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His grandfather Oropher and his father Thranduil apparently settled on the He was glad to receive help and advice from Celeborn after Sauron revealed. Legolas doesn't exactly have a close relationship with his father and this goes into the demise of his mother. Thranduil has closed himself off. As of recent, I've been watch the movies and this question struck me. Anyone got any info?.

After all, he is King of Mirkwood, he rides a majestic elk into battle, and he has perfectly frosted eyebrows. Under his rule, Mirkwood practices isolationism. While it would be easy to dismiss Thranduil and call him a selfish individual, he suffered many losses that may have contributed to his increasingly isolationist ways. Along with his father and many of his people, Thranduil fought against Sauron during the War of the Last Alliance. He lost his father and a third of his people during that war, which understandably, fed his fear of conflict.

Celebrimbor was an Elf who gained great renown as an expert craftsman and jewel-smith. With the help of the fair being Annatar Sauron in disguisehe created sixteen of the twenty Rings of Power. These were the Rings that found their way into the hands of Men and Dwarves. He also created the three Elven Rings of Power, but since he crafted these rings on his own, they were devoid of the corrupting power of the other Rings.

In any case he was probably not much older than 60, a very young elf, when Gil-galad took him in.

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We also do not know what happened between Oropher and Gil-galad for Oropher to refuse his authority during the Last Alliance. Perhaps there were already disagreements between Gil-galad and Oropher on the Isle of Balar or in Lindon before Oropher and Thranduil left for the East. Oropher and Thranduil may well have resented all the Noldor who brought a lot of trouble to their relatively peaceful land.

Elrond was always by Gil-galad, who lived in North Lindon. Elrond is of Noldorin culture. The Silmarillion, Unfinished Tales Elrond spent most of his life utterly surrounded by Noldorin culture, meaning that even though his bloodline is mostly Sindarin and Vanyarin, culturally he is very much Noldorin.

More evidence of this is that he moved his fortress in the Greenwood several times, and one of the reasons is that Galadriel a Noldo was infringing on his territory.

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At least Gil-galad, Elrond, Celeborn and Galadriel attended Celebrian was also present in Rivendell, but we do not know if she took part in the Council. This is when Elrond was given Vilya and was appointed vice-regent of Eriador. Galadriel kept the ring Celebrimbor had entrusted her with, one was given to Elrond to reinforce Rivendell, the third Gil-Galad kept and gave to Cirdan before the War of the Last Alliance.

However, the threat of Sauron was back and they had to discuss how to protect Middle Earth. If Oropher was not invited, he and Thranduil could also have taken offence at this. And finally, Oropher and Thranduil may have been angry at the Noldor for having allowed Sauron to forge the rings in the first place.

None of this concerns Elrond directly, but it adds to the potential rift between Noldorin and Sindarin elves. There were dozens of thousands of people involved, though, so they may or may not have been in contact. Still, it is possible that when Oropher met Gil-galad if only to disagree with his plansThranduil and Elrond were also present.

Thranduil survived his father and it seems that he continued fighting in the Last Alliance until the very end. This is a time when he could have been in closer contact with Elrond and Gil-galad. It could have been positive: It could also have been negative: Did he know about Isildur keeping the One Ring? Elrond and Elros shrugged, sitting to play with the smaller child. Behind him, Oropher loomed haughtily, scowling at Thranduil over Gil-galad's shoulder.

Thranduil shifted to be partially hidden behind Elrond. He could tell you their histories for hours, if given the time. Elros pinched his arm. Elrond stepped on his foot. War is threatening Greenwood. King Oropher has asked us to watch over Thranduil here, to keep him out of danger.


He wishes Thranduil to grow up in the ways of elves, but does Lorien is also threatened. Rivendell is the only safe haven. Seeing as how you two are the closest in age to him in Rivendell, I ask that you try to be his friends. He is a good child, an obedient prince. He does not need to be turned into a rebellious monster like the two of you. We were only obeying High King Gil-galad.

Glorfindel groaned and pulled his hand away.