Bilateral relationship indonesia australia ferries

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bilateral relationship indonesia australia ferries

Australia's Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) describes the relationship with Indonesia as "one of Australia's most important". Keynote address: Australia-Indonesia bilateral relations They had a Flying Boat service in those days, and between Sydney and Singapore. Free Trade Push: Australia, Indonesia Eye Deal. February 27, Beef and Boat People: New Trouble in Australia-Indonesia Relations. May 26,

We work together to counter violent extremism and combat the ideologies, including online narratives. The voices of moderation must drown out the voices of hate. I take this opportunity to offer our sincere condolences to the families and friends of those killed and injured in the senseless and brutal terrorist attacks that took place here last May. Australia and Indonesia are close partners in the fight against terrorism and violent extremism.

Our close security partnership, including cooperation between our law enforcement, intelligence and security agencies, remains a cornerstone of our relationship, and has deepened significantly over time. This is a regional grouping of almost 50 members, focused on reducing the flow of illegal migration and reducing the exploitation of vulnerable people.

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Next Tuesday I will co-chair, again, the Bali Process Ministerial Conference with Ibu Retno, and this conference seeks to tackle people smuggling, human trafficking, modern slavery, and other transnational crimes. We are also deeply committed to strengthening our communities through education and training. I applaud the commitment of the Indonesian Government to its education sectors. Australia will continue to be an enduring partner in education and training. East Javanese students are especially keen to learn — for this province is currently the second largest source of Indonesian students studying in Australia.

There are many successful Australian alumni in the region, including Deputy Governor-elect, Emil Dardak, and award winning fashion designer, Peggy Hartanto. Emil studied at what is now Deakin College. Indonesian students came to study in Australia in the s and s under the original Colombo Plan. Many gained qualifications from Australian universities and came back to Indonesia to help build this nation. Today, Australia Awards are providing Masters-level support for students from Indonesia to study in Australia, and we have a New Colombo Plan, this time in reverse, which supports Australian undergraduates travelling into the region to live, and study, and undertake internships in one of forty locations in the Indo-Pacific.

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Indonesia is proving to be exceeding popular amongst Australian undergraduates. From to6, Australian undergraduates will have lived and studied, and undertaken work experience in Indonesia under the New Colombo Plan.

bilateral relationship indonesia australia ferries

Over a similar periodover 6, Australia Awards have been provided to Indonesian students to study in Australia. Just think of the power of that resource — the alumni between Australia and Indonesia; young people, potential leaders, those who will take important roles in government and business, and community and civil society in years to come, having that enduring connection with Indonesia for the Australians, and Australia for the Indonesians.

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There are also strong institutional links between our universities with practical benefits and outcomes. Airlangga University in Surabaya co-chairs in the Western Australia—East Java University Consortium, focusing on research in food and water security, health and investment, industry and trade.

In the spirit of creating more opportunities for students, I am pleased to announce the opening of a new Aussie Banget corner at Airlangga University, and adds to other Aussie Banget corners in universities across Indonesia, including in Yogyakarta and Malang.

bilateral relationship indonesia australia ferries

It also provides a space and a place for alumni of Australian universities to meet and share their experiences with peers who are interested in living and studying in Australia.

I think we need more Aussie Banget corners around Indonesia! It is a remarkable initiative establishing professional partnerships between teachers and life-long friendships between students. It has connected school communities across Indonesia and Australia, and there are currently partnerships between Indonesian schools and Australian schools; connecting our students, our teachers and our school communities. Australia is absolutely committed to working cooperatively with Indonesia to address its development needs.

Australia-Indonesia trade deal needs more political will to succeed, negotiator says

We partner with Indonesia in providing courses and systems to strengthen economic and social development. It is based here in Surabaya and it helps farmers increase their income through better business practices and improved access to markets. A key outcome was support for the conclusion of a security agreement, later realised as the Lombok Agreement, providing a framework for the development of the security relationship by the end of on defence, law enforcement, counter-terrorismintelligence, maritime security, aviation safety, WMD non-proliferation, and bilateral nuclear cooperation for peaceful purposes.

President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono visited Australia in Apriland became the second Indonesian leader to address federal parliament: The day when policy makers, academicians, journalists and other opinion leaders all over the world take a good look at the things we are doing so well together.

Australia–Indonesia relations

And they will say: But they now have a fair dinkum of a partnership. During the same visit, President Yudhoyono was appointed an Honorary Companion of the Order of Australiathe country's highest civilian honour, for strengthening the bilateral relationship, and promoting democracy and development. The decision attracted significant criticism from the federal oppositionand Indonesia threatened to take the dispute to the World Trade Organization.

Austrade estimates that more than Australian companies operate in Indonesia. Negotiations first started in and the deal is expected to be signed in late Since the trade began in the s, more than 6.

Indonesian Ambassador H.E. Kristiarto Legowo on the future of the Australia-Indonesia relationship

Sincewhen Indonesia adopted Law No. Australia is ranked 8th in Indonesia's import list. Australian aid to Indonesia[ edit ] Indonesia is the largest recipient of Australian aidand Australia is the fourth-largest donor of foreign aid to Indonesia. For three decades, between andAustralian aid programs to Indonesia were coordinated within the international arrangements established by the Inter-Governmental Group on Indonesia and the Consultative Group on Indonesia.

Numerous projects were established such as the Aeronautical Fixed Telecommunication Networka project intended to address deficiencies in Indonesia's civil aviation system.

The Australian Electoral Commission formed a partnership with Indonesia's General Elections Commission Komisi Pemilihan Umum, KPUwith the aim of improving its capacity and procedures in the lead-up to the presidential election. Indonesian Australian The number of permanent settlers arriving in Australia from Indonesia since monthly In the Australian Census63, people listed their country of birth as Indonesia, of whom