Goals for our relationship with god

10 Relationship Goals Every Christian Should Have

goals for our relationship with god

Because goals are the map that will guide you toward your God-given purpose, It's part of having a dynamic, collaborative and exciting relationship with Him. If you are entertaining toxic, stale, or even dead relationships just for the sake of being in a relationship, you are only allowing someone to fill a space that God. Real relationships start and end with putting the other person first. Romance ( the way God designed it to be) is being in love with someone.

Many of my goals revolve around my family.

goals for our relationship with god

They are tailored to the unique personality and passions of my wife and children. Josiah is the biggest football fan, so he got in on the goal of going to the Super Bowl. My daughter, Summer, is a gifted swimmer, so I thought swimming the Escape from Alcatraz, a 1.

One of the most important life goals on my list is creating a discipleship covenant for my sons. When Parker turned twelve, I had circled his birthday in prayer. I spent months praying and planning a discipleship covenant with three components: The physical challenge was training for and completing a sprint triathlon. The intellectual challenge was reading a dozen books together.

The spiritual challenge included reading through the New Testament, identifying our core values, and putting together his first life goal list. At the end of that year, we celebrated the completion of the covenant by going after a life goal on both of our lists: Those two days will forever rank as two of the most challenging and fulfilling days of my life. We made the I lost thirteen pounds in two days! The first thing we did was get a vanilla ice cream cone at the concession stand.

Then we just stood on the rim looking back at the trail we had traversed.

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No one can take that moment or that memory from us. Celebrate along the Way When you accomplish a goal, celebrate it. When God answers a prayer, throw a party. We should celebrate with the same intensity with which we pray.

One of my favorite Hebrew words is ebenezer. You need to find a unique way to celebrate it and commemorate it. Whenever I write a new book, for example, our family celebrates with a special meal on the day the book is released. And I get to choose the restaurant! Setting goals is the way you turn imaginations into memories, and once you do, you need to celebrate them. Dream Big Your life goal list will include goals that are big and small.

It will include goals that are short-term and long-term. But I have one piece of advice: You need some God-sized goals that qualify as crazy. One of my crazy goals is to make a movie. I have no idea how this goal will be accomplished. I have no idea how it will happen, but this motivation traces all the way back to one of my earliest memories.

Somehow God used the medium of a movie to save my soul.

goals for our relationship with god

Think Long Most of us overestimate what we can accomplish in two years, but we underestimate what we can accomplish in ten years. If we want to dream big, we need to think long.

Big dreams often translate into long goals.

5 Ways to Improve Your Relationship With God

And Lora and I want to lead the way with one of our long goals: If you want to dream until the day you die, you need to set goals that take a lifetime to achieve. Pray Hard Goal setting begins and ends with prayer. God-ordained goals are conceived in the context of prayer, and prayer is what brings them to full term. You need to keep circling your goals in prayer, like the Israelites circled Jericho.

goals for our relationship with god

As you circle your goals, it not only creates God-ordained opportunities; it also helps us recognize God-ordained opportunities by sanctifying our reticular activating system. God knows the dreams that you have and the things you want to accomplish in life, so bring them before Him!

Join the conversation on our blog! We want to hear from you about setting God-ordained life goals! Basically, that is the mindset behind the relationship goals agenda.

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I realized that real, lasting, meaningful relationships are not based on how cute or adorable you look in your Facebook pictures.

Real relationships start and end with putting the other person first. Romance is not hugging and kissing and being affectionate with someone who says they love you.

God does not put unrealistic expectations on us and neither should we put unrealistic expectations on our relationships or ourselves. Real Relationship Goals 1: Reading and Praying Together— Every godly couple who are seeking to pursue a relationship together the way God intended should be continually encouraging one another in the Word and in Prayer.

goals for our relationship with god

Pushing each other closer to the Lord is the most selfless thing you could do for each other. For instance, if you enter into a relationship thinking that it will fix all of your problems, loneliness, depression, emptiness, worry, lack of security, ect. People who date just because they like each other are just fooling themselves.

That means you are contributing to the relationship. A real man and a real woman will stay away from having relationships with people they do not foresee having a marriage with.

They save their hearts, minds, and bodies for the one special person who God will reveal to them at the right time for the right reason. God loves it when marriage is more important than looking good or having fun. Write Each Other Love Letters- Not only is this sweet and endearing, it really forces you to think about things to say to your love.

It forces you to really search your heart to think deeply about this other person and what they really mean to you. So it really helps you filter through what you get to say to the person you love. It will bring you so much closer! Strong Communication Skills- So, this one is tricky. You can take this point 2 ways: Married people can confirm what I am about to say.

10 Real “Relationship Goals” Everyone Should Have

No matter how close you are, you both will always be needing to work on communication. This goes along with being yourself. If one of you prefers to stay home instead of going on a date, tell them.

goals for our relationship with god

You should be able to be yourself, laugh, talk, love each other through awkward times, fun times, sad times, and difficult times. Strive to encourage, help and support each other, this helps you acquire trust and establishes a beautiful friendship built to last.