Arches health plan closure in a relationship

Arches Health Plan shutdown leaves $33 million in unpaid claims | Deseret News

arches health plan closure in a relationship

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Its premiums were low, as were its requirements for coverage.

Broken Arches: What happened to Utah’s nonprofit insurance company - Utah Business

Premium pressures By law, insurance companies must submit their policy costs by a certain date each year to the insurance commission, which keeps all of the information from all of the companies to its chest until after the deadline, after which it makes the information public all at once.

Kiser says this makes companies set their own prices based on their own projected costs, rather than trying to battle it out with another company for the lowest premium price.

arches health plan closure in a relationship

The ACA and risk corridor did encourage insurance companies to lower their prices, but Arches was still the lowest when it came on the scene. Kiser says Arches itself was planning on raising its rock-bottom rates by about 40 percent, losing some of its poorest customers, in an attempt to protect itself from some of its higher claims. Unfortunately, they got caught in this situation where claims were much stronger than capital and failure of risk corridor money put them in a position of not enough money to pay those claims.

Part of the problem with determining policy prices stemmed from a seemingly unending string of regulation changes from the federal government. A change in legislative ideology also made it more difficult to pin down policy prices. We were seeing regulations from the feds coming pretty frequently, at least monthly.

arches health plan closure in a relationship

Sadoff and Holt said Arches executives seemed to understand local needs. And Arches struck deals with providers in Cortez, Colorado, so doctors in Monticello — just 20 miles from the border — didn't have to send lab work to Salt Lake City, miles away, Holt said.

Now he's concerned about providers being paid back for services they already provided.

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Tricia Schumann, Arches' former chief marketing and communications officer, said the insurance department has not done enough to ensure the firm is conducting the liquidation as quickly as possible. The firm is also required to file financial reports with the courts, according to Gooch, who said the first report is due July Len Stillman did not respond to an interview request, but Kiser defended him as an experienced liquidator who charges far less than receivers in other states.

Hospital administrators say they want to resolve the issue sooner rather than later. In two years, the small co-op quickly became the second-largest health insurer in Utah due to its aggressive marketing, creative health plans and innovative business model that sought to pay doctors for quality of service instead of quantity.

Arches Health Plan shutdown leaves $33 million in unpaid claims

But co-ops were dealt a blow when a largely unnoticed provision championed by Sen. Media outlets largely ignored it.

arches health plan closure in a relationship

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Arches Health Plan: Utah Healthcare Heroes