Daughter father relationship questions

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daughter father relationship questions

Second, daughters wanted their dads to ask specific questions about the boys or “How are your spiritual life, your quiet times and your relationship with God?. Would you like to create an “unpressured” outcome where daughter and dad spend It's to have a closer relationship with a dad instead of judging him as bad. Having a hard time getting close to your daughter or just want a better connection ? Here are ways to improve your father-daughter relationship.

But fathers are learning to be role models for their daughters throughout adolescence and into adulthood. Contributors control their own work and posted freely to our site. If you need to flag this entry as abusive, send us an email. How do daughters learn from their fathers? Are there lessons fathers are better able to teach than mothers? More and more, fathers are treating their little girls like they might have treated sons in the past: And more and more women are making their way in the world of work, often modeling themselves more on their fathers than on their mothers, and looking to their fathers for guidance in their careers.

Of course, moms can teach these things, too -- both the fishing and the career-mindedness -- but fathers seem to play a particularly critical role in the development and choices of their daughters in the world of work.

That said, the best lesson that a modern father may be able to teach his daughter is that long-held assumptions about parental roles and responsibilities are changing, and that there is no such thing any more as "the wife's job" or "the husband's job. How can fathers expect their relationships with daughters to change as their daughters enter adolescence?

daughter father relationship questions

Traditionally, fathers and daughters have struggled to regain the connection they shared when the girl was very young: The relationship will change, of course, as girls enter those adolescent years when they begin to separate from their parents and align more closely with their friends.

But the goal of the relationship should remain consistent. Fathers should aim to continue acting as caring supporters who always have time and interest to talk -- even if the daughter isn't interested herself.

daughter father relationship questions

What are some important ways fathers' roles change? Do fathers need to adapt to daughters' changing needs?

daughter father relationship questions

All parents need to adapt to adolescence! But the best tack is to practice consistency -- being present, engaging in conversation, and trying as best they can to prevent the awkwardness of adolescence from impacting their own actions or attitudes.

The way a father treats his daughter, and his wife, will help set the pattern for the behaviors a daughter finds acceptable or not acceptable in her own romantic partners. Especially during adolescence, when daughters begin to enter their own romantic relationships, this strong modeling behavior can be crucial. The bottom line for fathers: Set a good example in how you treat women.

Dads and Daughters: 10 Questions for a Dad to Ask His Daughter

In most cases, this is how your daughter will expect to be treated. What are some cultural trends fathers should be concerned about and address with their daughters? Learning to use social media and the Internet responsibly is an important skill for teens; that means restricting or constant monitoring of their online activity isn't the answer. Instead, parents should aim to keep the lines of dialogue open, talking to teens about the appropriate use of social media, letting them know about the dangers and possible consequences of misuse and, even, letting them make their own mistakes, because that's often the best way to learn what not to do.

Are there strategies fathers can use to start conversations with their adolescent daughters who may be closed off or uninterested in talking? It's entirely normal -- desirable, even -- for teenagers to begin pulling away from their parents and start connecting more closely with their friends. The best approach for a parent looking to keep the connection tight is often a casual approach: You can't force her to talk, but you can make it known that you're available and willing to talk whenever she's ready.

Ask questions and be prepared to listen to the answers. Ask her how her day was, what happened in school, if she had fun at the party last night.

Be interested, but don't pry too much. Create opportunities for interaction, but don't put a lot of pressure on the outcome. What is your fondest memory of your mother? What did your mother do that made you sad?

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Describe how you are like your mother. What do you wish you could tell your mother? How did your parents show physical affection towards each other?

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Did your parents spend time alone with each other? Did you go on family vacations? Did you enjoy the family vacations? Were your parents divorced? How old were you when your parents divorced?

10 Questions Answered About Fathers and Daughters

How did you feel when they divorced? Describe your relationship with your sibling s. How much time do you spend with your sibling s? What was the great gift your sibling s gave to you? What did your sibling s do that made you sad?

What did your sibling s do that made you happy? What was your first job? How old were you when you started working? What is your most outstanding accomplishment on the job? What is your biggest failure on the job? Describe your typical day at work. What has been your most satisfying job and why?

daughter father relationship questions

What motivates you in your job? Who is the best mentor you ever had and why? Do you mentor anyone? If so, why do you mentor? What is your ideal job and why?

daughter father relationship questions

What is your measure of success on the job? What is your advice about working? What is your advice concerning looking for a job? Do your feel that you balance your job with your family life; with your spiritual life; and with your personal life? What do you like to do in your free time? What do you like about your free time activity? How do you feel when you are doing your free time activity? What brings you joy?