60 day visa indonesia australia relationship

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Tourist Visa to Indonesia. Citizens of certain countries, including Australia, may not be required to obtain a visa for visiting Indonesia up to Answer 1 of How easy is it to extend a 60 day tourist visa for a US passport holder? Asia · Indonesia · Bali · Bali Travel Forum Brisbane, Australia There needs to be no relationship between you other than 'friendship'. I've been extending my tourist visas in Bali off and on for over eight years. They' re aggressive and have “relationships” with immigration Australia, the US, Canada, the UK and most other European countries are included on this list. expats flying to their country for the day on visa runs from Indonesia.

You can access the website here. So if you are staying for less than 30 days, all you need is your passport when entering the country. Unfortunately, entering Visa Free does not allow you to extend your visa. If you entered without paying for a visa, you can only stay in Indonesia for 30 days. You cannot extend a visa that you do not have. If you need to stay longer, then hopefully you are reading this post before you enter Indonesia.

If so, when you arrive at the airport, be sure to look for the Visa on Arrival counter just in front of the immigration line. Tell them you want to pay the fee for a 30 day tourist visa.

Keep in mind, not everyone is guaranteed a VOA so be sure to contact the Indonesian consulate in your home country to find out for sure. Paying for a visa on arrival allows you to use the same immigration line as locals and Kitas holders, which is always much faster. You can use those much shorter lines if you want to. If you wish to stay longer than 30 days, you must arrange it from your home country.

It will also cost you a lot of money. Be safe, play by the rules. There used to be occasional deals for half that, but those are hard to find nowadays. There have been rumors that Singapore has been making a big stink over all the expats flying to their country for the day on visa runs from Indonesia.

Some have even been detained and sent back, causing all sorts of problems. When passing through Singapore immigration, as far as anyone is concerned, you are not on a visa run. Your are there to see a friend or for a quick meeting. Better yet, stay for a couple of days as a tourist and you should have no problem. If you plan a visa run, be careful about visa requirements in other countries and for Indonesia when you return. When I was in Singapore a few months ago, on my return to Bali, Tiger Air asked me for my visa while checking in.

Your extension period begins from the day your visa expires, not from the day you complete the extension process.

Visa and Immigration Bali, Indonesia

The earliest you can start is two weeks before your visa expires. If you try to do it sooner, they can turn you away and tell you to come back later. How Long is 30 Days, Really? So you know you can stay in Indonesia for 30 days, but did you know the day you arrive and the day you leave are both counted in those 30 days? The same goes for your 30 day extension. Double check the days by counting them exactly.

You must leave or extend by that 30th day. Indonesia collects a lot of money from tourists who incorrectly count the number of days they have. Getting Started Always bring a black ink pen with you. Provide one photocopy of your passport picture page. You need to show them proof that you are leaving within 30 days from the date of your extension.

Remember, every day you are in Indonesia counts as a full day. Have the name, address, telephone number and email address of where you are staying in Indonesia likely your hotel.

Best to pay on your first visit, just to get it out of the way.

Visa checklist - Visitor visas

Even though one of the forms asks for a sponsor, it is not needed for a day extension. Just leave this section blank.

60 day visa indonesia australia relationship

Office Hours Hours and procedures can change at any time. Just get there in the morning to be safe. Some offices will not accept new applications in the afternoon.

Multiple Entry Visa

Their limited hours along with the hour plus lunch break are quite frustrating. It seems the Nusa Dua office may stay open longer than Denpasar. Be sure to allow for holidays.

60 day visa indonesia australia relationship

After your first visit, you may receive a ticket that tells you to come back at 8am on a certain day. If that day is a Friday, the counters will not open until 9am, regardless of what your ticket says. Getting There There are several immigration office locations. You need to use the office closest to where you are staying.

Unlike when I originally wrote this post, you can now use Google Maps to get directions. The Denpasar office can be found at: You better check first by calling They actually answer the phone sometimes.

The Application At the Denpasar office, enter the building on the side where all the motorbikes are parked. Once inside, foreigners go to the right. There is a stand-alone kiosk to take a number to wait in the queue. Go ahead and take a ticket for Application. At the Nusa Dua office you can get your application and folder as soon as you walk in. Go ahead and find the kiosk and take a number for Application as you fill out your forms. Be sure to fill out your forms with black ink and all upper case letters.

The forms are pretty easy. Listen carefully for your name because it can get loud in there. If you have overstayed for much longer then we recommend you to work with a reliable agent who will help you settle the case without any hassle or stress directly at the immigration office. More Info Good reasons for overstaying? If you have good and valid reasons for overstaying longer than 3 days e.

IN some cases like the volcano eruption, the government will not charge for overstaying. However, very important, make sure to bring the necessary documents with you if possible, that can proof your valid reasons hospital report, airline letter saying you could not fly out due to volcanic ashes etc. Things have really improved in Queues are getting much better, less people have to pay for visas, no more need to fill in the immigration card, no need to pay passenger tax separately.

However, it's still good to know some of the dos and don'ts at the airport. How to get through the airport at ease. Planning your Activities in Bali Bali offers an incredible variety of activities, that you should not miss, when visiting the Island of Gods. We have selected some of the most fun and exciting things to do.

You can buy a ticket or make a reservation online with us, and get some nice discounts too. Indonesia, particularly Bali is becoming much more strict nowadays with checking at the immigration at the airports the travel documents of people that come very often to Bali or leave for a couple of days to Singapore or KL and come back as tourists again. The gateway for getting a work permit in Indonesia and to work on Bali, is the company that will employ you.