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12 Rounds 3: Lockdown (directed by Stephen Reynolds) is a totally He is there to delete any evidence of their relationship, and take full What I imagine Dean Ambrose looks like at the end of even the most ordinary day. 12 Rounds 3: Lockdown (also known as 12 Rounds 3 or 12 Rounds: It is the sequel to the film 12 Rounds 2: Reloaded, the third installment in the But the very idea behind 12 Rounds 3: Lockdown was strong enough In the end, it's not the worst thing to watch and that alone makes it a top.

This movie gimmick unfortunately was repeated almost every time Shaw got another shot and opponent killed, something that was rather unnecessary. Meanwhile Darrow Lochlyn Munro takes over the seat from the security guard in front of the security camera screens to find Shaw at any given time. When everyone except Shaw and the dirty cops had left the building, it was set in a lockdown — means doors were closed and saved, power was cut off, cellular signals blocked and phone lines disabled, so Shaw was limited in his opportunities to find a way out or contact anyone outside the building.

Now dark and empty hallways were shown, accompanied by slightly too heroic music. And then out of nowhere young Officer Taylor appeared, wondering why all doors were locked. Please, look a bit more frightened. Shaw meanwhile has his first encounter with the enemy when he surprised Meeks. But right in time Burke joins the party, trying to talk Shaw into handing him over the flash drive.

But if you think about it this could all be part of his plan of taking Shaw down. So Burke shoots Meeks intentionally, so he can blame Shaw later for his killing. Well, Burke says Shaw always wants it the hard way, so he gets the hard way. There has to be a lot of shooting and killing.

Who said there needed to be logic? But he dies and from there on Burke tells everyone that Shaw killed the cop and basically runs riot, so everything about the lockdown is justified. Now since Darrow has locked down the elevator, Shaw has to flee through the top of the cabin. And he was back on a corridor when Burke and Harris found Meeks in the otherwise empty elevator.

But Burke and Harris split up after this failure and literally seconds after Harris found Shaw in the gym. Finally we saw Officer Taylor again and initially she was glad to meet up with Shaw.

But this whole scene makes no sense whatsoever. And of course Taylor grows suspicious. Why not telling her that Burke is a dirty cop, and the evidence for it is on the flash drive? Taylor knows about the flash drive and she was friendly towards Shaw before. So because Shaw acts suspicious, of course Taylor grows suspicious about him. But before she can put a gun on him or something, Shaw is faster and finally tells her to hide in a dark corner.

He still had the chance to tell her to stay away from Burke and be cautious about him but instead he told her that he would try to reach his car to get out of the building. Meanwhile outside the building Captain Matthews arrived, she contacted Burke via walkie talkie and he tells her that Shaw went crazy, already killed a cop and they currently tried to get him. Shaw now already arrived at the parking lot.

Cameras were there as well, so heavy shooting took place with another dead cop, this time indeed killed by Shaw. Instead he got shot into his left upper arm. When we saw Taylor again, she kind of found Burke and as naive as she is she told Burke everything about her encounter with Shaw.

Because the speaker is still on, Shaw can hear the gun shot, knows that Taylor is dead, so he runs out of the camera view again. And for some strange reason Burke seems to be baffled about it. After heavily arming themselves up, the search for Shaw starts all over again.

Darrow meanwhile was able to see Shaw trying to hide behind his desk and send the bad guys there. But this time it makes sense.

12 Rounds 3: Lockdown

Because every not working camera would be suspicious and Darrow would have sent his guys there way before Shaw was finished with the taping. But the bad cops were still earlier there than Shaw had probably thought. So a lengthy shooting took place in which an enormous amount of ammunition was wasted.

Another bad guy was shot by Shaw, and after a little chat between Burke and Shaw the latter used the state and the machine gun of the dead guy to surprise the rest of the gang. Now Keppler got Burke on the walkie talkie to make him explain the situation. He did and blamed Shaw for the shooting of all dead cops at this point.

Another strange scene followed after that. Harris and Gideon wandering through a corridor, seemingly quite relaxed when they should be under a lot of stress. And they talked about the relationship of Shaw and Burke. Because at this point we already got enough information about their back story. And still he drives a big yellow Chevrolet Camara. Everything worked perfectly up on the upload was cancelled at 96 per cent because Darrow managed to shut down the network again.

But Darrow noticed that the door to the roof was opened and Shaw would be able to make a call from up there, so the bad guys had to run up there as well as soon as possible. But before Harris opened machine gun fire on Shaw, he finally got his phone call to Matthews and told her about the real circumstances around Burke and George Freemont.

You would think that Matthews instantly tells Keppler about it. Because true or not, if she believes Shaw or not, she has to tell anything new to the guy in charge.

