Disadvantage of having relationship while studying

Effects on students having relationship while studying Essay Example for Free

disadvantage of having relationship while studying

Having love relationship with other individual has been part of lifestyle who are studying in the Philippines and compare the academic performance an excellent academic performance while having a love relationship so. This research discuss about the effects on students having a relationship or affair to opposite sex while studying. This research will figure out many effects that. Advantages And Disadvantages Of Having Relationship While Studying. INTRODUCTION “A true relationship is someone who accepts your past, supports your.

It is also a reality that students get involved to negative result due to their carelessness on this issue. Tackling about this issue may contribute a lot for the students who are in a relationship in order for them to realize many things.

It also each or reveal many unfold thoughts of the students. The reason why they get in a relationship and how would this effect not only their personal life but also their studies. And how their parents and the people around tem guide or influence them regarding this issue. This topic is needed in 2 important places. This research will unfold the rate of influence in every student.

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This research will also tell you the effects on the people around you when you decide on your relationship to someone. You can feel it as early as young or also could be late.

But this love is big thing to discuss, especially to teenagers who are engage with romantic relationship. Many people says that love is like a thread that connects the most diverse people in the world.

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  • Effects on students having relationship while studying Essay

Love is about what you feel to the one who give you space in his or her life and make you special. Love is not a feeling, it is a commitment and it is a decision.

Being Single at University Vs. Being in A Relationship

Real love pushes us. Movies and books really influence teenagers to have a relationship. When we have watch and read different romance books we think that engaging in a relationship is nice.

disadvantage of having relationship while studying

The question is what are the advantages and disadvantages of having an early romantic relationship? I ask different teenagers and students experienced and currently experiencing of being in a romantic relationship, what are the advantages and disadvantages of having an early romantic relationship and their reasons why it is consider as advantage and disadvantage.

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The emotional ups and downs associated with getting together and breaking up may also help youth develop important skills. As adolescents become more autonomous from their parents, their romantic relationships increasingly become a source of emotional support. One study found that, among tenth graders, only close friends provide more support than romantic partners Furman, The role of romantic relationships as a source of support and identity formation may be especially important for sexual minority youth who are often compelled by social norms to keep their sexual orientation secret from family and friends.

Risks of Adolescent Romantic Relationships While healthy romantic relationships have many potential benefits for youth, unhealthy relationships pose risks that may have long-lasting impact. Youth are particularly vulnerable to becoming involved in relationships that include dating violence and risky sexual activity.

In fact, teens report dating abuse more often than any other age group National Center for Injury Prevention and Control, Adolescents in dating relationships are at great risk for experiencing verbal, emotional, and physical abuse from their partners.

disadvantage of having relationship while studying

A majority of teens 61 percent who have been in relationships report that a partner has made them feel bad or embarrassed about themselves. More than one fourth 27 percent of dating teens said that they have a partner call them names or put them down. Nearly one third 30 percent of teens who have been in relationships said that they have worried about being physically hurt by a partner and 15 percent said they have been hit, slapped, or pushed by a partner Teenage Research Unlimited, Dating violence is not limited to heterosexual youth.

disadvantage of having relationship while studying

One study found that sexual minority youth are more likely to have experienced dating violence than other students Massachusetts Department of Education, Involvement in abusive relationships can have lasting consequences for youth.

Teens that have experienced physical dating abuse are more likely to be involved in intimate partner violence as adults National Center for Injury Prevention and Control, STDs and Premature Pregnancy. Dating relationships also put teens at risk of sexually transmitted infections and pregnancy Furman, A significant minority of teens in romantic relationships report feeling pressure to engage in sexual activity. One out of four teens report that having sex is expected if you are in a relationship and almost one-third of teen girls who had been in a relationship said that they have been pressured to have sex or engage in sexual acts when they did not want to.

disadvantage of having relationship while studying

Additionally, nearly one-fourth of teen girls reported that they have gone further sexually in a relationship then they wanted to Teenage Research Unlimited,