Banker customer relationship in nigeria what is bta

banker customer relationship in nigeria what is bta

Department of Banking and Finance, The Polytechnic Ibadan, Nigeria. * E-mail of the Relationship marketing is all about acquiring new customers and retaining existing customers. .. The higher the absolute value of Beta, the more. Stressing the need for proper training, customer focused policies across Phido hinged the growth of every organisation on robust customer relationship. Speaking at a workshop organised by Beta Sigma Fraternity We can also see what is happening in the banking industry in the country,” Phido said. banking have significant relationships with customer retention. The Nigeria Banking Industry has witnessed an amazing growth in terms of number of .. Beta. 1. (Constant). online banking service.

The study utilized convenience and snowball sampling techniques to select customers who served as respondents in the study. Correlation and multiple regression analysis were employed as analytical techniques.

The results show that compliance with Islamic laws is highly correlated with customer satisfaction which was followed respectively by assurance, reliability, tangibility, responsiveness and empathy dimensions. The interest of this banks, insurance, hospitality etc. Interest-free Bank in Nigeria on 6th January, with ii.

What is the effect of service quality on the branches located in Kano, Kaduna and Abuja [4]. Based on the aforementioned objectives, two Service quality is principally important within the hypotheses were formulated to provide direction of context of banking services because it offers high this study: There is no relationship between service quality key to competitive advantage in the market.

As a dimensions and satisfaction of Customers of Jaiz Bank result of this, the current study seeks to investigate Plc, Kaduna. Some empirical studies from the perspective of management sciences such as business administration, Conceptual Framework finance, accounting, insurance and marketing have The concept of service in view of Parasuraman et hypothesized and tested empirically the influence of al.

banker customer relationship in nigeria what is bta

However, most of these studies focused on Service Quality other service industry sub-sectors such as According to El Saghier et al. Customer expectation and perception specifically examine the influence of service quality are the two main ingredients in service quality. Oliver on customer satisfaction at Jaiz Bank Plc, Kaduna, [17] opined that customers in the market judge quality Nigeria.

Customer expectation is a function of [29]. However, this study adopts the CARTER Understanding that customers compare the model to examine the relationship between service performance or quality of the services they received quality and customer satisfaction.

Forex: Bankers Committee cancels commission on BTA, PTA, others

The model was and use same as reference points is very imperative adopted because it has an additional service quality for marketers according to Zeithaml et al. Thus, item which can be used to measure service quality of one can deduce that service quality is the key Islamic banks [31].

banker customer relationship in nigeria what is bta

According to Gambo [32], this customer satisfaction. It incorporates continuum developed by Parasuraman et al. Islamic products and services.

banker customer relationship in nigeria what is bta

Thus, CARTER is an Tangibility represents the appearance of physical ellipsis denoting Compliance with Islamic Laws, facilities, equipment, personnel and written materials Assurance, Reliability, Tangibles, Empathy and of a firm; Reliability denotes the ability of a firm to Responsiveness [33], [32].

The adoption of this perform the promised service dependably and model is not usual as Othman and Owen [30], Shafie accurately; Responsiveness connotes the willingness [34] and Gambo [32] used this model in their studies. Consequently, having an improved outcome with their own expectations.

Findings from empirical works on service quality and customers satisfaction in the literature have been Theoretical Framework inconclusive.

For instance, the several studies [36], Measuring service quality is complex when [37], [38] documented that service quality results to compared to the measurement of product quality and customer satisfaction. However, the current study this is due to some features such as intangibility, specifically reviewed the following empirical studies. Theoretical Model for the Study Source: The study found that study. The work discovered copies questionnaires administered were duly filled that the dimensions of quality of service played a and returned.

The population of this research consists of also prepared in a five points Likert scale all the customers of the bank who are 18 years and questionnaire items ranging from 5 highly satisfied to above and resides within Kaduna metropolis of 1 highly dissatisfied. This implies that there are more males improve the readability and ease of understanding of customers of the Bank under review who fell under the questionnaire items, hence, the questionnaire had the required target demographics for this study.

The uppermost mean is scored by compliance Out of questionnaires administered to the with Islamic laws after which is assurance and target respondents, usable questionnaires were reliability.

The minimum mean score was recorded by dully completed and returned. From this table, it can be implied that response which is reasonable given the total number compliance to Islamic laws with a mean score of of target respondents. Demographic Statistics of Respondents Jaiz bank patronize the bank.

The least service statistics of the customers of Jaiz Bank Plc, Kaduna quality dimension according to the respondents is branch. Correlation results of service quality and customer satisfaction. Variables 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Customer satisfaction 1. Responsiveness variable had the value of 0. The correlation results in table 3 0. However, are positively correlated and this simply implies that Tangibility and Empathy dimensions with t — values better service quality enhance high level of customer of 0.

However, it must be stated that the most confidence level.

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If the value of Beta is high, the HO1: There is no relationship between service quality effect of independent variable on dependent variable dimensions and satisfaction of customers of Jaiz bank will have more effects on respondents.

By observing Plc, Kaduna. Error Beta T Sig. Also, the outcome of this research customers of Jaiz Bank Plc, Kaduna branch. The is in agreement with the results of [10] that discovered regression results show the adjusted R2 of 0.

banker customer relationship in nigeria what is bta

From table 4, the independent variable their level of satisfaction and choice of airline to customer satisfaction reveals that the p-value is patronize in Nigeria. The study examined the consequence of service It is statistically evident that there is perfect quality on the side of satisfaction of customers of Jaiz significant correlation between the six service quality Bank Plc, Kaduna.

The mean score values of the remaining study result provides useful insight to assist three dimensions responsiveness, empathy and management of banking institutions who might be tangibility are lower and the implication of this is that interested in enhancing their organizational the bank needs to re-strategize on how to improve on performance through customer satisfaction.

Relationship among service quality, customer satisfaction and such as Nigeria. From the analysis and conclusions of the study, it [3] El Saghier, N. The bank should make Nigeria.

banker customer relationship in nigeria what is bta

Retrieved on 28th July, Jaiz Bank could do this by properly International Journal of Innovation, Management projecting its product line such as interest free-based and Technology, 1 4— The effect of and religion oriented operations to her actual and collectivism on the importance of relationship quality and service quality for behavioral intentions: Accounting, 4 4 Empirical Evidence from Ghana. A study of E-Commerce adoption.

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