Cfw magic first fight in a relationship

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cfw magic first fight in a relationship

Neptune: So let's put two of the ones I found coolest in a fight to the death! The God of Death, France Shellby, rules over it, whilst his rival or lover or whatever relationship they have(Not Noire: At first, she was from Japan. . got held back by CFW Brave and tortured by CFW Magic, unable to break out. Anything for you, CFW Magic, ma'am!" . Why, even Lady Neptune and Noire went to bed early. .. purchased an outfit modeled after the one that a heroine in a popular fighting game wears. Why is my relationship with. One thing interesting to note is that the first fight against CFW Magic is the only battle outside of Coliseum battles that does not result in a Game Over if the player .

But over in the darkness of the Deity of Sin's dissolving body… …rose a bunny faced, winged evil goddess. You have forced me to reveal my true form. Now you have doomed your world utterly! Arfoire's final form was exuding pure dark energy and hatred. This was much worse than anything they had ever faced before, with the exception of Kurome Ankokuboshi.

She certainly has been hiding her trump card. I knew she had one more annoying form, but what's with that crazy killing intent?

Even in their Next form they felt backed against a wall. And with good reasons. In an instant Arfoire appeared before them and sliced their armor open with her spear. Then she summoned dark meteors that exploded all over the crater.

In the wake of the shockwaves she crushed down on Vert and Blanc with enhanced gravity. As if she had precognition she easily blocked the combination attack of both Purple Heart and Noire without even looking behind her. A single swipe of her wings hit them and almost knocked them out. She got up again and walked towards Arfoire. Purple Heart coughed a few times due to her injuries and looked at Noire's advance. You don't stand a chance… But as if she was a machine she kept attacking Arfoire.

Her sword didn't even manage to penetrate the true form's armor. What is going on? She's completely out of it… At this rate they were all going to lose, but that wasn't a reason to be suicidal. Subconsciously she reacted to that call. With expert agility she managed to dodge the piercing attack of Arfoire's weapon and flipped over it.

Afterwards she managed to hit her tornado sword straight against the rabbit face. It managed to slice a few hairs off the fur. Defiling your goddess… will assure you a place in Hell! Noire is passing us up, even like that. This ain't the time to get your pride hurt. They both rose from the enhanced gravity field and then with a yell crushed it to pieces! CPUs were empowered by the faith of the people.

Just how much would one need to believe in them to create this kind of turn around?

cfw magic first fight in a relationship

She looked ahead, even though her hands and legs were hurt and her whole body felt like it was trying to fall apart. In fact her legs gave in. She could feel herself falling over. Someone's hand held her body up.

It was a gloved hand. No time to rest yet, my friend. I still gotta repay Neptune for that lousy sale! The other Shas all gathered around their friend.

They had gotten the news too apparently. C-sha was all smiles and waved towards Blanc as if she was visiting her during her time off. B-sha pulled out her bazooka and gave Neptune a defiant look. And S-sha, despite seeming disinterested as always, was standing behind K-sha to support her.

But I have even less interest in a destroyed world. There is nothing to gain from that. Took ya long enough! I sent Financier to get you hours ago.

Why is everyone saying that to me recently?! Thank you for coming S-sha, E-sha. She nodded towards her friends with a regal smile. You still got one more rush in you, right K-sha?

She patted her shoulder and it felt like energy was coursing through K-sha's body. The other girls also seemed to be full of power. They each transformed into their Gold form without another word and posed, battle ready. We shall give you an opening. The rest is up to you. She said as if it was none of her business.

The other two nodded as well. Only K-sha was too exhausted and injured to transform. Or at least she thought she was. But seeing her friends giving it their all… it spoke to an unknown reserve inside her. It was the same place that would make her fight for Noire even to her last breath.

Just move one more time…! She begged her body and in a last flash, her Gold form returned once more. Let's do this, girls! She rushed towards Arfoire and gathered energy in her blasters while moving around her in afterimages. Arfoire rained her spear attacks down on her, but never managed to hit.

