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'Once Upon a Time' Bosses Talk Rumple's Daddy Issues, Regina's Ire and issues have played themselves out in his relationship with his son [Baelfire]. in ['s] Hook movie, but we wanted to do a little shout-out to that. Will she let that stand or push the issue? “Her next move is a well-placed mixtape ,” Kitsis quipped. “No, Emma's next move is more like Hook is. The problem is that once you set foot on NL you can't leave, at least . at the moment much more interested in the Hook/Nealfire relationship.

You'd be hard-pressed to find a pirate more handsome than Hook, but the swooning may cease when realizing he's hundreds of years old, kissing a woman born not long ago according to his lifespan.

True love may not know the bounds of age, and CaptainSwan is a much healthier relationship than Rumbelle, but both relationships become a little creepier when considering the age gap. After the three witness Zelena's return to Oz, they look for a way to defeat her once and for all. However, Dorothy mysteriously disappears, and Ruby's search for her new friend lands her in the Underworld.

Fans can buy into the romance between Snow and Charming or Emma and Hook because of how gradually these relationships are developed. This makes it completely unbelievable when the show tries to convince audiences that certain characters also have true love in just a handful of scenes, like with Hades and Zelena, and Ruby and Dorothy in Season 5.

There was powerful attraction and chemistry between Snow and Charming, or Emma and Hook from the beginning. But the show took time for the characters to get to know each other, learn to trust each other, open themselves up to true vulnerability and face hard truths before true love was achieved.

But some characters suddenly become fully redeemed after one episode or one positive action.

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King Arthur was among the show's most despicable characters. Arguably his worst crime was throwing the Sands of Avalon into his wife Guinevere's eyes in order to control her and always have her support him. These crimes and others made Arthur a despicable character. However, when he died and crossed paths with Hook in the Underworld, the pirate convinced the disgraced king to aid him in a mission to stop Hades and his plans in Storybrooke. This one good deed somehow redeems Arthur of all his villainy as he becomes leader of the Underworld and plans to rule in a benevolent manner.

Redeeming a character like Arthur after one good deed undermines the gradual redemption of characters like Regina that need multiple seasons to prove they've changed.

Regina murdering Graham was a dark moment where audiences realized how high the stakes were and that any of these fairy tale characters could die in Storybrooke. In a twisted, manipulative way, Regina cared about Graham, but that didn't stop her from crushing his heart. Considering all the tension between Emma and Regina in Season 1 and these kinds of secrets rarely stay buried, the revelation that Regina murdered Graham would've provided a crucial layer of compelling conflict and character development.

They certainly grew close, learning to trust and confide in each other. But their relationship ended in very disappointing fashion. Angered that he made the choice without her consent, Milah becomes even more distant from her husband, driving a further wedge in their marriage. One day, Rumplestiltskin returns home, finding Baelfire all alone without his mother. Taking his son with him, Rumplestiltskin goes to the tavern, but before going in to look for Milah, he has Baelfire wait outside.

Milah shows no interest in going home with her husband until Baelfire comes in to call for her, to which she leaves for her child's sake. Unhappy with the life she leads, Milah talks about wishing to explore and see the world, and she tries to entertain the idea to her husband. Instead, he asks her to try to be family for Baelfire, so she reluctantly agrees.

baelfire hook relationship problems

During the night, however, Milah leaves her family to join Killian on his ship. Hearing rumors that his wife was kidnapped by the pirate, Rumplestiltskin pleads with Killian for Milah's release, but nothing comes out of it when he is too cowardly to face Killian in a sword fight. One day, Baelfire and his father see the neighbor's daughter, Morrainewho recently turned fourteen, be taken away by soldiers and drafted into the Ogre War.

One of the soldiers taunts Rumplestiltskin about his runaway wife, which confuses Baelfire. Later, he asks his father what the man meant, to which Rumplestiltskin sticks to his story that his mother is dead. With his son's fourteenth birthday only days away, Rumplestiltskin fears his son will be taken away to fight in the war.

