Best wedding planning stress on relationship

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best wedding planning stress on relationship

Here is why couples fight so much while planning their weddings. Perhaps one admitted to cheating, or to being in love with the other person's best friend. wedding but stay together—it wasn't their relationship that was the issue, Both people feel like they're under a tremendous amount of stress and. They saying planning a wedding is one of the most stressful things you'll go through @jg We have had a few discussions but he is doing his best to be. You want to remember your wedding as the best day ever--not the event that nearly cost you your friendships and family relationships not to mention your sanity. While the stress that comes along with wedding planning is.

Say to your partner, "This is what your family's guest list will cost, this is what my family's guest list will cost. What can we do to limit the cost? Will your family chip in? Does one of you have a greater sense of obligation to your parents that the wedding be a certain way?

For example, if they don't seem to care about table linens, ask them their opinion on the drink menu or hors d'oeuvres, if you know they happen to be a foodie. You'd prefer to spend more money on wedding fixings like your dressand your partner would prefer to spend that cash on the honeymoon.

7 Tips on How Not to Let Wedding Fever Ruin Your Relationship

Unfortunately, things that involve large sums of money—especially if the two of you are financing the wedding yourselves—need to be an equitable deal between the two of you. Sit down together, like two adults, and work out the finances of the wedding. Your partner isn't making an effort to understand the traditions of your religion.

Decide on priorities by having each person rate on a scale of one to ten the importance of each detail. These skills will come in very handy later on.

You can't decide where you should get married. And we're talking states, not venues.

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You live in New Jersey now, but your family is from South Carolina and your partner's family is from Ohio. Your partner would prefer to get married in New Jersey, and you'd rather get married in your hometown. Maybe having friends at the party is more important to them than having family.

That's a reasonable want. Perhaps you can scale things down and have a wedding at your family's home and a party in New Jersey. Hiring a planner can alleviate some of the burden, but they are typically expensive and not often a feasible option. This is especially true if you have different ideas about how much you should spend or who should contribute.

best wedding planning stress on relationship

There can also be pressure to spend or save from your family members, the wedding industry, and society. How to Handle It At the very least, create a detailed budgetstick to it, and avoid spending beyond your means. Being upfront about your budget with vendors will help you find people who understand and respect your limits. A small shift in perspective can also make the stress more manageable.

best wedding planning stress on relationship

Finances are one of the main issues couples argue about, and practicing more constructive ways of talking about money will make things easier to handle when life becomes increasingly complicated and expensive. For some people, things turn out exactly like they thought they would.

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We just typically only hear about the positives — the excitement, the gratitude, the love. The problem is, this perpetuates feelings of isolation and confusion about what it all means.

Getting married is a big decision and not something to be taken lightly.

best wedding planning stress on relationship

Often, the scarier, anxiety-provoking thoughts reflect the weight of this decision instead of your true feelings towards your partner or readiness to get married. Instead of getting caught up in your worries, approach them from an open and non-judgmental place.

The people close to you might have their own ideas about who should be invited, where it should take place, how religious the ceremony should be, and their role in it. Worrying about letting someone down like a friend who hopes to be a bridesmaid or relatives who expect to be invited and dealing with actual or anticipated conflict can make the planning less enjoyable and make you feel like you have very little say in how the day goes.

How to Handle It Pressure from family and friends usually comes from a good place. And so many couples say that they miss what things were like before they got engaged. But that usually ends up making you feel further apart and misunderstood.