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cute relationship goals xbox 360

So here's a list of the top 21 best board games for couples: Who to play it with: The One Who Is Constantly Reading .. as “cute”, but And Then We Held Hands is one of the cutest games out . BioShock Infinite - Xbox This is easily one of the relationship goals for every couple. For us big eaters who have a massive appetite, there's nothing more attractive than. Discover ideas about Juegos Para Xbox Instagram Mcclure Twins, Cute Couples, Gangsters, Relationship Goals, Relationships, Landscape Illustration.

Bear in mind the fact that a 'Most Favourite Item' never need be given in order to raise heart levels. It will take longer but the result ultimately is the same. A Most Favourite Item simply speeds up the courtship. Other useful gifts that are not terribly expensive or difficult to acquire are Bread, Bamboo Shoots and Toiletries. Flowers, Wild Grasses and Bamboo Shoots can be gathered from the wilds. Chickens are usually the first animals you will purchase and raise, and eggs are plentiful thereafter.

Wine is a favourite for most men and even some of the women, like Muffy and Karen in particular, are very fond of it. Jewelry and Toiletries in this game can be found at the Excavation Site using your hoe. As soon as you obtain the Fishing Rod from Galen, you will be able to catch fish.


You should be able to purchase the Fishing Rod on the first Saturday of the game, on 7 Spring. I listed common gifts before cooked items or ranch products because those will not be available to all players early in the game. The items I tried to list first are easily obtained by any player. I included Bamboo Shoots because they are available in Spring at the start of the game. These are gifts in each case that will raise FP at least by 3 points and in the case of the eligible bachelors, will raise his AP as well.

There is no rush to marry or have a child. You can raise a person's affection and friendship slowly but surely even if you cannot give the 'Most Favourite Item'. Do what you can at any stage of the game. I have listed them here as they are extremely inexpensive gifts for the specific bachelors who happen to like them, but do not attempt to give them to any one else!

There are items that will raise or lower an individual's heart level by a single point. There are other items that, when given, will have absolutely no effect whatsoever.

The necessary number of AP points for each heart level are: After that, AP continues to rise but FP stays at Maximum AP is It is difficult sometimes to remember whether or not you have given an item to some one on a particular day, especially if there are interruptions to gameplay. I find that it is easiest if I create a daily routine with respect to gifts for all the eligible bachelors.

cute relationship goals xbox 360

Most of the bachelors and indeed villagers in general will be in their bedrooms before 8. Remember that the magical girls in HM Cute have heart events even though they are not potential spouses.

Meeting Leia and experiencing all four of her heart events advances the plot and allows her to return to the ocean as a close friend. Using one of the less expensive, most easily obtainable gifts that raises AP in each case as an example: After feeding your animals and collecting all ranch products, use the teleport stone to go first to the Blue Bar to see Griffin and give him a small fish or a flower such as Moondrop.

Stop at Gustafa's yurt to give him a Moondrop as well. If you have any rubbish or a weed, pop into the Witch Princess' hut and give it to her. Find Rock upstairs in his bedroom at the Inner Inn at this hour and give him chocolate or a Moondrop. Go to Daryl's house, enter the basement and give Leia a flower or a medium fish. Even a small fish will raise his heart level, although a medium fish is more effective.

Marlin and Carter are at the end of the list, simply because they can be found indoors later in the day than the other bachelors. Marlin and Carter are difficult because they require more expensive offerings when you do not have a kitchen yet to cook dishes that they love.

You can give both of them wine, however, to raise their AP and FP. I recommend giving gifts to every one indoors whenever possible, as it does not consume any time. Accessing your rucksack when you are outside takes time and often items must be separated before given as gifts.

In particular, if you wish to equip the Love Bangle before you give some one an item, it takes no time to do this if you are inside a building. Incidentally, visitors from Mineral Town will be found in the guest rooms on the 2nd floor of the Inner Inn before 8. Go north from the stairs to find the guest rooms. The guest room for girls is on the left near Van's orange crate and the guest room for the boys is on the right. The only Mineral Town guest who never will be found in the Inn is Mary.

At the earliest, you can find her in Lumina's bedroom at 8. As far as the bachelors are concerned, they all will be found in the boys' guest room early in the morning on the day when they each visit the Valley. The only boy you will not see in Spring is Kai, who will visit only during the Summer season.

As he will be in the Valley every day during the Summer season, however, you will have him at a higher level than any other Mineral Town bachelor at the end of Summer in your first year, although you will not be able to marry him until the second year, simply because you cannot fulfil all other requirements for marriage AND have him at deepest red heart level before the end of your first Summer.

Your 'special' bachelor is Skye and he never will be found anywhere in the Valley during daylight hours. He is a little exacting where gifts are concerned. The only gifts he likes, apart from cooked items, are expensive ones such as jewelry, faceted gems and toiletries. By meeting him there, you can give him a gift and still make it to bed before midnight! Social Participation You can gain or lose affection with bachelors simply by attending or failing to attend a festival.

It is a good idea always to attend festivals, even when the festival is one where you are not eligible to participate actively. Speak to every one who is at the Festival, both before and after the main event if possible.

There are other advantages to attendance, such as the rescue of a Sprite and the unlocking of a Sprite Channel. One festival that will raise the heart levels of all the ordinary eligible bachelors is the Fireworks Festival on 24 Summer.

If there is a bachelor at green heart level or higher, you can watch the fireworks with him. If not, however, you can speak to every eligible bachelor and gain Affection Points by doing so. If you donate something good to the Hot Pot, however, you gain 5 FP with every one there. The effect of donating a Toadstool is the same in terms of FP as if you did not attend at all. In other words, you lose the chance to gain 5 FP if you do not attend or if you donate a Toadstool.

AP is not affected no matter what. It does nothing in terms of Stamina but it increases your Fatigue by 2 points. As stated in the section that deals with the Fireworks Festival, simply speaking to a bachelor on the beach before the display will raise his AP by points.

cute relationship goals xbox 360

Watching the show with him gives no further increase in AP. It therefore is a good idea to speak to EVERY bachelor in order to receive an increase of points with every bachelor from the Valley and Mineral Town apart from Skye who sadly, cannot be present at any of the festivals as he would be arrested and carted off to prison Especially where the Mineral Town bachelors are concerned, this can be useful as you cannot see the colour of their hearts at any point in time. It is interesting to note that, at black heart level, most people when you speak to them will assume that you have come to visit some one else.

Marlin in the kitchen of Vesta's house will ask you if you have come to visit Vesta. When you meet individuals in their bedrooms at 6. You need to confront them again at a location where their conversation does vary according to friendship level. Meet Griffin when he is working at the Blue Bar to hear responses that reflect his degree of liking for you.

For example, as previously stated, speaking to a bachelor during the Fireworks Festival raises his AP by points. It really does not matter whom you invite to watch the display with you but you should speak to every bachelor there. The only bachelor who will not be present is Skye.

All the Mineral Town bachelors as well as the other Valley bachelors will attend. Tips for Increasing AP As stated elsewhere more than once, a daily routine of giving a Favourite or Most Favourite item as a gift to all bachelors is the best general strategy for increasing Affection Points, thereby raising heart levels.

There are some special actions and occasions whereby AP can be raised higher than it could be at any other time: Change your outfit daily to increase the AP of every bachelor in the Valley including any visiting Mineral Town bachelor by points.

On the occasion of the Fireworks Festival, speak to every bachelor at the beach to increase the AP of ALL bachelors who are there by points. If you give a regular 'Most Favourite Item' as a gift first, the regular gift will increase AP by points. A 'Favourite' will increase it by points.

On the occasion of an individual's birthday, given him a Most Favourite or Favourite item as a gift. The value of any item given on an individual's birthday is multiplied by x5. Bear in mind the fact that it is only the first item that will affect AP. Secondary gifts will affect only FP.

This is quite a significant increase! You cannot 'miss' any Heart Events because they must be experienced in proper order. In other words, you never will experience the 3rd Heart Event, even if the bachelor is at deepest red heart level, until you have experienced the 1st and 2nd Heart Events for that bachelor.

Heart Events, like all events in Harvest Moon, have their own specific requirements in terms of season, day of the week, time of day, location and weather. I have included a schedule of all Heart and Rival Heart Events for each bachelor as well as any special requirements.

If weather is not mentioned, assume that you can experience the event on a sunny day. In some cases, an event can be experienced both on a sunny and on a rainy day but if rain is required, that information will be stated clearly in the schedule. As a general rule, Heart Events require a minimum heart level in each case. That minimum level is included in the description of the event. In other words, the 3rd or Blue Heart Event requires the bachelor to be at least at Blue Heart level.

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Rival Heart Events, on the other hand, have a maximum Heart level requirement. This level is included in their description. As with Heart Events, Rival heart Events must be experienced in proper order. You cannot 'miss' one. Players often are confused between Heart and Rival Heart Events.

Rival Heart Events advance the courtship of your Rival. This actually is logical, because the bachelor will be so deeply in love with you that he will have absolutely no interest in your rival! Players may wonder why they would wish to experience the Rival Heart Events for a bachelor they wish to marry themselves.

There are two reasons. All Events enrich a player's understanding of the characters and the game itself. The second reason is to obtain points towards the Farming Degree.

The only Rival Heart Event that you do not wish to experience if you intend to marry a specific bachelor is his Fourth Rival Heart Event. You can experience the first three Rival Heart Events, then raise the bachelor to deepest red heart level and never have to fear that the 4th Rival Heart Event will occur, even you do not not propose to the bachelor immediately.

The Rival Heart Events all have time requirements. The 1st Rival Heart Event can be experienced at the start of the game in the first year, but the 2nd Rival Heart Event cannot be experienced before the 2nd year. The 3rd Rival Heart Event cannot be triggered before the 3rd year and the 4th cannot be experienced before the 4th year.

You therefore have 4 years in which to win the bachelor of your choice. In the case of Skye and the Mineral Town bachelors, there are NO rival heart events in any case, so you never need to fear a rival. In Cute, your game will not end upon marriage to a Mineral Town bachelor and you can have a child with him.

In this respect, it is totally different from the original Boy versin of Harvest Moon DS where marriage to a Mineral Town girl would end your game. Heart Event have significance to courtship as well as a potential value in terms of AP or Affection. In this game, Heart Events tend to have two parts, based on your responses to options given at specific points during the event. In Skye's case, the Heart Events actually are experienced in two separate parts that occur at different times of the day, but in the case of other bachelors, Part II directly follows Part I, provided you give the correct response.

I will explain Skye's events in detail in another section of this guide. As stated, Heart Events tend to be in two parts. In the first, you will be given an option to choose between two or three responses. If you choose incorrectly, the event will end then and there. You will lose Affection as well by choosing incorrectly. It is easy to make the correct response to this first option as usually it is an invitation of some sort and the incorrect response is to reject the invitation.

If you reject the invitation, you will lose AP with the bachelor, as he will assume that you are not interested in him. If you accept the invitation, the event will continue and in most cases, you will be offered another set of choices. If you choose correctly, you will gain AP with the bachelor. That is the best result in any Heart Event. If you choose incorrectly, you will lose AP with him. Choosing incorrectly at either point does not prevent you from marrying the bachelor ultimately.

It is extremely important for a player to recognise this fact. It simply sets your courtship back a little in terms of Affection Points or AP. A loss of AP can be recovered in as little as 3 days with any Valley bachelor if you give a 'Most Favourite Item' daily and change your outfit daily as well.

With a Mineral Town bachelor, apart from Kai, it will take three weeks, as they visit only one day each week. In any case, the text of every Heart and Rival Heart Event is included in this guide with both the correct and incorrect responses and the effects of each. Rival Heart Events are different in that you cannot affect them at all. You simply witness them and experiencing them does not affect the AP or FP of the bachelor involved. As previously stated, the only Rival Heart Event you do not wish to experience if you intend to marry the bachelor yourself is the 4th and Final Rival heart Event.

That event cannot be triggered before the 4th year, giving you four years to triumph over your rival!

cute relationship goals xbox 360

Heart Events can affect the friendship levels of other characters who are involved in them in Cute. Your responses then affect both the AP of the bachelor and the FP of the other characters. For example, in Part I of most of Skye's Heart Events, you will be asked by various villagers to help catch the thief later that night. If you agree to help, their FP will increase. If you refuse to help, their FP will decrease. Although the information is provided in a different form in other sections of THIS guide, I therefore will cover the subject once again here.

