Example of hospital entity relationship diagram

Entity-Relationship Diagram

example of hospital entity relationship diagram

Download scientific diagram | Sample entity relationship diagram for a healthcare organization from publication: A Practical Guide to Healthcare Data: Tips, traps. (Some valid variations: add Hospital as an Entity; make Ward an attribute of Note that the relationship between Patients and Nurses is M:M in the diagram. It. until after presenting some more (hopefully!) intuitive tools. ENMA Entity Relationship Diagrams Simple Example – Hospital System Model Here is a.

Entity Relationship Diagram Example: Hospital

Primary key of the Accountant Table goes to Payment table as foreign key. Primary Key of the Bill Table becomes a part of the primary key in Payment table. Since the Figure 3. Relational Model the primary key in the Payment table. The attribute s of a relation which serve as a primary key of the table are underlined. Primary key of the Patient table goes to Here rep-date refers to the date the report of the test will be Admission table as foreign key.

Primary key of the Room table given. Here OT refers to Operation Theater. The relation is in 3NF because no transitive dependency exists from non-primary key to primary key.

Hospital Entity Relationship Diagram Example

Functional Dependencies and Normalization Similarly two different accountant ids and patient ids 1 Fulfillment of all normal forms cannot correspond to the same bill id.

Based on the above functional dependencies: So we split the relation to make it 2NF. Similarly, the following functional dependencies exist: The relations are now in 2NF. Implementation in SQL Server of normalization. In fact we have ISSN: Sample data has been entered in the relational tables.

Some useful queries that can be imposed on our designed system but cannot be retrieved that speedily from the existing partly manual and partly computerized information Question 2 system of BIRDEM are: Sample queries directed on our system together with SQL expressions and results follow next.

Question 1 Which tests are suggested by doctor Selima to which patients?

example of hospital entity relationship diagram

She also completed PhD from which college and got salaries below Tk ? As we have computerized the entire system via a database, the maintenance is very convenient and efficient and also retrieval of data according to demand is speedy.

The existing system of BIRDEM is partly manual and partly computerized and it becomes a tedious process to keep track of all the information partly in paper files and partly on computers. Therefore, our designed system is a good and useful implementation.

example of hospital entity relationship diagram

We can further improvise it by enhancing its security. Entities are the "things" about which we seek information. Attributes are the data we collect about the entities.

example of hospital entity relationship diagram

Relationships provide the structure needed to draw information from multiple entities. Generally, ERD's look like this: Before discussing the procedure, let's look at a narrative created by Professor Harman. Patients are treated in a single ward by the doctors assigned to them. Usually each patient will be assigned a single doctor, but in rare cases they will have two.

Heathcare assistants also attend to the patients, a number of these are associated with each ward.

example of hospital entity relationship diagram

Initially the system will be concerned solely with drug treatment. Each patient is required to take a variety of drugs a certain number of times per day and for varying lengths of time. The system must record details concerning patient treatment and staff payment.

ABC Diagram ( Entity Relationship Diagram)

Some staff are paid part time and doctors and care assistants work varying amounts of overtime at varying rates subject to grade. The system will also need to track what treatments are required for which patients and when and it should be capable of calculating the cost of treatment per week for each patient though it is currently unclear to what use this information will be put.

How do we start an ERD? Add attributes to the relations; these are determined by the queries,and may also suggest new entities, e. What questions can we ask? Which doctors work in which wards? How much will be spent in a ward in a given week?