Fairy tale relationship stories tumblr

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fairy tale relationship stories tumblr

Welcome to r/Funny: reddit's largest humour depository. The results, published on his Tumblr, “Fairy Tales For Somethings,” satirize the mindset of that demographic pretty brilliantly. Snow White. Shakespeare's lines that Belle recites from memory while taking care of the Beast are actually from Helena's monologue in A Midsummer Night's Dream.

Like I would work for that codfish! At least the pictures make him look like one! That's why I said it was odd.

fairy tale relationship stories tumblr

At least they mentioned you too, but it was about having kids after coming from Neverland and then you were "too tired to do anything else". Wendy doesn't look happy about that, at least from Peter's perspective. Is this supposed to be funny? For grownups, I suppose it is. Peter grins, closing the book casually and allowing it to fall safely into Wendy's outstretched hands.

fairy tale relationship stories tumblr

All the more reason I never wanna grow up. It's no fun at all. Beauty and the Beast Cogsworth paces frantically in the halls of the East Wing, looking distressed. Oh, of all the dark days to be having, this is one of the worst. That book should've never been brought from the village, and now everything is ruined. I told them it wouldn't do, that it didn't seem like a book she would love, but does anyone ever listen to me?

And what iz wrong with you, my friend? Your pendulum's swinging a little more than usual. I don't have time for you making odd assertions about me, whatever that's supposed to mean. We have a problem. I see no problem. Actually, it's been fairly quiet today. Lumiere flinches as a roar echoes through the hall from a distance.

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Cogsworth gives him a side-eye glance. Seems I missed something. And for good reason. The master's angry because the lady's angry.

Long story short, she read a bad book that was brought in from the village. And she threw it at the wall in the library. Ah, ze trials of ze bookworm. Romantic when it works, terrible when it doesn't. Was it an unfortunate tale of love unrequited? A murder gone unresolved?

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No, if only it were that. It seems it was some dreadful sensationalist piece about the master and lady's "relationship," if you will. And about the lady's person as well - about her weight, things that she was teased about as a girl, and even further suggesting that she was inspired to stop eating carbs because of something called "Thinspiration".

I told the courier who brought it that it was a bad idea, but he insisted on the delivery. I take it he will never set foot on the castle grounds again. That is, IF he values his life.

fairy tale relationship stories tumblr

Was it really that bad? Oh, it was worse than BAD, I assure you. I suppose we should do damage control.

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Say no more, Ce'st la vie. But was there anything actually funny about ze book? There was a joke about Jack climbing beanstalks but never getting as high as the first one? I don't get it. Aladdin groans as he closes the book in hands.

Why am I always the one that's supposed to be in trouble? Me, I have to be the anti-hero, and no one ever talks about me! You, you get a whole subsection in a book about fairy tales gone awry. Matter of fact, you're the only one who gets even directly mentioned in the whole Mickey Mouse organizational references.

I think because as much as you talk about yourself, a book wouldn't even begin to cover you. Look, I mean, I'm not the most perfect aspiring Sultan in the world, but somehow I don't know what it is I did that made Jasmine mad, mad enough to get so frustrated and break up with me.

Maybe it was that woman in the Marketplace you were singin' with. No, actually she kinda scared me Ah, don't worry about it, kid. I read the book too and what I got out of it was that most of the humor's pretty much a theater of the absurd. It kinda throws a lot of things at the wall to see what sticks, but some of it does, others don't. Some might, because I think trainwreck fairy tales are all the rage in that millennia.

But it's kinda iffy because when you have Sleeping Beauty suffering from depression, a sexual disease, and something else, when you have a wooden puppet's nose breaking everything in sight because he lies all the time, and King Authur and Lancelot being buddy buddy and getting jobs at Applebees and Starbucks and try to pass it off for humor, it's going to hit people different ways.

That's probably the point. It's so random and over the top that some might think "Wait, this is weird" while others might laugh about how it's taking things from that period that are familiar and throwing it every which way but loose. But I think it's still going to be offensive to some people. And it's such a short book that I don't know who would buy it.

But then I quit it and moved back in with my mother. Then I returned to it. Then I left it again. Then I Googled "quarter-life crisis. Instead, I started a tumblr. In Fairy Tales for Twenty-SomethingsI took classic characters from my childhood--my heroes, the ones who were pure-hearted and brave, the epitomes of "happily ever after"--and I stuck them in the same dumb situations me and my friends had been going through for years.

You know what they say: If you can't beat 'em, write fan-fiction that forces them to join you. The stories from that tumblr became the basis for the book, Alice in Tumblr-land: Now, Peter Pan finally has to grow up and get a job, or at least start paying rent. And no less than three fairy tale characters are working bad restaurant jobs.

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As a child, fairy tales were how I made sense of the world--a dream of becoming an apple salesman could only come from a kid who really believed anything was possible. I'm returning to those fairy tales now to try to make sense of the world again.

This time, it's probably going to involve more alcohol. Snow White A few years had passed since Snow White and the Prince rode off toward their happily-ever-after, and things were, you know, they were fine. Like she wanted to simultaneously tear his clothes off and introduce him to her parents. But the Prince loves me, Snow White thought.

Chicken Little Chicken Little feared the sky was falling. She also feared losing her job, getting told off by her best friend, and going to the gynecologist.