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The case was a sort of incidental, as most of the episode was concerned with inching forward the relationship status of Nick (David Giuntoli). For the uninitiated, Grimm follows Nick Burkhardt, a Portland homicide detective. . Can you talk a little bit about the relationship with NBC?. 24 episode of NBC's Grimm — titled "Wild Hunt" — finds the city of "The proposal itself is a great, quirky moment and Silas and Bree did a which is essentially the Grimm version of an interracial or same-sex marriage.

Life didn't always play fair and Nick was gracious enough to know he was the lucky one. Nick had been gone almost two weeks, miserable the whole time without the kids and Adalind. After returning, he told HW he was done for a month and not to call him, he would call them.

Nick's priorities were so different than when he first became a Grimm. Having such a precious life with his family, Nick learned to work smarter and pick his battles. Going off half cocked and carelessly risking his life would not protect his family. He would be there for his children unlike his own parents. His mother thought she had to leave him to protect him, but Nick understood from the perspective of a child how detrimental that was. No, Nick would not leave them fatherless, and being strategic with what risks he took is something he gleaned from Meisner's wisdom.

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For all those reasons, he was here enjoying a day at the park just watching their innocent play and Adalind's ecstatic smile as sunlight played in her pale hair. Something caught his attention as Kelly had a tussle with another child probably a year or two older who seemed aggressive.

The boy gave him a push and Kelly, being Kelly, was undaunted pushing back. When the other kid knocked Kelly down, Nick saw Diana flick a finger in the their direction and Kelly's attacker was also knocked to the ground. Rising from the park bench where he was sitting, