Goodbye lenin ending relationship

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goodbye lenin ending relationship

When Goodbye Lenin begins, year-old Alex and his sister, Ariane, are living with the family celebration of Christiane's birthday and ends just after Alex and What does the sequence tell you about Alex's relationship with his mother. manage to explain away every glimpse of the western world that Christiana catches. Leaving her in ignorant bliss right up until the very end. Goodbye Lenin. Good Bye, Lenin! is a German tragicomedy film, directed by Wolfgang Becker. The cast Alex's father abandoned the family and fled to the West in ; his mother filled the void left by her marriage by joining the Socialist Unity Party.

Military vehicles with large metal plates on the front arrive and push the protesters back. Alex tries to get the girl's name but she gets taken away before she can tell him. As some protesters break through the police line the police turn violent.

The woman observes protesters being treated violently and beaten and then notices that Alex is being taken away by the police Martin Brambach. She faints and Alex rushes to help her, revealing that the woman is his mother. The police regain control of him and take him away in a truck.

In a prison, the protesters stand in lines with their hands on their heads. One guard Michael Gerber approaches Alex and removes him from the line. He hands him a piece of paper about his mother. Alex leaves and catches a train to the hospital. His sister is already there and explains that their mother had a heart attack.

The doctor steps in and tells him she's in a coma and that they don't know if she will ever wake up again. Alex goes into her hospital room where she is hooked up to various machines that keep her alive. He tries to get her to wake up but the voiceover explains that she kept on sleeping.

goodbye lenin ending relationship

At his TV repair job Alex watches the news as they discuss the resignation of Erich Honecker Himself for health reasons. As Alex takes down a poster of Honecker and leaves it outside in the rain, the voiceover says that Mrs. Kerner's sleep kept her in the dark during the resignation of Honecker, protests in West Germany euphemistically called a classical concertand the tearing down of the Wall a recycling campaign.

With his mother still in a coma, Alex takes his first outing to the West. She misses the first free elections, her daughter Ariane quitting college and starting work at Burger King, Ariane's manager and boyfriend moving in with her, the subsequent westernization of the apartment, the arrival of Lara Chulpan Khamatovathe girl who had kept Alex from choking at the protest, now a nurse at the hospital, the triumph of capitalism a tiny group of guards is shown doing military maneuvers in front of a museum while a car branded with Coca-Cola drives by in the foreground and then a giant Coca Cola truck blocks them entirely from viewand Alex's regular visits to the hospital at strategic times made to coincide with Lara's works shifts.

As she sleeps, Alex talks to her about Lara. In her sleep she also misses working-class job loss, including the TV repair business Alex works at. Alex gets a job as what's described a part of a reunification crew selling satellite TV. With his new job occupying his time, he leaves a tape with his voice on it to talk to his mother. Believing that the doctors and Lara will not be there when it plays, he mentions his like of Lara, who is in the room tending to his mother.

Soon he is dating Lara and they go to a club together. After, Lara remarks that it's too bad Alex's mother is missing the transformation of Berlin. Alex doesn't think so because what she believed in had toppled in a moment. She asks about his father and Alex says that he was a doctor who escaped to the West and that they never heard from him again.

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At one apartment complex, Alex and his partner leave having installed ten new satellites. Afterwards, they go back to his apartment, where Denis shows Alex his family and wedding film business videos. Explaining his ambition to one day make feature films, he shows Alex that he has edited a wedding video to match the famous bone and spaceship match-cut from In a voiceover, Alex explains the by June the border separating East Germany was meaningless. One day while visiting his mother Alex and Lara begin to kiss.

As they do, Alex's mother wakes up from her coma. Doctor Wagner Eberhard Kirchberg explains that even though she's woken from her coma, her life is still in danger as she could have memory loss, amnesia, or other conditions.

He tells Alex and Ariane that she may not survive the next weeks. They are not allowed to take her home because any sort of excitement could lead to another heart attack. Alex tells the doctor that he thinks the newspaper discussing German reunification would be too exciting to her.

goodbye lenin ending relationship

Kerner is visited by her children. Ariane shows her mother her new granddaughter and Alex tells her that she had a heart attack because of a long line at the store on a hot day. As they leave the hospital Alex resolves to bring his mother home because of how easy it would be for her to find out about the fall of the Wall in the hospital. Back at home he surveys what's too new at the apartment and has to be replaced with the old.

