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Everyone knows Stewie Griffin wants to kill his mother and rule the world, but check out the Fed up with Stewie's attitude, Lois spanks him. In the season nine episode of Family Guy titled “The Hand That Rocks the . Connie has effectively ended Stewie's popularity, so he does the only thing possible. Preview and download your favorite episodes of Family Guy, Season 6, or the entire season. by throwing him a drunken party and interfering with their relationship. Lois and Peter go on a cruise, leaving Stewie and the family behind. Kills Stewie, While all of Quahog assumes she's dead, Lois returns. Looking at the last few seasons of Family Guy, the show has turned in a bit of a different direction. has slept with other men during the marriage (Clinton among them), . Even when they've built towards a big moment (Stewie Kills Lois , death and just have them back together by the end of the episode.

You forget, I'm the one holding the gun, Brian. And you're gonna do exactly as I say. You mind if I ask where we're going? You'll know soon enough, Brian. The world will know soon enough.

I'll be as big as I should have been when I was on American Idol. I don't mind not knowing What I'm headed for You can take me to the skies It's like being lost in heaven When I'm lost in your eyes Stewie, what the hell was that? Stewie, you shouldn't actually even be alive, you sniveling little creep. I hate you so much, I want to shoot you in your face. Yo, dawg, I gotta tell you, for me, man, that was not even half good, dude. What are you doing, Stewie? I don't even care.

They don't know what they's talking about. Next time they hear about me, they's gonna be, like, "We was wrong about Stewie. I's gonna be bigger than every one of all y'alls. Hey, you know what we should do, guys, - while we're here tied up like this? We should come up with a totally bogus rumor about a celebrity. And then when we get out of here, we'll spread it around as much as we can. Hey, did you guys hear about Rob Schneider?

Somebody told me he goes down to Home Depot and pays the migrant workers to go to his house and choke him while he masturbates in the shower. I could buy that. That sounds like something he'd do. Well, I think that's awful that Rob Schneider does that.

Yeah, isn't that a disgusting, absolute fact? We're starting a rumor! Chris, are you clapping? You've realized, we've been sitting here for 14 hours. Well, get pissy if you want, Mom.

I've enjoyed the time we've had as a family. What did you do?


That's because you yelled! No, you shot the gun first. That's why I yelled! There's gotta be some clue in here that'll tell us where Stewie might have gone. Look at all this cool stuff!

Guess it doesn't do anything. Well, that seems odd. What does this do? Admiral, there be whales here! All right, pull in here.

What the hell are we doing here? You'll need CIA credentials, Brian. What do you want your alias to be? What are you talking about? I'm not gonna - Pick a name for yourself! I used to have a Willem Dafoe living under my bed. Hey, you asleep yet? What exactly are you looking for? According to my schematics, it should be right in here. Peter goes on trial for Lois' murder.

Carter falsely testifies against Peter, and Peter is close to receiving life in prison. However, Lois suddenly appears in the courtroom and reveals that Stewie, not Peter, tried to kill her. Everyone is in disbelief that Stewie would try to murder Lois, but she insists that he is evil, and explains what happened.

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After falling overboard, she was rescued by a merman. Having developed retrograde amnesiashe starts working at a fat camp in North Carolina. While in a diner, she meets a new boyfriend, who turns out to be a white supremacist. While at a white supremacist rally, she takes a blow to the head and regains her memory, at which point she returns to Quahog.

As Lois explains her miraculous return, Stewie escapes. He ties up his family when they return home, and he kills Cleveland when he visits. He kidnaps Brian and forces him to drive him to the CIAwhere he gains access to a supercomputer and takes control of the global power grid. Upon his rise to power, Stewie implements harsh, cruel and unusual laws and policies, creating concentration camps housing prisoners for unfair crimes.

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Lois, unable to stand idly by as her son terrorizes the world, decides to assassinate him. After taking weapons from Stewie's own weapons vault, she engages him in a destructive battle in the Oval Office. Lois eventually gains the upper hand and prepares to kill Stewie, but cannot bring herself to murder her own child. Stewie takes the opportunity to disarm her, but, before he can kill Lois, he is shot and killed by Peter. They mourn over Stewie's corpse. It is then revealed that what has happened was actually a computer simulation that Stewie created to see what would happen if he killed Lois.

Brian comes into the room with postcards from Peter and Lois on the cruise, which is going well for them and finds Stewie coming out of the device. Stewie explains what he was doing, causing Brian to wonder if a hypothetical external viewer of the simulation would feel cheated by what was ultimately a " dream sequence ", but Stewie argues that a computer simulation is totally different.

Stewie then claims that he is not yet ready to kill Lois or take over the world, until the right time. Brian tells Stewie that hypothetical viewers would be angered by the simulation, while Stewie counters by saying that at least the simulation didn't end like The Sopranoswhere it just cut to black mid-sentence.

As Stewie is saying this, the scene cuts to black mid-sentence. They are the fourth and fifth episodes of the sixth season of the show. Before the airing of the episode, a th episode tribute specialhosted by MacFarlane, aired on Fox. The special showcases various clips of MacFarlane's favorite moments from the last 99 episodes of the show.

Future showrunner Mark Hentemann also made some appearances. Peter and Lois watch the sunset; Lois noting that she feels like Kate Winslet 's character in Titanicbut Peter believes that she was portrayed by Philip Seymour Hoffman. Goodman had wanted to use the cliffhanger music from "The Best of Both Worlds" if they ever got up to episodes of Family Guy.

Paramount wouldn't give them the rights, however, so composer Ron Joneswho wrote the music for "The Best of Both Worlds" and several other episodes of Star Trek: The Next Generation, wrote and recorded the music heard in the episode.

The episode concludes with a reference to The Sopranos as the screen blacks out on Stewie criticizing the series' finale. The Kool-Aid Man then slowly backs out of the hole in the wall in embarrassment.