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Jean-Luc Picard: [frantically cutting off Data] Captain to Security, come in! Data: Did I say Natasha Yar, I challenge you to a struggle to the death. Jean-Luc. In , Data was infected with the Psi virus by Tasha Yar, the chief of security. Data read all material available on the subject of dating and marriage. Actress Denise Crosby has the unique distinction of being the first actor to ask to leave the main cast of a Trek series when she walked away.

Based on that advice, Yar transfers to the Enterprise-C and returns with it to two decades into the past, and its expected destruction at the hands of the Romulans while defending the Klingon outpost Narendra III.

This process was later described as "world jumping" rather than a typical timeline travel story by critics. A Romulan general offered to spare the crew's lives if she became his consort.

After a year, Yar gave birth to Sela. When Sela was four, Yar attempted to escape but Sela screamed to prevent her from being taken away from her father. After she was caught, Yar was executed.

Data's thoughts on Tasha Yar's Passing

As most of the bridge crew are yet to join the Enterprise-D in the scenes, Yar is one of the senior members of the crew under Captain Picard in the earliest of the three timeframes in the episode.

She needs to be convinced by Picard to put the ship in danger in order to destroy the temporal anomaly that threatens to prevent life from evolving on Earth. While it's true the character as portrayed didn't live up to the character as envisioned—Yar was the most interesting person in the TNG bible—that's also true of a lot of characters.

Denise Crosby has never been the best actor in the universe, but Michael Dorn, Jonathan Frakes, and Marina Sirtis weren't any great shakes in the first season, either, and their characters didn't blow the doors off.

Natasha Yar

They got better with time, and there's every reason to believe the same would've been true for Crosby had she remained. Keith DeCandido, July 25, [28] Science fiction writer Keith DeCandido considered Yar the most interesting role to appear in the "writer's bible", [28] while Hal Boedeker characterized her as "forceful" in an article on women in Star Trek for Knight Ridder.

He noted specifically that women appeared in command positions more regularly as main and supporting characters, and were portrayed as more assertive and combative, with leading roles in action sequences. Critical Positions on Star Trek, she extrapolates that Yar's introduction to Starfleet was similar to the actions of United States Army soldiers issuing supplies to the survivors of the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki and the liberation of Nazi concentration camps during the Second World War.

Curve magazine speculated that Yar was a "closeted" lesbian. I'm Captain Picard, commanding this Federation starship. State the purpose of your visit here. We have sent down what we call an away team, to make peaceful contact here. Do you plan to leave life-forms here? We are merely visiting here. But you did more at the world you just left.

Why have you left your own life-forms there?

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The colony we just planted, sir. We found that world uninhabited. The life-forms we left there had Life on our world is driven to protect itself by seeding itself as widely as possible. Do not interfere with my children below. They are called mediators and they are needed only in one place each day. The punishment zone, an area that's selected for a period of time. It's a completely random selection? No one but our mediators know what place or for how long.

We're very proud of the wisdom of our ancestors. No person ever knows where or when a zone will be. And so no one risks death. By breaking any law. Only one punishment for any crime. Anyone who commits any crime in the punishment zone dies?

So, we are not yet as advanced as they are. And since you are advanced in other ways, too, I suggest you use your superior powers to rescue the Wesley boy. We will record him as a convicted criminal out of our reach-- an advanced person who luckily escaped the barbarism of this backward little world. They were able to communicate with me quite I was about to say quite easily but there was nothing easy about it. Fortunately, they stopped short of overloading my circuitry.

So it is a vessel of some sort? Definitely not a single entity, if that's what you mean, sir, although they know the Edo worship them as a god thing.

They recognize that this is quite expected and harmless at the present Edo stage of evolution. What sort of vessel? It is perhaps not what we would understand as a vessel, sir.

The dimensions this one occupies allows them to be It was probably unwise of us to attempt to place a human colony in this area. Of course, there are 3, other planets in this star cluster in which we could have colonized. The largest and closest Picard then requests that the away team be returned to the Enterprise after undergoing full decontamination. Later in sickbayDr. Crusher is giving medical scans to all members of the away team. Scanning Data, she notes how perfect his overall condition is, stating that she would write him up in a Starfleet Medical textbook.

Data responds to her praise by stating that he already is in many bio-mechanic texts. With that said, Data leaves the main biobed and Geordi La Forge takes his place. After a few moments, she checks the scan results for La Forge.

All of his systems are normal, except Crusher notes that he's perspiring. He raises his voice saying that the room is too hot; the perspiration is visible on his face. Those in the room are surprised by La Forge's response, with even Riker noting that it didn't sound like him. La Forge smiles and says that Dr. Crusher threw her voice.