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c relationship

Lost at C - Relationship Awareness Community. 49 likes. Founder - Darren Duran Lost AT C utilizes experiential learning, self-exploratory processes as. Falling in love is easy, but knowing how to build a strong relationship is not! Follow the 5 C's of unconditional love, and learn how to be the best. Three things to consider when you begin dating someone, from Become Your Own Matchmaker by Patti Stanger, star of The Millionaire.

We have to give more and get less in return, we might think.

c relationship

What is missing here is the acknowledgement of how powerful a relationship can be, an oasis rather than another obligation. The key to having this kind of rewarding relationship is accomplishing the four C's of our program, Couple Power: Commitment, Cooperation, Communication and Community.

Together and in this orderthey constitute the path to a healthy and loving relationship. The sum of what couples have together is truly more than just the sum of the two individuals.

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  • The Key to Being a Happy Couple: The Four C's
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So, the first step is the commitment, not just to the other individual, but to the couple as its own entity. The couple, then, begins to take on providing what is needed as its own entity and for the individuals. Being in a relationship is being part of a team and this requires cooperation. It is commitment in action and requires acknowledging each individual's strengths. It is essential for the individual to get past their own self-interest to cooperate with their partner, this allows them each to find a way to be satisfied without feeling deprived of their own needs.

The 6 C's For A Healthy Relationship

That means you think about the things your partner wants, needs and requires, and you do what you can to add value to their life. And, while it is your partners and your job to fill your own cup of happy, in a healthy relationship each person makes a conscious contribution to partake in the other persons happiness. Two people in a relationship show consideration for one another by listening to each other. A healthy relationship makes you feel good about yourself and at the same time, it makes your partner feel good about them.

The 3 C's of Making Your Relationship Last - The Good Men Project

In a healthy relationship, no one is walking around on eggshells, and both partners within the relationship have a healthy love and respect of self and for their partners. When it comes to decision-making both parties share the responsibility. Neither partner controls the other, instead, both parties are open to agree or disagree. You consider each other not just because you love each other, but also because you respect one another.

c relationship

You trust one another and if you recognize any jealous behavior you are free to speak freely and set boundaries that are best for you and your relationship.

Become a supporter and enjoy The Good Men Project ad free 5. If you do not care enough about your partner or about the relationship to compromise, there can be no effective communication. Some things to consider when striving for compromise within a relationship: A willingness to reach a consensus Active listening by both partners Practice in the art of negotiation Commitment Commitment is more than being in an exclusive relationship.

The 4 C’s For A Healthy Relationship - The Good Men Project

It is an integral part of a healthy relationship that involves a mutually agreed upon, and a willingness between both parties to commit. Compatibility While opposites sometimes attract, it may not lead to a lasting bond and may cause conflict in the relationship.

c relationship

One of the most important ingredients of a successful relationship is that of having something in common with your partner. Compatibility suggests that the more people have in common, the fewer opportunities there are for conflict. Consideration [respect] A good relationship cannot exist without mutual respect.

c relationship

The word "respect" gets thrown around casually in conversation and discussions -- "disrespect," "self-respect," etc.