Go home and be a family man! With a twin fist blast she hit Arfoire in the back and then swiped her feet.

cfw magic first fight in a relationship

It actually almost managed to make her fall over. A torrent of rockets rained down on the dark goddess and pushed her on her knees. But Arfoire released black flames from her hands and melted the entire golden robot down in one sweep. But that was also part of the plan. S-sha let her golden card spin above and then pushed her sword into her shield.

Now formed like a pile bunker she crashed straight into the Deity's defenseless back. The card above exploded into lightning and rained down, guided by the sword. The impact was so strong that Arfoire finally fell over. Insane waves of energy created an explosion that pushed them all away and burned the already worn crater even more.

In this sea of flames an eye-patched girl appeared right in front of her face. And on her shoulders were spiraling gun barrels filled to the brim with ammunition. The storm of point blank attacks forced Arfoire to cast away her spear and shield herself with her wings and arms. A final buster shell managed to create a crack in her left wing! That was all of it. She whispered and fell over as she detransformed, completely out of juice. C-sha slid past Arfoire and grabbed K-sha and was then pulled over by B-sha's rope.

You do not need to tell me. A barrage of super powerful punches and stabs assailed Arfoire and finally broke her wings apart! Her arms were dangling down loosely, unable to protect her anymore either. Ruin… to all… But behind that defense was only one thing… a mouth wide open and in it gathered megatons of curse energy.

It had gathered in a small black ball in front of her, but now… True D. The blast was so intense that it turned the whole world black for a moment. Vert and Blanc tried to dodge, but it was impossible. They were hit with the full power of the attack and blasted off into the distance. The impacts were so hard that they split this section of the crater into two.

After all was over, they could only see the two CPUs lying on the ground in the distance. The Next transformation had been undone and their bodies were covered in burns. Yet they were still conscious. A testament to their power of will. Only now did they see that the Shas had all used their bodies to catch them and were all knocked into the rock wall behind them.

Are you all fine?! She had been unable to do anything in this combination attack, but watch. Now she flew over to her injured friends. Damn… it… Didn't think she could… do that… Vert: The power of an entire world. They were not able to raise themselves up, but they both nodded at Neptune to tell her they were fine. The Shas behind them were all still breathing as well. I may be out of bandages, but I can still do something!

Iffy, help me adjust their bodies. Compa we got bigger troubles- Compa: Purple Heart turned her head back to Arfoire who was already standing again. Her wings were crushed and her arms were slowly regenerating, but aside from that she didn't seem beaten just yet. She cried out as she was slammed into a tree outside the crater. Nepgear's group had finally managed to wear her down. Forgive me… mistress… True D.

Nothing… would please me… more…! She dissipated in flames and then her energy was drawn back to Arfoire. Instantly the aura of the deity grew larger.

Sis, we are coming to help! With a shockingly strong force the gravity field was expanded beyond the other half of the crater and engulfed all the allies at once. They were all pushed down and unable to move.

For hurting me… for daring to oppose me… I will devour you all. She moved towards the unmoving Blanc, Vert and Shas. Purple Heart took position in front of them to defend the beaten friends. Noire's sword hit Arfoire's neck. It didn't manage to cut through. I didn't notice you. So you escaped my Graviton Field somehow? She casually swiped Noire aside… or would have, but reflexively she dodged again and cut the other side of Arfoire's neck.

Once again it wasn't able to pierce skin. You are a nuisance. But you seem skilled at least. How do you wish to be killed? Is her mind gone? There is no enjoyment in torturing an empty shell… GUH! She gasped as the sword drew blood. Noire had hit an opening in her armor, created by Vert's and Blanc's attacks.

So that's what it was.

cfw magic first fight in a relationship

Why did I even hesitate so much? Especially about her sword stuck inside Arfoire's side. The Deity was not amused. You just begged for it, didn't you? Then I will erase you so completely and utterly from existence that your name will be forgotten from history itself!

