Aguero maradona relationship quotes

Sergio Aguero has quite a lot of baby mama drama in his life

aguero maradona relationship quotes

Diego Maradona dreams of seeing his newborn son Diego Fernando playing for Argentina with the offspring of Lionel Messi and Sergio Aguero, he said on Tuesday. called Diego Jr, who he said was born following a relationship that lasted a day. Maradona All quotes delayed a minimum of 15 minutes. Here Valdano gives BBC Sport his views on Diego Maradona, who is taking over as Argentina coach, and his skilful players - from former players like Maradona and Fernando Redondo to now Aguero and Lionel Messi? Argentina has a clearly exaggerated relationship with football. Explain this quote?. Argentina's forward Lionel Messi (R) forward Sergio Aguero (L) and Giannina Maradona and Aguero called it quits on their relationship in.

Football has changed much more off the pitch than on it. The main difference in the game is that, with each passing day, the coach has more power over the details. That power he is taking away from the player, who each day has less freedom to think about the game.

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Was he your best player signing and where does he rank in the best defensive midfielders of all time? From marazico1 on Fernando Redondo was a player with personality, conviction, fine technical skill and a predominantly short game.

He was a multi-dimensional central midfielder who saved me many words as a coach. His game gave rise to a trend in touch football and he also raised the aesthetics of the game but he was not so much a stylist as a winner. Do you regret the fact that you never had the opportunity to play in England?

And if you could manage any Premier League team right now, which would you choose? From united4ayo on I deeply regret not having played in England. I have always admired Liverpool. Valdano played for Real Madrid as well as coaching the club How does it make you feel when commentators refer to your World Cup win in being down solely to Diego Maradona, ie when it is said '86 was the only Cup to be won by one man?

Is there a jealousy amongst the former players or do you think it is justified? It is inevitable that has applied to Maradona. You cannot compete with genius. You must embrace it and enjoy it. Maradona was the great reference point of that team and it is true that the memory enhances his image at that time while reducing that of the collective unit but it was a great team of mature players who could live, on and off the pitch, with the genius of Diego.

Once while being the CD Tenerife manager, you said you were only interested in having in your team good footballing players even if they were not level-headed or a good person. Now a good number of years have elapsed, are you still of the same opinion?

aguero maradona relationship quotes

From Spanishjag on Intelligent always. Whether you need to have good people is arguable.

aguero maradona relationship quotes

Football is a primitive game and I always liked my players with raw, unbridled talent, something rebellious, capable of defying the norm but to be around good people is always more pleasant than to be with bad people. Juan Roman Riquelme has been a key player for Argentina What do you think is the problem behind Argentina's unsuccessful run in the top competitions like the World Cup or Copa America?

Diego Maradona shows world-class levels of pettiness towards ex son-in-law Aguero |

Why are they choking in the finals, despite having all the qualities to be the Champions? Is it a psychological problem? From realMir on No. Argentine footballers are always psychologically very competitive. To win a World Cup you must adapt to a number of variables and it is not always possible.

There is no single explanation. What do you think about the current salary top level footballers recieve now compared to the 70s and 80s?

Sergio Aguero has quite a lot of baby mama drama in his life

From ToonBurger on Players' earnings are related to what they produce and they now produce more than they did in past decades. I've read some of your writing about football and it seems to capture the artistic side of the game brilliantly.

I was wondering if you were able to appreciate the aesthetic side of the game while you were playing and managing such as Maradona's second goal against England or if you had to be removed from it to write about it? It's simply that I never discount it and it seems to me an important part of the game. The 'hand of God' does not commit an outrage against aesthetics but against sporting morals.

From that point of view you cannot defend it. You clearly have a low opinion of how football is played in the UK, even with foreign players.

aguero maradona relationship quotes

What is the solution to this death of football? From jarijari on I like Arsenal's style of play and sometimes Manchester United's. There seem to be extraordinary players in England who I watch with great admiration. I have also spoken well of English football but it seems that more attention is paid to the controversial opinions rather than the favourable comments.

Every day players are more controlled and control kills life but, rest assured, the problem is not confined to England.

He's a machine and he's probably the best pro I've ever trained and worked with. I respect all people. You respect me, I respect you. There are different rules - you are the player, I am the manager. I told him this. We have had a major drop in quality.

Since I started there inI cannot remember much worse than what we have seen here. It was shocking, just shocking. You have got to start looking at the manager now and asking questions. What is he thinking?

aguero maradona relationship quotes

He has been the best for the last 18 months. I asked the coach what he thought of the idea of me playing in Turkey. He said I would be out of the view of the scouts.

Diego Maradona calls Sergio Aguero 'a wimp' in furious rant at Manchester City star - Mirror Online

He told me to go to England, but Italy was good too. Every manager has their own way of working, tactics, and style of play. As a player, you do what the manager says. There are misunderstandings, but generally, everything was fine under Mancini.

I like it in Manchester. I thought it was going to be much colder, but it is not too bad. And my wife and son are happy here, too. I owe my life to my father. I remember that my first Christmas present was a ball.

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In the district where we lived, there weren't many kids who had one. I knew Manuel Pellegrini from my time in Spain. I'd only heard good things about him, that he was someone who instilled the confidence in his players to go out and play good, attacking football. But what surprised me most about moving to England was how fast the game was.

I like it, but it is so quick. I learned to play football in the streets. Every day of school, everyone came and played football. The street is a good school, and you learn many things there - resiliency, how to play against older players, and how to put up with or dodge kicks. The first time I met Leo Messi, I didn't know who he was, only that I couldn't believe the boots he was wearing.