Do kirk and picard ever meet someone so beautiful

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do kirk and picard ever meet someone so beautiful

Skipping ahead several centuries, can't you imagine such six-gun Picard. And, you know, I already served as a color commentator on In daily conversations, you may tell someone else (or hear from . Marin had asked what would happen if the two Enterprise skippers were ever "pitted against each. I'm pretty sure he's turned down a promotion to Admiral once or twice, but I can't Mere months upon taking command, Picard was offered a Also, he likely heeded the wisdom of an advice given by Kirk in ST: Generations: Don't let them do anything that takes you off the bridge of that ship, because. 18 will mark the 18th anniversary of of Star Trek Generations' release There's the very cool sight of Captain Kirk and Captain Picard in The visual effects, especially those used to render the Nexus, are pretty awesome. . that he did or happened during his career in starfleet was ever straight forward.

There was one person who disagreed with the Senator, though, and that was none other than William Shatner himself. Shatner tweeted in response to Cruz's statements, "Star Trek wasn't political. I'm not political; I can't even vote in the US. So to put a geocentric label on interstellar characters is silly.

Most people don't look to Picard for someone with a great deal of muscle mass. Kirk, on the other hand, is all about physicality. He gets into fights with a Gorn and spends his fair share of time engaging in physical activities with alien ladies. That preconception is what makes this meme so memorable. We have Captain Picard showing off his impressive bicep with the quote, "Who needs phasers when you have these guns? The shot comes from Star Trek: The man has some serious guns and we can appreciate that.

In the case of Captain Picard, his friends think he lays around Risa, the Pleasure Planet all day, while his mom thinks of him in his dress uniform. The crew thinks he is sitting in the Captain's chair driving the ship all the time, while the Borg only thinks of Captain Picard in his Locutus of Borg persona.

The Next Generation titled "Damok", which saw Captain Picard working to understand the language of a new species Starfleet couldn't understand. It turned out they spoke in allegorical form to tell a story instead of directly speaking what was on their minds. The last cell, is simply Picard showing us what he really does: The Next Generation that revolves around Commander Data's foray into dreaming. The phone popped up a few times during the episode, but this particular shot came when Captain Picard and Lieutenant Commander Geordi LaForge investigate the dream via the holodeck.

LaForge answers the phone and hands it to Picard letting him know it's for him. The image has popped up numerous times over the years with different text depending on the joke it is trying to make. This one is pretty clever, which is why we decided to throw it on this list. It incorporates the fact that Data is an android, which is, of course, a play on the Android OS for smartphones and then it uses his name to poke fun at high data costs.

Some of the other uses of this image online have text that follows this same line of thinking. One you may have seen reads simply, "Smartphones: Picard uses Android" and other similar jokes with wording that's about the same.

People who have never seen a single episode or know who Captain Picard is have likely seen it and know it. When you see the Picard Facepalm meme, it is likely relating to something you just can't handle because of how ridiculously stupid it is. The Next Generation, but nobody does it quite like Picard.

The picture most often used - though he made the move numerous times across the series - comes from the episode "Deja-Q" when Picard is almost at his breaking point from the frustrations caused by the interminably irritating Q.

These memes pop up whenever someone is doing something stupid. When people started the "Tide Pod Challenge" and other dangerous Internet trends, they flooded peoples' social media pages.

They are often associated with an "Epic Fail" or other criminally dangerous acts of stupidity that could warrant no response other than to put your head down into your hand and simply facepalm. The Search for Spock after he stole a starship. He would often engage in risky situations that would land his vessel in combat and thanks to his nature, he got out of it looking pretty good for his daring attitude.

Long before he was given command of a starship, he was just another Cadet at Starfleet Academy.