Next in line and obviously the main target, Shaw finally got Burke arrested and handcuffed, so he could use Burke as his ticket to freedom. And Shaw just looks at his former partner until Burke had freed himself from the handcuffs.

Another fist fight broke loose and somehow Shaw was able to leave the elevator, almost shooting Burke but the door closes before he can. Instead Shaw himself is under fire once again but the guy who thinks is really funny, is soon shot straight in the forehead. Plus Carmen and Harris are coming from the other side.

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The exit is right behind you, Shaw! But he is able to block his way behind again to head over to the next room to get his fresh wound taped up. We then see Shaw how finally his wounds almost break him. Actually knowing his acting skills during wrestling matches, he could have done a lot better.

So I guess director Stephen Reynolds wanted him to non-sell his wounds most of the time. After he taped up his hip shot, Shaw has got just another fist fight, this time with Carmen. But the fight was cut short when Burke had the opportunity to shoot and of course he kills Carmen instead of Shaw. Maybe he should have targeted the head like Shaw always did?

When the shooting momentarily stopped, Shaw for some unidentified reason wasted two of his remaining rounds for high shots just to get the attention back from Burke and Harris. After a short one-on-one fight with Harris, Shaw is even able to kill him with his own knife.

In the heat of the moment, Burke brought up a cunning plan to finally get Shaw. So elevators were made working again and Darrow was sent to distract Shaw.

So Burke was somehow able to disarm him from behind. What followed was a scene that every good bad cop has at the end of a movie: But at least Shaw had to hand him over the flash drive first, so Burke could destroy it. There was no proof left anymore, so Shaw had to come up with something cunning for getting Burke sentenced and himself cleared. With Darrow shot, Shaw had now one round left and he reminds us all in case we forgot from one minute ago.

Soon after he had to overcome the swat fire and when he did, Matthews called him for whatever reason. Because it was actually Shaw who got her some information. They agreed to meet up at the rear of the building and soon after they did. And she called Burke after she made Shaw drop down his gun.

Now Burke killed Matthews for whatever reason — most likely because for drama protagonist vs antagonist is the perfect setting. A third person was too much here, so away with her. And once again Burke took a little too long to finish Shaw off. He also talked a little too much.

He said that this was his show and it took a long time to built what he built. Not him, Shaw, would stand in his way, not George Freemont. And right when Burke was about to shoot Shaw, the swat team saved the good cop with storming the rear hall. Burke of course told them his own fairy tale, that Shaw would have killed Matthews to add to the others. Keppler now wanted Shaw to be arrested but the good guy indeed came up with some new evidence. And finally Shaw was able to leave the building into freedom.

Conclusion This movie unfortunately screams Die Hard in far too many scenes and motives. But there are also different plot twists.

Shaw tries to save Meeks, but Meeks dies soon after. Burke radios Darrow to shut down the elevators, but Shaw manages to escape. Shaw next runs into Taylor, who had been accidentally locked in. She sees Meeks' blood on Shaw and refuses to trust him, forcing him to draw his gun on her. He confiscated her taser and leaves her with a warning to hide until the lockdown is over. Matthews arrives and hails Burke over walkie talkie. Burke takes the opportunity to frame Shaw, directly blaming him for Meeks' death and assuring Matthews that he will handle Shaw.

Shaw then goes into the motor pool where is spotted by Darrow on the camera. In the ensuring pursuit, Shaw is hit by the bullet to his arm while attempting to flee in an unmarked police car, but manages to elude his pursuers. Taylor next runs into Burke, who invites her to walk with him to the security control.

Shaw reveals himself and after sending his men after Shaw, Burke shoots Taylor anyway and the gunshot is heard by Shaw.

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Shaw is pinned down but managed to escape using Taylor's taser to stun a dead corrupt cop to fire an assault rifle that caused an explosion nearby on an experiment table, killing one corrupt cop but narrowly saved Burke and the others.

Shaw heads to the server room and disconnects several wires to disable the CCTV cameras. Shaw then reactivates the network in order to upload the evidence regarding Burke to Internal Affairs.

Darrow notices that the network is activated and after alerting Burke, managed to deactivate the network before the evidence is sent. Shaw goes to the rooftop in order to get a signal and make a call to Matthews.

Shaw convinces Matthews that he is the innocent and Burke is corrupt. He is interrupted by one of Burke's henchmen and after a brief fight succeeds in escaping again. Shaw manages to ambush a lone Burke and cuffs him and both men enter an elevator. Burke secretly has its own key and manages to unlock the cuffs and after a struggle, Shaw is forced to escape but not before being shot in the hip. Shaw then goes to the office again to bandage his hip.

Burke and 2 henchmen catch up with Shaw, who succeeds in escaping again. Darrow and Burke manage to ambush and capture Shaw, whom they bring to a meeting room.