George michael andrew ridgeley relationship

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george michael andrew ridgeley relationship

Former Wham! star Andrew Ridgeley has told of how he reacted when he heard about George Michael's death. Michael died on Christmas Day. Wham! star Andrew Ridgeley, who lives in Cornwall, has spoken at length about his devastation a year on from bandmate George Michael's. George Michael and Andrew Ridgeley GETTY. Andrew “Keren had had a long- term relationship throughout her pop career. I'd been through.

So Andrew and I just had a laugh. George said there was a 'certain childishness' about Wham' Image: Rex "I was smart musically but at the same time there was a certain childishness about it all - and that's what made the records so good. There were about 18 months when it was pure joy - the realisation of dreams. All these things that I had dreamed about, like having a lot of probably quite useless sex.

I was years-old and my dreams were coming true. There's a window in there where I was blissfully happy.

george michael andrew ridgeley relationship

It is different for Andrew. Because he didn't write the songs, Andrew's contribution to the top British act of the Eighties has always been criminally underestimated.

Away from the cameras, George wasn't really like that. But Andrew was exactly like that. Andrew was breezy and charming apparently Image: Redferns Andrew's personality gave introverted, insecure George a chance to swagger and strut. And George's talent gave Andrew a career, a career that he has now rejected for a quiet life in the west country. Andrew with Keren Woodward of Banarama Image: Rex "Andrew was my best mate from the age of 12 until just before the end of the group.

george michael andrew ridgeley relationship

To be honest, Andrew's relationship to the past is different from mine. He has taken a severe beating from the press because my career has stayed so high profile. I'm not saying he blames me in any way but it has pushed him away from the past.

He wants nothing more to do with the music industry.

george michael andrew ridgeley relationship

He doesn't want to hear about it. He doesn't want to talk about it.

'Lots of useless sex': George Michael on the 'pure joy' of his Wham! days

And it's my life. There's no strain or rift between us but we don't see each other because he lives in Cornwall and he wants to move on. But I feel more affection for Wham!

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Police said there are no suspicious circumstances and his publicist revealed he died of 'heart failure'. His heartthrob status was cemented during his Wham! In it, he reveals he only had three girlfriends before coming out, why it took a tragedy for him to tell his mum and dad he was gay, that the spectre of Aids stopped him sleeping with women, and why he never fancied his straight Wham!

George was 29 when he came out to his parents. Yet his mother Lesley's fears that her only son might have inherited a "gay gene" overshadowed his childhood in North London. Her brother Colin - who was suspected of being homosexual - had committed suicide. So there were very pointed areas where she let my dad be - supposedly protectively - homophobic.

You know, in case I caught something. In case I caught gay.

george michael andrew ridgeley relationship

But my mother was afraid of my father's judgment of me. I also now realise she was afraid that if the 'gene' was in me it would turn out the same way for me as it had for Colin. I don't know if that was a decision on her part or whether she just plucked up the courage. They'd both put their heads in the gas oven. And, lucky old Mum, she found both of them.

'Lots of useless sex': George Michael on the 'pure joy' of his Wham! days - Mirror Online

And in the last 20 years of her life, I don't think we had a cross word actually. He died of an Aids-related brain haemorrhage in George has said of that time: It was possibly the loneliest time of my life.

It was the easiest thing that should have been the most difficult.

george michael andrew ridgeley relationship

But he also took male lovers. Then, at the height of his fame, he became so terrified of Aids that his love life became, in his words, "rubbish". But then the HIV thing happened and I couldn't sleep with a woman without telling her that I'd slept with a man.