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This insecurity stems from that lack of trust in people caused by lack of support from Then, we use that same term to describe the relationships most important to us, which if Frolaytia Capistrano (Heavy Object) 4. Quenser Barbotage (クウェンサー=バーボタージュ, Kuensā Bābotāju) is a member of the Legitimacy Kingdom's 37th Mobile Maintenance Battalion and a trainee as a mechanic of Objects, aspiring to be an Object designer. Quenser and Heivia were the very first people to. Looking for information about Frolaytia Capistrano - Character ()? AniDB is the right place for you. AniDB is a not-for-profit anime.

Finally, each Object has a heavy arsenal of weapons that ranges from impressive railguns, laser beam cannons, plasma weapons, and technology that far surpasses our own in the real world. In retrospect, the show does a neat job to cover the mechanics of the Objects and why they have such reputations. And in a story of sci-fi warfare, that needs to be. On a more personal or relationship level, the show is a bit of a hit or miss. In particular, Qwenthur is a character that is hard to get attached to.

He is a daredevil but also very dense when it comes to the feelings of some characters, in particular Milinida. At various points during this show, he gets unintentionally caught in misunderstandings that comically puts himself and others in danger.

He invokes the wrath of the girls without knowing with his poor choice of words. On the other hand, Qwenthur and Havia has a pretty amusing relationship. Their on screen moments shows that they act more like brothers than comrades.

Their reckless tactics often requires teamwork and strategic timings so the show emphasizes on their trusting connection. This easily shows that they respect each other while also getting the job done and is one of the key reasons that they are able to survive so many times.

Furthermore, the boys often help out Milinida when she is in danger while putting their own lives at risk.

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On some of the more negative note, Heavy Object relies far too much on its comedy at times. The sex jokes are pretty evident that quickly gets repetitive. From tight pilot suits to pole dancing, the show tries to pull out every trick from the book.

And speaking of main characters, Milinida is a girl that I think people will find hard to relate or like. At times, she is even used in story as a fan service object. After the promotional videos, it became fairly obvious that J. C Staff would also participate with animating the main series.

And because the nature of the original character designs, except to see some similarities. On the positive side, the studio put a good amount of effort to make Objects look like a legitimate threat. I already mentioned their combat features and the show does a well job in crafting them in physical form. This is also demonstrated in the sheer force of fighting power they show on the battlefield.

Indeed, the action is solid and fairly well coordinated with its stylized choreography. Character designs are also inspired with military outfits depending on the battle environment. The pilot outfits are also noticeable especially in the case of Milinda. The awkward timings that usually focus on the girls can sometimes feel humorously uncomforting. Despite that, artwork is decent in general ranging from the impressive Object designs and battlefield landscapes.

Depending on your perspective, the music and soundtrack of the show may or may not stand out. There are two OP theme songs although the first one has a more lyrical beat than the second. The character voice mannerisms are what I depict as fair. Sometimes though, it makes them look like fools in the face of danger.

Any fan who is familiar with Shizuka Itou will recognize her voice right away and she seems to carry on her role when stepping in the shoes of the commander. Yeah, you get the idea.

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Religion and politics is also a very large topic and theme that Miyazaki delves into. Very controversial stuff that makes you wonder just what exactly is Hayao Miyazaki trying to say here? Nausicaa is a very religious and morally incorruptible figurehead who basically saves the world, humans and animals alike. The people and animals in the manga worship her as a savior and the political leaders view her as a threat, but they eventually learn that she is graceful beyond human comprehension.

Is Miyazaki trying to tell us that the world needs religion and a messiah in order for it to be saved? Or maybe does it just need a strong leader that can inspire people?

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Whatever the case may be it would seem that Miyazaki is much in favor of a socialist world where in which the people are in charge of their own lives. Nausicaa and Kushana are both great inspirational leaders, but they refuse to take long lasting charge of their own populace.

They consider themselves equal to everyone and they never believe for a second that they are superior. In fact that is how the manga ends, the world at peace and saved but also left without a ruler. Nature versus nurture is also a subject very much discussed within the story.

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Miyazaki never really takes a stance for one side but rather finds an equal balance between the two which in turn also shows his views on just how precious life in general is. One also must ask himself whether Miyazaki was partly inspired by Shakespeare caricatures when he wrote Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind. I would hate to spoil anything but story elements such as brother killing brother to gain power hamlet and mad king paranoid of his own children King Lear all make an appearance.

The Torumekian King actually has three sons and one daughter which is very similar to the tragedy of King Lear where in which Lear has three daughters and one son. It could just be a coincidence, but it is still hard not to notice these similarities. Actually the Torumekian King by the end of the story gets a sort of redemption just like Lear does and he even walks around with his own personal fool who kind of acts like his crazy adviser…actually forget what I said, this can no longer be a coincidence.

This is definitely a parallel and homage to the tragedy of King Lear.

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Nausicaa and Kushana as described previously are head strong religious and political leaders. Nausicaa can definitely be related to a messiah figures such as Jesus or Buddha but with her own unique personality and moral qualities. Bravery, unwavering in the face of challenges, loving, caring, motherly, and selflessness are all qualities Nausicaa develops throughout the plot and it is fascinating to read. Kushana on the other hand is noble and honorable when dealing with her own people.

She exhibits many signs that make her great political leader of men but she is also vengeful, vengeful towards her father and brothers who constantly fight over power. Her gaining that experience towards the becoming of a better person is the reason why she is the most interesting character in the manga. There are also many other interesting sub characters that help Nausicaa on her journey, the prime example being her mentor called Master Yupa. The roles of the many characters within the story are very well handled and defined.

The biggest flaw in this manga is the drop in a specific character trait found in Nausicaa, being her uncontrollable rage and battle prowess shown in the first volume. It is as if Miyazaki completely forgot about it and never spoke of it again.

She always does the right choice and violence is never an option she comes across or even thinks about. She always rejects it completely and chooses the non violent method. No display what so ever of inner turmoil about the use of violence. Why bring up that character trait if it is never going to be seen or read of again?