Code geass boukoku no akito ending relationship

Code Geass: Boukoku no Akito 4 - Nikushimi no Kioku kara -

code geass boukoku no akito ending relationship

Code Geass is one of the most popular and highly acclaimed anime of the play its part in her plans, Leila's missions often end with an absurdly high and Akito is consumed with the need to slaughter on the battlefield—no. Code Geass: Boukoku no Akito Final - Itoshiki Monotachi e Episode 1 . aww dat kiss at the end Leila x Akito so cute and omg Rolo!! BBCode. Edit Ending Theme .. Code Geass: Boukoku no Akito 4 - Nikushimi no Kioku karaAutoRec Code Geass: Boukoku no Akito 4 - Nikushimi no.

The second half is what really killed the story. I mean it, we don't know why they did that aside from possibly not wanting to take orders.

Code Geass: Akito the Exiled

Then, they attack or protagonists for seemingly no reason. Did they believe they were defenseless officials? Did they know those guys were armed and ready? We sure don't know what was going through their heads. They get captured by Leila she never explains why she spared themand then a guy killing his boss and potentially becoming an antagonist in the future. He grasses him, but we don't know what it does aside from the boss killing himself afterward. The lines of taking a trip don't help matters either.

I know you can't really get much out of 50 minutes, no can you always put a lot into it, especially when it's introductory, but that's hardly an excuse for what happened here. Conversely, Akito is surprisingly malevolent, even by Code Geass standards, with his first scene showing him in a bloodthirsty rampage and many subsequent scenes having him sport the most wicked of evil grins. What a dimensionless bunch.

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Unfortunately, unless someone is disarming someone hand-to-hand, don't expect much to any movement with these characters. The most you'll usually get is a little bit of walking. Calling this animated is a formality at this point, at least for the characters.

Now for the elephant in the room: The CGI Knightmares tend to look terrible here, and are equally poor in terms of integration; some of the background vehicles aren't an exception either. The mecha designs mostly remain the same, but the new ones from the first battle are awful, especially the eyes that make the Knightmare that Akito pilots look non-threatening.

I appreciate the detail that went into the mechs of the first battle, but it doesn't work that well. The mechs in the second battle look like they were ripped from a cel-shaded GameCube game fromand it is also poorly integrated, chief among them being what one of the rebels fights to take out most of the soldiers surrounding Leila before Akito steps in. The CGI explosions look hideous as well.

code geass boukoku no akito ending relationship

Hopefully, the subsequent films improve the CGI integration and Knightmare designs. The directing in this film is also pretty terrible, especially for the action scenes. The camera looks like it was operated by a schizophrenic cameraman, which makes it difficult to process what's going on at times. Even outside of battle, sometimes the camera doesn't keep up that well, notably in one instance in the beginning before we heard back to the first battle. However, I do like the cockpit screens.

Sometimes it's perfectly fine for a story to let most of the cast survive and allow them to become little more than exiles ah, we can see the title makes more sense in retrospectwhose actions and fates will not change the status quo of the world. If Lelouch will always be remembered inside his fictional universe for what he did as Zero and how he pulled off an insane final plan, the cast of characters in Akito will most likely see their days end in anonymity. I would say the single most controversial factor in Akito the Exiled, from a general storytelling perspective, was the way in which Geass-related abilities were suddenly used in this last episode.

Those magical or mystical aspects had taken a backseat to the action before, even though you could find some old hints about Akito's condition, the BRS system, Shin's past or Leila's abilities in previous episodes with a small amount of detective work. None of these aspects are coming out of nowhere.

code geass boukoku no akito ending relationship

But it does seem like the co-writer and director of this project, Kazuki Akane, really wanted to compensate for not having a lot of magical powers influencing the narrative before this point. Not to mention the introduction of other new concepts, such as an overseeing entity linked to the collective unconsciouness She has no name, but I'd call her Jupiter-chan. Or a completely different way to obtain a Geass ability in the case of one particular character Shinand a more vaguely defined yet symbolic type of power for another Leila.

