear, but when they became evident then the public's support might increase or decline. Nationalists argued that Canada's economic sovereignty had been severely compromised by the flow of American capital to the north. Political sovereignty was similarly threatened by the desire of the Canadian government and people to follow the American lead in the world.

Take the quiz and find out for yourself Each one of these plays a different and vital role in the protection of the United States. Some provide a more offensive role, while others are only called into duty when the country is in an active state of war. But can you identify which of these is not part of the Military?

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This is also one of the newest, as air-based combat is something that has only risen to prominence within the last century. And when it became a commonly used tool in wars, it was quickly discovered that these tools were capable of winning wars. The US army have placed a huge emphasis on their Air Force.

But is it true that only planes are in the air force? These soldiers have a reputation for being some of the toughest, well-trained, and deadly soldiers in the entire US Military. They are trained to be killing machines, and there have been many movies and documentaries about the training and exploits of these soldiers.

They are typically deployed where the fighting is the toughest, and strike fear into their enemy's hearts. But is it true that they're an independent branch of the military? Colonel General One of the most important things about the US military and any military for that matter is the chain of command. This is important as a military is not a democracy.

Orders must be followed without question. There is a strict hierarchy that all members of the military must follow. At the top of the food chain is the one who calls the shots, and at the bottom is the guy who actually does the fighting.

But which rank is higher, Colonel or General? This branch has been around a lot longer because boats were invented way before planes!

the canada united states military to relationship quiz

The Navy is constantly being updated, and the US currently has the largest navy in the world. That used to be the honor of the British, but World War 2 left their navy pretty much completely destroyed. The Navy has some of the finest ships in the world, including one that can carry more aircraft than any other. But what ship is this?

the canada united states military to relationship quiz

F14 MiG 20 F Although the Navy has some pretty cool boats and weapons, the Air Force is constantly coming up with neat new toys as well. The most interesting of these are their jet fighters. As the years go by, these fighter jets seem to look more and more futuristic and more expensive for the American taxpayer.

The newest one of these has an incredible budget, but is the most advanced fighter jet ever made by the US army. Do you know its name? Luckily, the United States has never been invaded, although you never know if that might happen one day. That's why the United States military, like any sane military, is constantly planning ways to defend its country in an all-out war.

Sure, there's probably no country that would be stupid enough to do that, but you never know what could happen. But is it true that the US Coast Guard operates as part of the military in a time of war? It really is a unique organization to be part of, and those new recruits quickly learn that it's pretty much a whole separate world from everyone else.

But how well do you know this slang? Good enough to know what barracks are? It's enough to strike fear into the hearts of pretty much every non-American on Earth. And as anyone who has ever been on the receiving end of the US Military will tell you, it's not fun going head to head with them.

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But at the end of the day, it's the average US citizen that has to pay for this with their tax money. But is it true that about billion dollars is spent on the US military each year? They also have one of the richest histories, taking part in many battles and making a big name for themselves over their many years in active duty. Even today, new recruits are reminded of this old and honored history, and that they are joining a highly prestigious organization.

Like all branches of the US military, they have a Latin motto. But do you know what it means? The person at the top of the military hierarchy has the power to do pretty much anything he wants. He can enact martial law, invade countries, and even end the world by initiating mutually assured destruction if he or she so chooses.

But who exactly is in command of the US military? Is it the generals? The secretary of Defense? Gone were the days of gallant and heroic cavalry charges or generals crossing swords on the field of battle.

When World War One was declared, Earth and humanity was thrust into a much darker age of conflict. This new type of warfare was fought with trenches, airplanes, tanks, machine guns, and above all else the blood of millions of people. But is it true that the US Military participated? It's the standard issue gun that each soldier gets, and the soldier and the rifle develop quite a close relationship. There is even a "Rifleman's Creed" which is recited by new recruits. It is my life.

the canada united states military to relationship quiz

I must master it as I must master my life. But which one of these does not belong? Richard Nixon Lyndon B. Johnson Gerald Ford The position of General is a very honored one in the military. This rank is at the top of the food chain in terms of the army, and it comes with an important responsibility.

This role really proves a person's worth, and it can come with admiration or dishonor, depending on how the general fulfills his or her duties. One of the se US generals went one to become president of the United States. Which US army general was this? Eisenhower, later President Eisenhower, there were many other admirable generals that served during the same time. One of these was General Patton, a man of strong opinions and even greater tactical ability. General Patton cared immensely for the lives of his troops, and also respected his enemies.

This led to somewhat of a controversy surrounding this figure.