She grabbed Noire by the collar with her left hand, to raise her above the ground. I can't be erased before I didn't at least respond to them. Noire still seemed to be in some kind of trance. Her really inappropriate reactions kinda gave it away. Arfoire on the other hand was gathering power in her right hand that was probably enough to make good on her threats.

This is embarrassing… She mumbled. A maiden's heart was mysterious? I don't even know how to put this into words… even after all that thinking, look at me.

Can't even say it. Why was she acting cute now? She raised her right hand and slammed it down to erase Noire from existence! Ba-dum… ba-dum… ba-dum… Neptune felt something rising inside her. Heat spread through her chest and she felt unbelievable strength. This was Share energy. And so much of it! They believed in me so much… and I believe in them.

So I can't disappoint. She said with an awkward smile. Purple Heart clasped her chest. This was… Noire's believe in her? That was incredibly rare. Theoretically CPUs could power each other up as well. It happened several times before. Nepgear managed to defeat this dimension's Deity of Sin with the faith of everyone too.

But this was just Noire. Of course the citizens of Planeptune were there as well, but this overwhelming warmth came just from one direction. What flowed into Neptune were Noire's feelings. If K-sha had been a CPU she would probably have felt a similar surge. You can't say it? I got your message just fine. A Share crystal separated from Neptune's body and got pushed into the holographic screen. The Next transformation was completed and granted her an improved processor unit.

Behind her floated the giant circle that almost made it look like she had a halo in form of the sun itself, yet colored in black and purple. With serene eyes she grabbed the blade in her hand and moved it behind her. The blade grew with energy… and grew again… until its length surpassed even that of the crater.

Dimensional… This unbelievably long and heavy sword was moving like it weight naught but a feather!

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She cut open the space in front of her and severed the deity of Sin's very core, alongside her body and the whole sky above. She collapsed and burst into darkness, as the sun from the parted clouds shone down on the battlefield.

Noire fell down from the height where the former Deity's hand had clasped her. As if there had been no distance at all Next Purple appeared below her and caught her in her arms, princess style.

Noire, who was slowly returning from her trance, suddenly blushed furiously. You are hopeless without me, aren't you? Hearing her enlightened sounding voice speak those words was certainly weird.

cfw magic first fight in a relationship

I don't want to hear that from you of all people! I couldn't even see how much you meant to me before I was pushed around in a fanfic. Your stupid Neptune speech is even coming through this divine appearance… Next Purple: The only divine thing here is your face, my goddess. Y-you are saying weird things on purpose to mess with me, aren't you?!

There are so many ways to tease you.

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I will never get tired of it. The Next form couldn't be kept up after using such a powerful attack after all. Despite being much smaller now, she still held Noire in her arms.

It must have been tough. You got something to tell me? We have to wait for K-sha- Neptune: She is totally listening. She was indeed, from far away. They had all regained consciousness already. Neptune… that is… I …. She turned her red face away. I don't hate you… Kind of… the opposite…? Was there any more roundabout way to say this? Just kiss me already you big tsundere. And so she took the initiative. To Noire's shock their lips interlocked deeply!

Neptune hadn't hesitated at all and connected them with a heartfelt kiss. It was really intense. In fact it seemed like Noire might faint any second. In the background the Share Field dispersed into a thousand particles and Uzume and co. Just in time to witness the kiss. Nepsy and Noirsy are…! She held her cheeks with both hands and blushed with a squeal. That seemed to shake everyone else out of their stupor too.

IF let her Qatars slip out of her hands. Her mouth was agape.

cfw magic first fight in a relationship

Compa made an O-face. Uni and Nepgear, who were helping each other up, slipped in surprise and bonked heads against each other. Blanc and Vert shook their heads in unison as if they were out of words to say.

Three years prior to the game's present, the CPUs were having a battle against her in the Gamindustri Graveyard. Magic proves to be a formidable opponent and stands impervious against her opponents, even countering an incoming attack Neptune 's sword with her own hand.

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