The relationship between a husband and wife

Spiritual relationship between husband and wife - Amma, Mata Amritanandamayi Devi

the relationship between a husband and wife

The relationship between husband and wife Return to Index. It has already been pointed out that marriage is more than love. Indeed, it must be fed by love, but. Spiritual relationship between husband and wife. Question: Amma, could you please give us some instructions about marriage and married life? Amma. Marriage is the ultimate bond between two partners. You made a Honesty is tremendously important in a relationship, especially if you're married. You want to .

Relationships can become a path to God, a path to eternal freedom and peace, provided you have the right attitude. Strive to be adaptable. Try to be patient, not once or twice, but many times.

the relationship between a husband and wife

If there are still difficulties in a relationship even after you put forth a lot of effort, you can consider it your karma, your destiny. At this point you can either endure it, accepting the difficulties as your prarabdha; or, if you find the situation too difficult to withstand anymore, maybe you can think of separation or divorce.

the relationship between a husband and wife

But before that, you must play your part well. You must put forth effort at least to see whether the relationship can work or not. To simply let it fall apart is an unpardonable mistake.

What’s important about the bond between a husband and a wife? How is marriage unitive?

It is a sin and you will have to suffer for it. Do not make the wife and children suffer unnecessarily. If their characters are not good, do not dissipate your energy worrying about them.

Worrying is not a solution for any problem; it will only make things worse. When we worry, our power of discrimination becomes weak, and then even insignificant problems seem overwhelming. We should pray for God to give our family right thinking, and we should consider their association with us as the fruit of our past actions. We will not be miserable if we spend our time in Godly pursuits instead of worrying about our wife and children.

Is it possible for us to guide them along the right path?


We do not have the power to hear sounds which are beyond a certain range. We also do not have the power to see beyond a certain distance. We are bound by limitations. What can we do?

I have no power to do anything. I have nothing to say. O Lord, kindly protect us. They, as well as ourselves, will be ruined.

the relationship between a husband and wife

In due course, owing to our prayers, God will guide them through the right path. Nobody is perfect, so why expect your life partner to be so.

Relationship Problems between Husband and Wife | Dating

You should think highly of your spouse but they are human with their own tendencies to make a mistake. Try to avoid keeping your expectations too high. Conflicts— Do not jump into conclusions about the relationship every time you have a conflict. There are ways to resolve it, and the best of which is allowing time to pass.

the relationship between a husband and wife

Time will heal, and of course the having good positive conversation too. If you always felt that you were right, that is just the proof to show that you were wrong. Your spouse may have been responsible to start a fight, but you are responsible for your reaction. Families are images of the ever-creative power and life of the Holy Trinity and the fruitfulness of the relationship between Christ and his Church. Each and every sexual act in a marriage needs to be open to the possibility of conceiving a child.

Efforts to achieve pregnancy outside of the act of sexual intercourse e. These methods allow a couple to have a more precise knowledge of the time of ovulation to enable them to either avoid or achieve a pregnancy. In the course of their marriage, couples may, for serious reasons, decide to avoid a new birth for the time being or even for an indeterminate period, but they must not use immoral means to prevent conception.

the relationship between a husband and wife

Couples should also be mindful of the fact that their love is expressed in more ways than just the conjugal act. Abstaining from intercourse at certain times can be an act of sacrifice which gives rise to a deeper relationship.