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I can understand why some folks will react negatively to this. Familiarity often brings calm and sudden novelty can be risky. Even so, I feel those expressions of annoyance may simply be the result of confusion. A lot of these elements may certainly feel odd, especially at first, but I think it's possible to figure out how they are actually supposed to work with some patience and analysis. Leila's Geass power doesn't really have multiple abilities.

It's essentially about communication. Therefore, most of the really crazy stunts aren't her fault. If that's not Leila, then who? Well, it's all because of the supernatural entity Jupiter-chan who is responsible for overseeing space and time.

When you look at the big picture, it's slightly unexpected yet neither illogical nor random. To be fair, the original Code Geass series had also relied on the supernatural to resolve important storylines at times. Think back to the metaphysical Ragnarok Connection scenario, which was not resolved thanks to any political reality or brilliant tactical move, as well as arguably the most contrived yet most memorable moment in the entire TV series that happened near the end of the first season.

code geass boukoku no akito ending relationship

But, at the same time, it is important to note the original story ultimately went back to the real world for its final conflict resolution in both cases. Here, the supernatural side of the story remained part of the mix during much of the second half of the episode. The BRS shenanigans, when taken to the extreme, literally combined a mental networking technology with the magical power of Geass in order to temporarily alter the fabric of reality. An interesting equation, on paper, but sadly never sufficiently explored in this spin-off.

While we can still question the use of such plot devices to help resolve conflicts as a literal deus ex machina, I think the existence of said being helps expand this fictional universe, even beyond the limits of this episode's script. In other words, it strengthens the Code Geass lore by providing a sense of larger purpose and opens up new story possibilities.

To put it another way I want to see Jupiter-chan show up again. Oh, I was forgetting something! I will admit that the small and almost insignificant presence of Suzaku and Lelouch in this new story might have distracted the audience, with both unfortunate and fortunate implications, but for me they were always a sideshow in the context of Akito the Exiled.

Just a way to give the fans a bonus feature. It wasn't going to focus on them, one way or another, and I think that isn't too unreasonable for a spin-off. Having said of all this, I would say the resolution provided by the final episode of Akito the Exiled is valid and not impossible to understand, but parts of the narrative do leave me wishing they had chosen something more practical instead.

Or, failing that, changing the format of the project into a full TV series rather than a bunch of small movies released every other year.

Code Geass: Boukoku no Akito 5 - Itoshiki Monotachi e -

The general animation and art quality was moderately impressive, although I do believe certain scenes might have been edited in a rush or not at all in order to release the last episode in theaters. Presumably the physical disc release is going to smooth certain odd spots. Good sountrack, although the crazy jazz will surely tend to confuse and annoy those who haven't already gotten used to the work of the composer who has worked on all the previous Akito the Exiled episodes.

The characters in Akito the Exiled are not as charismatic nor as larger-than-life as those in the main Code Geass TV series. They also don't have the same amount of development or characterization due to the limited running time.

code geass boukoku no akito ending relationship

There's a lot of purely secondary or tertiary people in this final episode and the same thing goes for the rest of the series. Some of them could have played a larger role and others got brief scenes that are nothing more than decent. If I were to talk about all of them, I'd be here all day.

code geass boukoku no akito ending relationship

Having said this, I think there's some pretty good stuff going on too. Akito's character development arc arguably ended somewhere between the third or fourth installments. This is simply the final stage. What we have here is an already changed man who no longer just wants to die and kill people. He views life in a more positive fashion and tries to see if his brother isn't entirely beyond saving after all. In the end, you could say his goal was mainly about resolving a brotherly conflict rather than a global war.

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I can see all of this sounding a little unoriginal or even repetitive for some folks, but in my opinion it was still a logical outcome for Akito. Beyond that, he gets to do a lot of neat fighting and that is always welcome.

Curiously enough, Leila herself had more character-based scenes than Akito in this one yet didn't play much of a role in the combat resolution.