Denis and Alex remodel the room, resetting it to a condition from before the fall of the Wall. Alex purposefully breaks the radio antenna off. Alex returns to the hospital where a new doctor replaces the old doctor, who has moved to the West. Alex points out that many people are leaving their jobs to enjoy the new richer life in the West, and how long would Mewes himself stay at his job?

On the ride home, Alex asks the ambulance driver Arndt Schwering-Sohnrey and nurse Dirk Prinz to turn down the radio because its talking about East Germans exchanging their currency for Western currency. They bring her in on a stretcher and Alex tries to avoid his mother's old friend, now Westernized in dress. Upon arrival, his mother remarks that it seems like nothing has changed. Alex offers tapes for her to listen to, saying that the radio is broken.

As Alex leaves to go shopping, his mother requests some Spreewald pickles and Alex agrees to get some for her. In voiceover, Alex explains that by JulyEast German stores were emptied and real money was coming in from the West.

The Deutschmark was double the rate of Eastern currency and the corner store no longer carried the traditional Eastern foods such as the pickles his mother had requested.

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Alex buys a different kind of pickle and pulls jars out of the garbage, disinfects them, and relabels them. He puts the new goods he bought into the old, relabeled jars.

In an effort to gain power of attorney, Alex and Ariane find out that their mother didn't keep all her money in the bank. She hid it, but she can't remember where. She then lapses, remarking that her husband is running late in getting home.

An upstairs neighbor, Ganske, turns on his television and the sound carries down into the room. Their mother is surprised that he watches Western TV. With everyone leaving for the West, Alex and Lara find it easy to secure an apartment, as they just have to breat in it, and there will be nobody to claim it from them.

goodbye lenin ending relationship

Lara is enthusiastic about the working phone the apartment has while Alex is happy to find the old East German foods he's been looking for. They spend the night together and Alex leaves in the morning for work. He stops by his house first and his mother asks about TV again. At work he asks Denis what to do about the TV situation.

Good Bye Lenin - Alex trifft sein Vater!

Denis suggests showing old news programs on video. Meanwhile, Germany enters the finals in soccer. In a voiceover, Alex says that soccer helped reunify the country. At a marketplace he buys a whole series of old East German newspapers from a weirdly-looking man Mennan Yapo. She sees all her neighbors' old furniture piled up in the street, new West German cars for sale in a lot next door, advertisements for Western corporations, and a statue of Lenin being flown away by a helicopter.

Alex and Ariane quickly take her home and show her a fake newscast explaining East Germany is now accepting refugees from the West following a severe economic crisis there. Soon after, the family goes to inspect their dacha in the countryside at Christiane's suggestion. While they are there, Christiane reveals her own secret: Her husband had fled because his refusal to join the ruling party had made his life and job increasingly difficult, and the plan had been for the rest of the family to join him.

Christiane, fearing the government would take Alex and Ariane away from her if things went wrong, chose to stay. Contrary to what she told her children, their father wrote many letters to them, which she hid away. As she regrets the decision and declares her wish that she could see her husband one last time to make amends, Christiane relapses and is taken back to the hospital. Alex meets his father, Robert, who has remarried, has two children with his new wife, and now lives in West Berlin. He convinces him to see Christiane one last time, stating he should say he was moved to return East to see his dying wife.

However, Christiane already knows the truth Lara tried to convince her about the real political developments earlier the same day. His girlfriend Lara Chulpan Khamatovawhom he fell for while she was nursing his mother at the hospital, begins to see the relationship between her boyfriend and her ex-patient as abundantly creepy.

Rainer is given a background story. Coke was actually a socialist invention stolen by the West; the West Berliners are actually breaking down the Wall to come to East Berlin, and they are graciously being granted asylum.

goodbye lenin ending relationship

He is refused at the window by the bank manager; not only has the deadline passed, they never would have accepted all of that cash anyway. Alex makes a scene. Ariane, between commercialism, Burger King, and Rainer, takes to Western culture with a will.

Alex is dissatisfied with East Germany while it held sway. And Christiane spends a significant portion of the film trying to convince Alex to let her leave her sickroom for outings which, as her self-appointed warden, he refuses to do. When she does escape that room, she sees a statue of Lenin being carried away via helicopter.

Fearing that she would be caught and her children taken from her, Christiane got cold feet.

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She stayed in East Germany. To maintain the story that their father abandoned them, Christiane hid, unopened, the letters that he wrote the family. This kicks off a short subplot which could have been a movie unto itself, where Ariane — who spotted him in a car with his two new kids in the drive-thru at Burger King — tears the apartment apart searching for his letters, and Alex actually seeks out his father and visits him at home.