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burt mary poppins relationship

He obviously knows her and seems quite taken with her. After they jump into the chalk picture, she's very happy for his compliment to her. Seriously, what's going on between Mary and Bert?. Mary Poppins is a series of eight children's books written by Australian-British writer P. L. . The relationship between Travers and Disney is detailed in Mary Poppins She Wrote, Disney cast Dick Van Dyke in the key supporting role of Bert, while Banks children were played by Karen Dotrice and Matthew Garber. George.

He is a former Naval Officer, but now lives in a house shaped like a ship with his wife Mrs. Boom and his assistant, Binnacle, who is a former pirate.

He is remarkable for his use of colorful sailor's language, although, as the books are intended for children, he never actually swears; his favourite interjection is "Blast my gizzard! In the original film he is portrayed by Reginald Owen ; in the sequel, he is portrayed by David Warner. Other domestic employees[ edit ] In the books, the Banks have three domestic workers in addition to Mary Poppins: Brill, and Robertson Ay.

Ellen is the maid and although she loves the children, she hates having to look after them when there is no nanny in the house. She almost always has a cold. Brill is the cook; she particularly dislikes Ellen.

She is often grumpy for no reason. Robertson Ay is the jack of all trades. He is a young boy mid-teens and is very lazy and forgetful, doing such things as putting bootblack on Mr Banks's hat, thus ruining it. In Mary Poppins Comes Back, it is hinted that he is a character in a story that Mary Poppins tells the children about a king who is led astray by The Fool Jester and that he is the Fool. The film depicts Mrs. Brill and Robertson Ay, without Ellen.

Only Ellen appears in the film, portrayed by Julie Walters. No mention is made of what happened to Mrs. Friends and relatives of Mary Poppins[ edit ] Bird Woman: An old woman who sits on the steps of St Paul's Cathedral and feeds the birds.

She sells bags of crumbs to passers-by for tuppence a bag. Her catch-phrase is 'feed the birds, tuppence a bag'. She appears a few times throughout the books and is good friends with Mary. It is later revealed that she is the mother of the Park Keeper and her real name is 'Mrs. She appears in the film played by Jane Darwell in her final film appearance and is the subject of the song, Feed the Birdssung by Poppins.

She also plays a similar role in the musical, where she also sings the song Feed the Birds as a duet with Mary. An extremely elderly woman, who is suggested to be the oldest woman in the world.

She is said to have been in her teens when the world was created, and knew William the Conqueror and Alfred the Great.

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She owns a shop where she sells gingerbread. She is able to snap off her own fingers, and they instantly turn to gingerbread while her own fingers grow back. She appears several times across the books along with her daughters. Corry has a minor role in the film, played by Alma Lawnton. In the musical has a larger role and owns a 'conversation shop', leading the song " Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious " alongside Mary and Bert.

Corry's extremely large daughters, whom she constantly bullies and torments. They usually accompany their mother.

They have small roles in both the film and the musical. Mary's Uncle, presumably her mother's brother; a large round bald man with a jovial personality. If his birthday falls on a Friday, he comes so full of 'laughing gas' that he floats up in the air.

He is absent from the musical. Arthur and Topsy Turvy: Mary's cousin and his wife. Arthur Turvy mends broken objects, and he suffers from a condition by which becomes forced to do the opposite of what he wants e. Despite this he falls in love with Topsy and marries her.

He gets to have seven wishes granted on the first New Moon, after the second rainy Sunday, after 3 May, as a present from his Godmother. An old woman and a friend of Mary's who sells balloons in the park. Her balloons seem to have a magical quality as the name of whoever buys them appears on them.

She appeared in the sequel, played by Angela Lansbury. Nellie-Rubina and Uncle Dodger: Two human-sized wooden dolls with flat faces. They run a "conversation shop" that is shaped like Noah's Ark.

In the stage musical Nellie's conversation shop does appear, but is run instead by Mrs. A marble statue of the Greek mythological character, Neleus. He is brought to life by Mary Poppins, and he reveals he longs to be reunited with his father, Poseidon.

He appears in the stage musical during the " Jolly Holiday " sequence. Based on the both mythological character and the personification of the constellationOrion is a friend of Mary's.

He often comes down to Earth from the sky to meet her. Others[ edit ] Miss Andrew: The large overbearing former nanny of the Banks children's father.

burt mary poppins relationship

She is extremely strict and often cruel, resulting in her nickname 'The Holy Terror'. Almost everyone is afraid of her including Mr. Banks, though not Mary Poppins.

burt mary poppins relationship

Miss Andrew attempts to impose herself on the Banks children's lives, firstly by coming to stay at their home, and later moving next door, but is foiled by Poppins. Though she does not appear in every book, she is often mentioned.

Banks even threatens to hire her if the Banks children do not behave. While she is absent in the film, she does have a prominent role in the stage musical. She is a similar character to the books and sings the song "Brimstone and Treacle" referring to the "medicine" she gives to children as punishment. Appearing on a few occasions, the chimney sweep is a workman frequently present on Cherry Tree Lane.

He believes it is good luck to shake hands with a sweep, so encourages all who meet him to shake hands with him. The Sweep is particularly friendly with the Banks children and, on one occasion, alongside Bert and the Park Keeper he takes them along for fireworks.

In the film and the musical, the character of the sweep is merged with that of Bert, and becomes a much more prominent character. His superstition about shaking hands with a sweep is referenced in the song " Chim Chim Cher-ee ". He is good friends of the Park Keeper, and is secretly in love with Ellen, the Banks' maid. He is a triplet, and his two brothers 'Herbert' and 'Albert' are also policeman, though according to him are completely different in personality.

By Zach Seemayer 8: The film won five Oscars out of an astounding 13 nominations and was the only Best Picture nomination Walt Disney ever received. Basically, it's a great film that everyone loves and cherishes across all generations. And we have watched it enough times to uncover 3 insane connections that will totally change the way you see it!

Mary Poppins was actually Bert's nanny long ago and there is a special reason she returns to Bert's life.

burt mary poppins relationship

Let's break it down! It's a magical word that really only Mary Poppins knows or uses. There is really no way he could have learned it as a kid unless she taught it to him!

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Secrets of 'The Lion King' Revealed: In the movie Bert works as a one-man band, a sidewalk chalk artist, a super-chipper chimney sweep, and a kite salesman!

The movie takes care to show how sucky all the jobs are, but no matter what, he manages to keep a smile on his face. It's as if someone taught him how to find the joy in hard work. Perhaps with a spoonful of sugar?!

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The answer is yes. Bert Never Questions Mary's Magic: Not when she's flying, not when she's turning a cloud of smoke into a magic staircase and not even when she bends the laws of space, time, physics and reality to transport them to a magical chalk-world universe.

It's all old hat to him, because he knows all of Mary's magic tricks from when he was a child! It doesn't seem likely that they would have randomly met on the street and Mary just happened to show her reality-bending, universe-jumping supermagic to some arbitrary stranger. She's a magical demi-god who can bend reality to her whim. It feels like a person who can turn clouds of smoke into solid steps to travel around the rooftops of London and can fly with an umbrella might be able to make herself look perpetually young.

Dick Van Dyke plays Mr.

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Dawes as well as Bert. He's the only actor in the movie to play two characters. Remember that lyric from Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious? Know who else is a real jerk? Dawes, the character who just so happens to be played by the same actor. They Are Both "Blue Bloods: