Brand relationship spectrum ppt file

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brand relationship spectrum ppt file

The brand relationship spectrum can help create clarity, leverage, and synergy in the brand portfolio that has multiple offerings and sub-brands. Brand architecture and relationship between brands; Product market brand context; Choosing the right In a brand portfolio, each brand should be unique and should result in maximizing the equity of all the Brand relationship spectrum. The Brand Relationship Spectrum: THE KEY TO THE BRAND ARCHITECTURE CHALLENGE David A. Aaker Erich Joachimsthal.

If it is significant, then it could merit some brand-building resources. But if it is minor and mainly plays a descriptive role, then its brand-building budget would be less.

It is easy to assume the sub-brand is more important than you think. It turns out people really are buying HP and not LazerJet. Endorsed brand The second option is the endorsed brand strategy, in which the offering is endorsed by an existing master brand.

the brand relationship spectrum pdf free

The role of the endorser brand is to provide credibility and reassurance that the endorsed brand will live up to its claims. An endorsed brand Scotchguard is not completely independent of the endorser 3Mbut it has considerable freedom to develop product associations and a brand personality that is different from that of the endorser.

The endorser brand usually has only a minor driver role, but when the endorser is strong and the new offering is unknown and risky, its driver role can become significant.

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There are also times in which the endorser can benefit. For example, a successful new product with energy or an offering that becomes a market leader brand can enhance an endorser.

Branding a New Offering: The Brand Relationship Spectrum

A New Brand The most independent option is to have a new brand, unconstrained by any past master brand associations that might be unhelpful or even harmful. When a collection of new brands is assembled, it is called a House of Brands strategy.

brand relationship spectrum ppt file

Brand Architecture gives you a clarity of the relationships, structures, and positioning so that we can leverage upon any new opportunities, and missed opportunities. It is all about what level of associations should we have. For example, if Toyota decides to endorse the brand Lexus, what should it say: Toyota Lexus, or Lexus by Toyota.

brand relationship spectrum ppt file

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