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List of Grace Under Fire episodes The list of episodes of the American sitcom Grace Under Fire. Grace tries to break-up, but he admits that he is in love. Grace Under Fire is a television martial arts period drama produced by TVB. Wong's. Grace Under Fire is an American sitcom that aired on ABC from September 29, In season three, Grace entered into a relationship with suave plant executive Rick The remainder of season four featured Grace as a full-time student, and towards the end of the .. It premiered on 7 March on Hong Kong's TVB . Grace Under Fire: Review I really enjoyed watching the development in the relationship between Raymond and John during episodes

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Justice could not have been more satisfying if delivered in a court house with paper procedures, it cannot be possible. The audience knows this. Right before Yao Sam Shui met his death, you can tell he resorted back to his old self again. He became good again. He wanted to move on and believe in the good and trust again.

It was karma coming back around full force. Grace Under Fire had great fighting choreography and the filming angles were clear cut. There were some interesting fight sequences that had a lot of details and intricate movements as well as some that felt staged. You know how when you get hit in the knee and it naturally kicks back?

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I know it was staged but I could not help but notice how real it looked when his body convulses when four men were beating him to death yet his face expression still holds integrity. To be honest, I think this script did not really deserve such a great ensemble cast. I did like the concept and the overall plot, but when it comes to how those plot markers were executed, it was just basically the story telling you, okay one day Gwai Lan fell in love with Wong Fei Hong.

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No backstory to that, not much of a relationship development there. But this needs to happen in order for other things to take place. Like all TVB dramas, this is a very narrative one, nonetheless it is a good drama to watch.

He is easily defeated, Fei-hung however apologises to Ching-lung for his mistakes and advises Ching-lung to pick up more martial arts before coming back for revenge. Yuet-hang talks Kong in starting his life over, and suggests him to rebuild the Lui Gar martial arts school in order to compete with Fei-hung's Po Chi Lam.

Yuet-hang actually has his own agenda, like Lui Kong he hated Fei-hung and wanted Lui Kong to publicly humiliate him. While Lui Kong recovers and prepares to re-establish his school, Ching-lung is touched by Fei-hung's generosity and decides to become his student.

He develops a crush on Kwai-lan, and also wins the affections of Fa. Fei-hung is touched by Sam-shui's enthusiasm and agrees to teach him and Kwai-lan, but Ping is strongly against it. He believes they would become aggressive and domineering if they learned kung fu. Kwai-lan disagrees and argues that kung fu is for self-protection. Her unyielding determination overwhelms Ping, and Kwai-lan learns from him that she is the only descendant of the Mok Gar family fighting style.

As Kwai-lan's father died from a kung fu match, Ping does not want Kwai-lan to meet the same fate. Fei-hung sees a lot of potential in Kwai-lan and convinces Ping to teach her the styles of Mok Gar. Ping finally agrees, simultaneously allowing Sam-shui to become Fei-hung's student. Sam-shui, now proud and egotistical, begins abusing his newfound martial arts skill.

This led to his involvement in a drunken brawl, and the death of Fei-hung's second son Wong Hon-yip Raymond Wong Ho-yin. Initially charged with murder and to be executed, Fei-hung eventually realizes his son had been murdered by someone else and rescues him, but their friendship was forever ruined.

Now hardened by life in prison, plagued by a prison record, jealous of Fa's love for Ching-lung and constantly looked down upon by the powerful, Sam-shui abandons martial arts and Fei-hung's ideals, instead striving to place himself in power first by becoming the increasingly powerful Lui Kong's head disciple.

Ching-lung and Fa had left Guangzhou in their efforts to find Lui Kong, and Fa was doing it only partially because she hoped to stay with Ching-lung and keep him away from Kwai-lan, who she knows Ching-lung had fallen for.

When Kwai-lan unexpectedly visits them, she confesses to Fa she had actually fallen for someone, and Fa encourages her to go back to Guangzhou and admit her feelings while she and Ching-lung continued their search for his father. Kwai-lan does so, but not before telling Ching-lung that his father was actually still in Guangzhou. Both Kwai-lan and Ching-lung return to Guangzhou while a devastated Fa, rejected by Ching-lung, leaves by herself.

Kwai-lan not only helps Fei-hung in facing Kong's duel challenge, she also saves Po Chi Lam from collapsing. The two begin to fall in love, and Kwai-lan, being forty years younger than Fei-hung, marries him despite Ping's objections. Their happiness does not last long.

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Fei-hung, weak from an injury, is defeated from a duel against Kong and loses his title as Guangzhou's number one martial artist.

Ching-lung, disgusted by his father's influence and still close to Fei-hung and Kwai-lan, chooses to stay in Po Chi Lam and allows Sam-shui to take his place in Lui Gar school.

As he watches Yuet-hang and Kong's corrupted governance over Guangzhou, Fei-hung falls fatally ill. Before he dies, Fei-hung teaches all his knowledge of medicine and martial arts to Kwai-lan. For more power, Sam-shui grows closer to Yuet-hang's office dealings and soon meet with one of Yuet-hang's strongest allies: When Kazuo visits Guangzhou, he brings with him Fa, the woman he had fallen in love with.

The match seemed to meet all of Fa's hopes for a relationship, for Kazuo had wealth and prestigue, and soon Fa becomes one of the most public and influential women in town. Partially seeing her as an example and because he knew Fa would not give him any favors, Sam-shui marries Yuet-hang's daughter Shuet-kiu Kaki Leung and also becomes a spy for Kazuo.

Soon Sam-shui gains control of all of Yuet-hang's business and political jobs, later becoming the co-mayor of Guangzhou. The Japanese merchants and fighters gain control of Guangzhou's economy and martial arts schools, forcing Po Chi Lam out of business. With his power secured and his enemies weak, Sam-shui starts to threaten and control Yuet-hang's family from the shadows. Kazuo, who had been blackmailed by Yuet-hang, was more than happy to help him.

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