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gibbs tony relationship

As Michael Weatherly prepares to leave "NCIS," here's an ode to DiNozzo's relationship with his surrogate father, Agent Gibbs. Tony greatly respects Gibbs and claims to have a mentor/protégé or father/son type relationship with him. Five times someone thinks Tony and Gibbs are dating, and the one time their boss, their relationship really was nothing like she had thought.

You know I can talk fast and a lot and for once just let me talk. I'm so tired and I don't want to do the sparring thing. I just want to go to bed but I can't. My apartment is flooded. And two weeks ago it wouldn't have mattered. Over half my stuff is at your place anyway. I would have gone to your house, crawled into your bed, and gone to sleep. And later you would have come up smelling like sawdust and kissed me awake just to say goodnight.

The flood would barely have mattered.

  • ‘NCIS’: An ode to Agent DiNozzo’s surrogate father, Agent Gibbs
  • Anthony DiNozzo

Your bed is comfy, you're in it, my DVD player and most of my movies are in your basement. But now… I'm so tired. I can't sleep in the same bed where you rolled over and told me you were done. Even I have never dumped someone at one in the morning after screwing them blind while they were still basking in the afterglow. I could barely move and I was getting kicked out. Tony, I told you-" "Shut up, Jethro, please.

gibbs tony relationship

You told me I was pretty and I said girls are pretty and you said, you're right, Tony, you're not pretty you're gorgeous. You told me rule number twelve you then told me to ignore rule number twelve. You told me you didn't do casual. You told me you didn't care that I hadn't been with any men, that my inexperience was a turn on. You told me you loved me.

Anthony DiNozzo - Wikipedia

You told me that you were never the one who left, never the one who called it quits. So which lie would you like to tell me again? I remember every single one. Could tell you that apologizing is a sign of weakness.

gibbs tony relationship

But right now, I think you are pretty weak. And I think I deserve an apology. Because for the first time in my life I found a job I could stick to for more than two years.

I found a team I worked with. I had a great boss and a pretty great life. And so what if my boss made me hot? There was rule number twelve and I could ignore a crush for a job this great. You screwed up the minute you seduced me. And now all I can do is work and be super cheerful because if I stop for a minute I'm going to break. You made my pretty great life into an awesome life and now I'm the guy pulling off to the side of the road because REO Speedwagon comes on the radio and I'm almost weeping.

And for all the work I've done I haven't gotten one, 'Good job, DiNozzo,' or eye contact, or even a head slap. You told me you wanted it all. So I gave it all to you. I brought my DVD player to your house, Jethro. I learned how to sand, and carve, and hammer for you.

And I'm not a great cook, I know that. And you ate it all and said it was delicious. I even pretended to still chase women because you said you didn't want people to know.

I gave you everything and you didn't even tell Ducky about us. Not Ducky though, not your best friend. All my frat brothers are waiting on their invitations to a secret gay wedding in Canada and thrilled that DiNozzo has finally joined the adult world and gotten himself in a healthy relationship even if it is a queer relationship.

gibbs tony relationship

And I accepted that you didn't tell Ducky. Every relationship has one small flaw. And really it didn't hurt that bad. You didn't want him to know about me and that sucked but I was happy because, whether or not he knew it, I had you.

You gave me words and touches and I accepted them as the crown jewels because you gave them to me and it was more than enough. But rule number seven says that when you lie you've got to be specific. So I don't know how much of it was real and I broke number eight because I took it for granted that you were telling me the truth.

Half my stuff is in a place I can't go and the other half is ruined in a flood and I can't even come up with a movie reference for it. So if you won't look me in the eye, or give me a head slap, then at least put me up for a transfer. I've been the body in your bed for over a year it's the least you can do.

But I don't even know how to. I don't even know why this happened because you didn't give me an explanation: I'm not Shannon, my everything wasn't good enough, my everything was too much, or maybe you were just done with me.

Jethro Gibbs/Tony DiNozzo

So figure it out on your own. Maybe this was the reason that all Jethro's marriages had failed, he was a lot less interested in his wives than they would have liked. He shook his head of the strange thoughts that had crept up on him, it was madness to even think about it.

Nobody was that loyal without a reason, or a reward, what was it Abby called him, Gibb's loyal Saint Bernard. Ziva wanted to know what his motivation was, she hadn't been able to find out when she had been compiling the dossiers for Ari, but now she was on the team she had more of a chance to study him. She had been with the team a few years now and yet she was still no closer to finding out why Tony was so loyal to Gibbs.

Even when Gibbs had run off to Mexico and left Tony to run the team the man wouldn't hear anything bad said against the man. Ziva wanted that loyalty for herself but she had no idea how to turn his loyalty to her, she had even tried seducing him which hadn't worked.

She looked up from her desk as Gibbs walked by Tony following behind him at a lazy pace, "On your six Boss" spilling from his lips as he grabbed his bag. Tony was staring at Gibbs as he walked behind him, not even attempting to lengthen his stride to catch up with, instead taking his time and staring right at Gibbs' behind.

Ziva had to be imagining it, had she really just seen Tony staring at Gibbs' ass, surely not. He must be gearing up to make her the ass of one his jokes, he couldn't have been as suicidal as to stare at Gibbs that way. It could explain why he was so loyal though, and why he had not fallen for her seduction.

Later when Tony returned she watched him carefully, but found nothing out of the ordinary until she realised that she was missing her favourite knife. Finding that Tony had hidden it she realised that he had been trying to make her thoughts focus on other things so that she wouldn't notice his thievery. His flirting with the girl from accounts when she came to drop off some paperwork solidified her thinking, there was nothing going on between Tony and Gibbs, he was too much of a playboy for that.

Splitting up Gibbs' team to hunt for the mole was the best option he had; he hadn't expected such a problem as a result though. Having terminated the liaison post meant that Ziva had returned home to her father, McGee was in Cybercrimes somewhere he would thrive, and as for DiNozzo, well a stint as Agent Afloat where he couldn't distract other agents was just what he needed. Gibbs had been relentless though in trying to reform his team, petitioning him, or rather yelling at him almost daily.

In the end he had relented and allowed him to have both McGee and David back, thinking that would calm the man and allow him to get on with more important things. That wasn't the case though; he was continuing to insist that DiNozzo be reassigned back to DC and his team. Leon had thought that the man would be grateful for the break, the peace from the constant movie quotes or the incessant flirting the other man did, but apparently not.

When DiNozzo had returned Gibbs had calmed down, and gotten back to being his regular self instead of both B's in his name standing for bastard. Watching the team from the walkway he was surprised to notice DiNozzo and Gibbs off to the side in quiet conversation, DiNozzo seems to be almost leaning into Gibbs' personal space, and Gibbs didn't seem to have a problem with it surprisingly.

The spoke for a few more minutes before rejoining the team, a little confused Leon retreated to his office resolving to keep an eye on the situation, they were a little too close for colleagues in his opinion. When HR alerted him to DiNozzo's change of address being listed as Gibbs' house he pursed his lips and asked for Gibbs to be sent to him. The excuse of DiNozzo having sublet his apartment seemed genuine, and he wasn't about to accuse Gibbs of being a relationship with a subordinate without proof, but he would definitely be watching for any impropriety between them.

gibbs tony relationship

He had just picked up an envelope that was on his desk, Ziva having picked up an identical one, already reaching for one of her knifes to open it.

Turning to his own envelope to do the same he was distracted by Abby rushing into the bullpen. Have you read it yet?

gibbs tony relationship

Ziva let out a small gasp as she read whatever was in the envelope, she turned to Abby.