A proscriptive relationship by jordan lynde

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a proscriptive relationship by jordan lynde

A Proscriptive Relationship has ratings and reviews. Jisun said: BEST. omarcafini.info'omarcafini.infot- here are my thoughts. This is going to soun. Buy a cheap copy of A Proscriptive Relationship book by Jordan Lynde. Free shipping over $ Dec 31, Title // A Proscriptive Relationship Author // Jordan Lynde Pages // pages. Publisher // CreateSpace Independant Publishing Series // None.

Yeah, not happening here.

a proscriptive relationship by jordan lynde

He has a shady past. And when I say shady, I mean gang wars and prison shady. I believe that these are the two points that hugely distinguish APR from any other Student — Teacher story out there. So, yeah, complete package, anyone? Yes, it does get better. What I love best about this story is the relationship that Chris and Holly aka Hollywood share.

Like, totally the best. They laugh and joke around. He gets jealous easily.

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But, I would be too, I guess if I were him. But, he can be total jerk at times. And, he sucks at the cheesy, romantic stuff.

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Holly, I believe is just your average 17 year old high school student. Seriously guys, I heart Lynn Evers. She is ah — mazing. She blushes at every tiny thing. Who I might add is an absolute sweetheart. And I adore him! All in all, I absolutely adore this.

a proscriptive relationship by jordan lynde

She soon finds herself charmed by his ways, and gets thrown into the chaos. Who knew having an ex-gangster for a teacher could be so troublesome?

a proscriptive relationship by jordan lynde

As Holly and Mr. Heywood grow closer, more questions about his past come upon Holly, as does danger.

A Proscriptive Relationship

Heywood keeping from Holly? And why is it so bad? But most importantly, if she falls for him, could their relationship survive? Characters Edit Holly Evers - The overall main character, narrator and protoganist the story.

She is a shy and awkward 17, later on 18, year old living with her single mother after her father was killed some years prior to the story. She is shown to have a habbit of lying badly, being very stubborn and her best trademark her easily sparked blush. She finds herself falling in love with her new Bio teacher, Chris Heywood, and grows close to him.

Holly soon finds out that he is actually an ex-gang leader and is thrown into a world full of chaos when the new gang leader of Chris's previous gang goes after Chris, seeking revenge, and Holly gets caught in the crossfire. Chris Heywood - The second main character and secondary protoganist of the story. He is a 22 year old Biology teacher, with Holly as one of his students, as well as an ex-gang leader.

He joined a gang at a very early age as a teenager due to a love for violence, but soon ranked up to being leader being the strongest and deadliest fighter. He has a secretive past that is slowly revealed throughout the course of the novel. He meets Holly when she gets into the crossfire of one of his fights and at first grows close to her to use her as a replacement for his old flame, Holly Pierce.

But throughout the novel, as he grows close to her, begins to see that while appearence wise she is just like his old flame, she is completely different from her personality wise. After this, Chris begins to see her as a person not a replacement and soon falls in genuine love with her, a love that becomes stronger than that of his love for his old flame, for her and who she is a person, not because of who she once reminded him off. This results in his deep shame of ever using her in the first place.

But Chris finds himself unsure of himself due to his past and history and if he'd be good for Holly. He is best known for his cocky attitude and for his excellent fighting skills in his gang years.