Though Baelfire is willing to go to war, this is simply an option his father doesn't even want to consider. To prevent this from happening, he slays Zoso"The Dark One", taking on his powers in order to protect Baelfire.

On the day Baelfire turns fourteen, soldiers come to take the boy away, but Rumplestiltskin comes upon the men, slaughtering all of them with magic, while his son watches in horror. Baelfire asks his father to stop using magic now that the ogres are defeated, and Rumplestiltskin reluctantly agrees. However, a few days later, Baelfire is thrown in the mud by the baker's son, which covers his face and makes him look like a monster.

He attempts to wash it off before his father notices, but when his father finds out, he asks him not to overreact. When villagers beg Rumplestiltskin to fight a beast called Grendel, which several villagers, including Beowulf, have gone to slay unsuccessfully, Baelfire encourages his father to do it without using magic, as proof to the villagers that he's not a monster.

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Rumplestiltskin agrees, however, he secretly brings the dagger along. During the trip to Grendel's cave, Baelfire sees the dagger after catching his father reaching for it, to which Rumplestiltskin forfeits the dagger to him, telling his son to stop him if he tries to use magic. The pair discovers corpses of villagers in the cave, but Rumplestiltskin realizes there is no Grendel after finding an ogre horn.

Beowulf, the actual culprit, steals the dagger, with plans of making the villagers think Rumplestiltskin is a murderer while he himself is a hero. Using the dagger, Beowulf commands him to stand still as he goes to get the villagers. Baelfire flees for help and is able to snatch the dagger from Beowulf before summoning Rumplestiltskin, who fights Beowulf but doesn't kill him. While Rumplestiltskin wants to reveal Beowulf's evil nature to the villagers, Beowulf mocks him, stating that the villagers are afraid of him and will never believe him.

As the man turns to leave, Baelfire's anger fuels him into commanding his father to murder Beowulf, despite that Rumplestiltskin doesn't want to.

After arriving home, Baelfire expresses his newfound belief that they need the dagger to protect themselves.

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Rumplestiltskin, not wanting his son to succumb to darkness like him, spikes Baelfire's tea with a memory potion. Moments after drinking it, Baelfire loses all recollection of how they got out of the cave and away from Beowulf, though Rumplestiltskin assures him that Beowulf won't bother them again.

When Baelfire sees Beowulf's swordhe accuses Rumplestiltskin of using dark magic to kill Beowulf, while his father can only sadly reply that he did what he had to do.

baelfire hook relationship problems

While the boy is drawing, Rumplestiltskin returns home with a knife and gives it to him to use for sharpening his coal. Upset, Baelfire knocks it off the table to the floor and proclaims he wants nothing his father gains from being the Dark One. Rumplestiltskin then asks his son what desires and Baelfire admits he desires freedom. His father misunderstands and thinks he desires to live in a castle, but Baelfire, in actuality, wants to be able to go out and have friends.

Rumplestiltskin forbids this as he worries it will be a way for his enemies to kidnap Baelfire and hold him captive. However, Baelfire wonders if his father's protectiveness is actually a fear his own son will leave and never come back. For a moment, Rumplestiltskin looks surprised but quickly asserts his feelings are out of concern for Baelfire's safety and acknowledges it'd be an unthinkable thing to lose him. One night, Baelfire is drawn into following the sound of the Pied Piper 's musical flute to a bonfire.

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Once there, he befriends the Pied Piper of Hamelin, Peter Pan, and happily spends time with other boys his age. Pan wants to bring him back to his own world, Neverlandbut plans to make a deal with Baelfire's father, Rumplestiltskin. As a choice of free will, Pan tells Baelfire that Rumplestiltskin must ask his own son whether he wishes to stay or leave for Neverland. In doing so, it will prove Rumplestiltskin trusts and cares for his son.