Facebook is causing problems in my relationship

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facebook is causing problems in my relationship

We've all felt the pressure to prove a relationship is going well through romantic posts How real can those "perfect" Facebook couples really be? so consumed with the stressors of their online footprint that it causes issues. If you're prone to thinking, “It's just Facebook — can it really cause that the Krafskys, here are the scenarios that cause the most relationship. How Facebook could be threatening your romantic relationship to suggest that technologies such as Facebook cause romantic insecurity. Many suggested that insecurities frequently arose over issues they simply would.

Its so common these days to see guy or girl, fought with their partner and waste no time in changing relationship status and unfriend your partner. Putting up a sad status or sad pictures to express their emotions. You might see there is nothing wrong to express yourself. Truth is you are inviting people to come into your life when you are most vulnerable.

It is easy to get carried away to sweet talk. We are so busy looking forward getting lure by sweet talks that we actually forgot someone we left behind might be worth fighting for. How to save your broken relationship Not just on relationship, but fb also has major affect on personality and mental state.

The comments on your status can make you feel wanted. What you should write to get people to comment and likes. Which places to go and how to pose for fb. Many people are suffering from low self esteem by comparing their life to others on Facebook. It has make people become more available, less reasonable, less thoughful, insensitive. Women divorces husband over Facebook disputes Today every 3rd person we know have a facebook account. Its easy to add new people and unfriend or block.

Be the judge of your situation not let random people suggest you or show your sympathy. How many of you believe Facebook has become one of the major reasons for breakups and dating too? Take a look at my page: Can you make your partner fall in love with you again for information on what you can do.

Could your partner be using Facebook as a dating site? People sometimes become friends to become part of someone's life - almost by stealth. The change in relationship status to 'single' can be seen as an open invitation. This needs an open and honest conversation between the two of you. It also needs you to consider what's at the bottom of this.

Was it your partner's intention to deliberately hurt you? You may want to ask yourself if this really what you expect from someone who's proclaimed their love for you. I'd like you to take a look at my page: Does your partner not want to change their status to 'in a relationship' or at least, so you think?

If you've only just got together with someone, then don't be surprised. He or she may just not be ready - or be as committed - as you yet. The question is - why are you so desperate for them to change their status? Are you too focused on them, and not enough on your own goals, interest and commitments? Are you dependent on having a relationship for your sense of security?

Warning: Facebook May Be Hazardous to Your Relationship

Take a look at my pages: Did that person you only recently started dating change their status from 'single' to 'in a relationship'? You'll want to question that and be very protective of your boundaries! State clearly what the relationship means to you right now, and how you can see it developing in the future or not. Did your ex change their status from 'single' to 'in a relationship' within a very short space of time?

facebook is causing problems in my relationship

This can be very painful, if you still love them. It may be more than painful if it confirms your suspicions that they were having an affair. It may be very important to find out, particularly if you have children! All too often, status updates of all kinds feed into a sense of insecurity Deep down, are you suffering from lack of confidence? Do you tend to feel insecure? Do you worry you might lose your partner at any time? If so, deep down you may be suffering from a fear of rejection.

Perhaps you've experienced traumatic endings early in your life.

How Facebook or any other social media platform can be the cause of your relationship problems

Maybe you feel you've been 'dumped' by a previous partner. Those kinds of experiences create a template in your mind. Your brain then scans the environment for 'alike' experiences, so as to prepare and protect you.

facebook is causing problems in my relationship

When it discovers one, it sets off all the alarm bells. When you're already feeling insecure you're highly sensitive and susceptible to quickly feeling abandoned.

Your brain will 'pattern-match' it with that existing template. No wonder, then, that you immediately think your whole relationship's crashing down around your ears. Rather than waiting and checking it out, in your emotional state you may have already decided that it's 'all over'. You could of course be right to be suspicious, but you could be overreacting too.

Either way, you'd feel so much better if you could heal that fear of rejection. It would benefit your relationship too. I recommend you get a couple of hypnosis downloads. Do take a look at my article: Self-hypnosis with the aid of a download is affordable, effective and ever so user-friendly.

When you're feeling stronger and more self-confident, you'll be much happier for it. You'll also be in a much better place to tackle any problems between the two of you head-on. In a calmer state, you're more able to put a little distance between yourself and whatever's happened. You'll be better able to work out if you were overreacting. If so, you can leave it behind you and move on.

Or, if you're right to feel hurt or upset, you'll be in a better position to talk to your partner about what's going on. Your concern, however, is definitely justified if your partner has been deliberately malicious or devious in the way they've been conducting their online life.

I'd want you to read my article: Signs of an abusive relationship. I would also strongly advise you to seek the help of a qualified relationship counsellor at Reunite. A problem caused by social media is like any other. It just needs you to communicate, make a decision, act on it, and then let it go.

Facebook problems and addiction.

What does all of this say about your relationship? Give yourself a few days at least to calm down. Then consider how you're going to challenge your partner. As human beings we have much more clarity of thought when we are calm. So, here's my advice: You didn't start this relationship or get married with a view to just giving up, I'm sure. Don't have much in common anymore? It will help to reveal any underlying problems that may be undermining your relationship.

It'll also help you decide whether or not the two of you are still compatible. By taking the test, you may also discover that your relationship still has great potential - with a little bit of work! If you know you've deliberately posted photos or comments designed to provoke a negative reaction from your partner, it's time to stop and take stock.

facebook is causing problems in my relationship

Ask yourself what you're hoping to achieve - and why. Are you unhappy in your relationship? Are you using Facebook to try and punish your partner for some real or perceived wrongdoing? Are you trying to get your partner's attention?

Whatever your reasons, if you've been causing problems for your partner, that should ring alarm bells for you. It means there's something going on that you're not happy about Could your - or your partner's - account have been hacked? Are you sure that what's been posted is truly the work of your partner? Could some other issue be the cause of your social media problem?