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For anyone to graduate, they are required to undertake an exercise called the Kobayashi Maru. It cannot be won. Captain Kirk did it. Granted, he cheated, which is really the only way he could have done it, but he won because, as the man said, he doesn't believe in no-win scenarios. There are so many, in fact, that there are numerous threads on Reddit and other sites online where people discuss whether or not Sir Patrick Stewart is aware of any of them.

As it happens, he knows of several of them and is more than willing to discuss and even sign them at a convention. Some lucky fan took a printout of the "So much win" meme to a convention and had the man himself sign it. Whatever the reason, it's yet another lasting Captain Picard meme that proves how amazing this Captain truly is.

The Motion Picture, which hit theaters in Captain Kirk getting busy with a green lady is such a common talking point, they even had him appear with an Orion in the rebooted franchise when he is caught in Uhura's bedroom underneath her roommate's bed.

The truth of Kirk's romantic exploits has been inflated over the years. While he did kiss some 19 women on the show including Lieutenant Uhurahe only had relations with maybe four of them and one of those women bore his son many years before the events of the series.

Depending on who you ask, he really wasn't as frisky as many people believe. That being said, the rumors persist and memes like this one have made their way onto the Internet. What is Captain Kirk's true mission?

Sure, he commands the Enterprise, but he also enjoys taking his shirt off and making out with alien ladies. Can we really blame him? Worf found himself hung over from drinking the ale during Riker's wedding. But, who needs Romulan Ale when you have your own wine? If you find yourself in La Barre, France, go to Chateau Picard, speak with the head vigneron and get yourself a bottle of red, like the one Captain Georgiou had in her Ready Room aboard the U.

You can get Chateau Picard wine in real life! Captain Kirk has a reputation for being popular with the ladies. The Borg want to assimilate other races, the Klingons want to conquer, the Vidiians want to steal organs but Kirk just wants to go where no man has gone before.

We're talking about exploring space Picard has his share of romances ask to borrow his Horga'hn but Kirk has done something Picard has never done: While on Rura Penthe, Kirk met a shapeshifter named Martia. Played by the actress Iman, she kisses Kirk then later morphs herself into Kirk. Could it be that Picard is such a great protagonist because his main antagonist is a super-powerful entity that can literally do anything that they want?

The omnipotent Q would probably agree with us. Q can snap his fingers and go anywhere, have anything appear and have any event happen. He can time travel, teleport and even has threatened judgment upon the entire human race, yet he's consistently lost to Captain Picard time and time again.

do kirk and picard ever meet someone so beautiful

Tres bien, mon Capitaine. These interactions happened in the comics, and although we'd love for it to happen as a live action movie, we don't think even Disney can buy up enough properties to make that occur.

Here's another crossover you may have missed: Star Trek and Green Lantern. Tembra, his arms open. At first glance, those first two sentences may be gibberish, but they're actually phrases in Tamarian.

do kirk and picard ever meet someone so beautiful

Also referred to as the Children of Tama, they are a race of beings that communicate using metaphoric references in their speech. It's a fancy way of saying the Universal Translator won't work on them.

It took the sheer brains and determination for Picard to decode the Tamarian language. It's Picard's diplomacy and storytelling skills that connected him to his alien Captain counterpart. Because of that, Picard and Dathon at El-Adrel is a Tamarian phrase, referring to overcoming hardship and diversity. Leave it to Kirk to find a way to beat a no-win scenario. So faced with another impossible task, Kirk said "hold my Romulan Ale" and did the impossible yet again. Surrounding the galactic core of the Milky Way Galaxy is the Great Barrier, an incredibly powerful energy field around 15, light years in diameter.

There were two moments in which he had to defend the Federation not only from nefarious intruders, but also from internal corruption. In the episode "Conspiracy" Picard discovered scorpion-like creatures that were body-snatching high-ranking Starfleet officers.

Insurrection, Picard learned of another kind of conspiracy in which members of the Federation Council planned to steal the secrets of immortality and eternal youth from a race known as the Ba'ku.

Picard was the strong moral center that steered the Federation back on track.