Dealing with loneliness in a long distance relationship

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dealing with loneliness in a long distance relationship

I am so lonely and exhausted in this long distance relationship, and . through such a time, some are maybe dealing with it in a better way. A serious long distance relationship, I'm pretty sure, is not the same as to occasional pervasive feelings of loneliness and pointlessness. I endured a brutal LDR with a woman in a developing country over 7, miles from where I live, and we only So if you're “talking” for an hour or two a week, I totally understand why you'd be lonely. . Many couples are dealing with this too.

It's so out of character for me that I don't recognise myself. I just miss him so much, and after so long, I thought we'd be done with distance by now but due to uncontrollable events we've had to postpone.

How Do You Handle A Long Distance Relationship?

The worst thing is because I feel so shitty, I'm starting to worry about his faithfulness which makes no sense. I do know he's faithful, but the fact I wouldn't know if he wasn't due to distance kills me and right now I don't understand why he would choose me rather than a gorgeous girl he could actually reach out and hold.

I've always been faithful although I know he has the same worriesfor almost a year and a half now, so I don't know why I'm suddenly having trust issues. When we hit a rough patch, it hits me incredibly hard because of how I already feel. He is exhausted from his demanding work too rightfully so and if anyone was to throw in the towel, I worry it might be him.

dealing with loneliness in a long distance relationship

I have had an extremely tough month or so due to personal and family issues, and him not being able to be there has maybe hammered it home a little more. It's hard to see others at the same age and place in their lives as me being supported by loved ones during these situations, and I'm looking at my phone for words when all I want is a hug.

I don't know how to stop feeling like this. No one I know in real life would even know that I do: I still fake it although rarely do I feel it. I am still the first person in the group to make people laugh and to get to know someone new, but inside I hate it and all I want to do is lock myself up in a room and be away from everyone and sleep, which is what I tend to do now.

3 Ways to Not Miss Your Partner in a Long Distance Relationship

This can take anywhere from a couple weeks to a couple months. The other option is Surrender. Surrendering means that you realize that your situation is miserable. And then, rather than trying to replace them with something else, you move on.

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Sit down and compartmentalize your life. Something will be missing. You can live with a little hole in your heart, as long as you learn to accept it — rather than fix it.

It helps if you can see them at least once a month. Knowing that date makes the distance easier.

dealing with loneliness in a long distance relationship

Every time you visit each other, the cycle repeats from step 1. Eventually you just get used to it. Relationships are not easy, but long-distance relationships are especially challenging. I understand not wanting to break up because you love them, but you have to realize that every day they spend in a long-distance relationship, they are sacrificing opportunities job, friends, potential lovers to stay with you.

dealing with loneliness in a long distance relationship

My failed long-distance relationship only lasted about a month and a half and the entire time I thought there was something wrong with me. We lived in the same dorm and dated for about 6 months before he went back to Japan.

dealing with loneliness in a long distance relationship

Learn to cook new dishes for yourself and your partner in the future. In addition, remember to spend time with friends and family members you haven't seen in a while. They can offer social distractions from your loneliness. Have a Plan Keep plans to reunite with your partner in mind, suggests Tartakovsky. For example, perhaps you plan to meet up for a visit in a few weeks. Together, brainstorm all the activities you can do when the day finally arrives.

You can also have more long-term plans, such as moving in together once you're no longer apart.

dealing with loneliness in a long distance relationship