There are two kinds of Heart Events in Harvest Moon games: Heart Events and Rival Heart Events. Heart Events occur between your character and eligible girls or bachelors and when your character responds correctly, advance YOUR courtship. Your character is not involved in those events actively but simply witnesses them. The usual number of Heart Events in a game is 4. The usual number of Rival Heart Events is 4 as well.

Pathfinder Adventure Card Game Akrotiri Who to play it with: The Seafaring Explorer Play Time: Keep an eye out in the coming months for a copy of this fantastic game. Its concept is simple: You play as a boat captain, fetching and selling those resources to make money, and using that money to build temples, which in turn gives you more opportunities to make money.

In the meantime, you have secret objectives to accomplish, making the placement of your temples vitally important. Though this is a competitive game, it rarely gets too intense. For the most part players are left to their own devices, pursuing resources and placing tiles to improve their own lot. There may be the rare time where your secret missions send you running for the same island, but for the most part this is a low-key, light game you can enjoy together.

It comes with our highest recommendation. CarcassonneThe Castles of Burgundy The Siege of Columbia Who to play it with: The Military Tactician Play Time: The various pieces that each side controls, as well as the locations you occupy, will be familiar to anybody who played the original game.

Each side tries to take over as much territory as possible, with the goal of earning 10 victory points. You draft cards in order to make a strong hand and summon your soldiers to the appropriate areas.

You just have to protect your territory from your opponent… and from Booker and Elizabeth. You build up your forces as best you can, you ready yourself for battle, and then Booker comes in and kills everyone. You can only hope you have enough strength to stop him before he does too much damage. As you can imagine, this makes for a somewhat uneven experience.

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Gamers with some patience for the occasional run of bad luck, and particularly those who are big fans of Bioshock Infinite should pick up a copy of The Siege of Columbia and enjoy riding the sky-rails together.

Patchwork Who to play it with: The Craft-loving Creator Play Time: In order to be able to afford the conveniently-shaped pieces pretty much every piece from Tetrisyou must first fill your quilt as much as you can with the terrible pieces that make everything difficult.

Once a piece is placed, it cannot be moved. Players take turn selecting the pieces they want. Yet again, this game is perfectly balanced as a result of its two-player exclusivity.

Fortunately, this is when the most convenient pieces become affordable. It turns out that people only had so much money and space to dedicate to Fisher-Price looking instruments.

Rock Band 4 supports up to 4 players, and it's up to you to sort out who gets the two guitars, who sings and who is on drums.

Your neighbors may end up hating you, but at least you'll be having a good time. However, in recent years and especially on the Xboxmore studios have been willing to give consoles a fair shake of the role-playing stick, and one of the best action RPGs available on the Xbox One is Blizzard's Diablo III.

Instead of splitting the screen up, all four players share the same single screen, which is refreshing. The game's difficulty also scales with the number of players, so if you think you and your buddies are going to steamroll your way through the proceedings, you've got another thing coming. You and your friends each control an avatar on a circular ship and you have to run into different rooms to man the ship's various functions -- like the guns, the engine and even the map -- to try and figure out exactly where you have to go.

Don't let the game's cutesy presentation fool you, however. Things can get pretty hectic, and a cool head is needed to succeed. If you don't make it clear to your partner that you're running to the engine or checking the map, they could have the same idea and leave you open to attack, as nobody's manning the shields.

Whilst the game does have a single player mode, it's clear the experience was built around cooperative play and it really comes alive when you have multiple would-be astronauts in the same room screaming at each other to man the cannons. Xbox One Edition Minecraft has been an unbelievable success story. It's been ported to everything with a screen, and judging by the sheer number of still successful Minecraft Let's Plays on Youtube, it isn't going away any time soon.

There you can dictate what you want to do and how you want to play. Do you want to mine resources and explore the world or do you want to build the USS Starship Enterprise? What you do is entirely up to you and your friends, and that's the appeal of the game in a nutshell.

cute relationship goals xbox 360

Ultimate Edition Gears of War was the game that introduced the angry Marcus Fenix and his sullen buddies to the world. It also popularized third person cover-based shooting, which had a huge influence on the type of games churned out by big game studios.