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domestic discipline relationship rules theory

Christian Domestic Discipline, or CDD, has been referred to as “evangelical BDSM” CDD relationships are predicated on male headship and female submission, and . Queer theory and religious studies can be brought into productive “Beginning CDD Rules,” Christian Domestic Discipline, accessed August 25, MONISM The monist theory views both international law and domestic law as part For monists, all rules of international law are superior to domestic law and in. Posts about domestic discipline written by Lenna. I have included a list of the Rules that I was given in the beginning of our DD relationship.

Mainstream BDSM turns on the notion of the liberal subject and the sense that individuals can know their desires and communicate them perfectly as autonomous agents.

When CDD couples insist that consent is important to the practice of domestic discipline but not essential to its meaning or effects, and that sexual pleasure can be present but never primary, they are not merely decentering individual choice as the ultimate criterion of human flourishing, but rather affirming a different matrix for human interaction.

The impossibility of categorizing and evaluating CDD according to the framework of BDSM explains the unnerving tonal shifts in popular writing on this movement.

Because CDD couples do not prioritize the language of consent which assumes a particular subject who acts autonomously, enters into contractual relationships, and so on in the way that mainstream BDSM practitioners do in part because their use of the term is based on a different sense of what they are accomplishing through these physical encounters and the kind of agent engaging in this practiceCDD frustrates efforts to name it either abuse or consensual sexual play.

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Christian Domestic Discipline is one example of a site of inquiry that requires a more sophisticated theoretical grammar; one which, I suspect, can be generated through queer engagement with the terrain of religious studies. If, at this moment in queer studies, we are still interested in the critical possibilities that emerge from engaging with alterity as such, then even CDD might be a site of fracture that illuminates the stakes of our moment and the limits of our discursive tools.

We see this dead end in the popular coverage of CDD. It is important to note that we often hold on to the rhetoric of consent, in spite of its attendant fictions about agentive personhood, for ethical reasons that should not be ignored.

I want to emphasize that consent is an important and, often, our best available tool for defining violence and abuse as such. This illustration from the weekly French youth publication La Jeunesse illustre, published between andshows a teacher spanking a student while two others wait with faces to the wall.

Today, a growing body of research shows that spanking can lead to aggression and mental illness later in life; one study showed that "harsh punishment" -- defined as being struck with objects like a belt, paddle or hairbrush at least 12 times a year for a period of three years -- produced less gray matter in the brains of children.

domestic discipline relationship rules theory

Hide Caption 6 of 10 Photos: A history of spanking In an apparently staged performance whose date is unknown, a teacher "strikes" a child over her knee while the rest of the class grimaces. In-school corporal punishment is allowed in 22 states, according to the US Department of Education, with the vast majority occurring in Texas, Oklahoma, Mississippi, Louisiana, Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia and Tennessee. Hide Caption 7 of 10 Photos: A history of spanking Spanking was a common theme in pop culture.

Hide Caption 8 of 10 Photos: A history of spanking Catholic schools were known for their knuckle-rapping nuns, administering corporal punishment to any and all educational slackers.

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Today, most teachers in Catholic schools are not nuns or priests, and most have put the paddle away. Hide Caption 9 of 10 Photos: A history of spanking Children were not the only victims of corporal punishment. Wives were often whipped by their husbands; the "right" to do so dates all the way to BC in the Code of Hammurabi.

domestic discipline relationship rules theory

In the Western comedy "McLintock! Over-the-knee spanking is still practiced as a form of wife discipline as part of Christian Domestic Disciplinedescribed as a Christian patriarchy movement. In a new policy statement, published in the journal Pediatrics on Monday, the pediatricians' group recommends that adults caring for children use "healthy forms of discipline" -- such as positive reinforcement of appropriate behaviors, setting limits and setting expectations -- and not use spanking, hitting, slapping, threatening, insulting, humiliating or shaming.

If my friendship with someone changes my behaviors, mannerisms, other relationships for the worse, then my Daddy may tell me to either limit my time with that person, or cut them out altogether.

domestic discipline relationship rules theory

Above all else, my primary focus should be to please my Daddy. Whether it is in the manner in which we raise our daughters, the selections I make when out to eat, the way I dress, the way I handle myself in any given situation or the way I address others, my goal is to please my Daddy and make him proud of me.

domestic discipline relationship rules theory

To receive pleasure I must earn it. I still cringe at this one struggle a bit with this one. I trust my Daddy. I trust his skill, his concern for my safety, my emotional, psychological, social, sexual and physical heath.

If at any point I find that I do not trust my Daddy in all of these areas, I am to bring my concerns to him. This relationship is built on honesty and trust and if one of those things fails, the entire relationship is at risk of failure. I must always give thanks to my Daddy for all I am given, immediately after receiving what he has given me.

This includes gifts, privileges and punishments. I will confess any transgressions I may have made to my Daddy and he will decide if such violations require punishment. This includes transgressions that I have committed, thought, entertained or proposed in my mind. I must accept whatever decision he makes and thank him for his choice. Crying and the shedding of tears is not a sign of weakness.

Christian Domestic Discipline for Beginners, Part Two: Beginning CDD

My tears soften my will and bond me closer to my Daddy. I am not to hide in shame when I cry. I want to be of a healthy and sound mind and body, free as possible of any personal limitations, when pleasing my Daddy. I am to exercise a minimum of thirty minutes on days that I have not performed a regular eight hour day of work ie…childcare, church work or other outside employment.

I will always listen with a strong interest in whatever my Daddy has to say during time together. I will periodically examine my whole life and look for how it has changed as a result of my relationship to my Daddy. I will speak to my Daddy about those areas where there have been improvements and those areas where I am comfortable, insecure, or unsure of what direction I should take, how I should behave, or how I can behave in a manner that is different than how I have been behaving in the past.

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I will obey the spirit of the law not just the letter of the law. For example, if My Daddy says not to run with scissors, I will not attempt to skip with them either.

It is his final decision on how all monies are spent, saved and used. Before I go shopping, I am to tell my Daddy of my plans, what I intend to buy and approximately how much it will cost. Upon returning home, I am to provide my receipts and any explanations of my purchases.

Items that are purchased for resale need to be listed in a book along with their purchase price, and upon selling the item, I must list the sell price.

My Husband Set Rules For Me

These tasks will vary depending on what my Daddy thinks needs to be done. I am to do my very best to finish all of these chores before doing anything else and will consider it an honor that he trust me to complete these task for him.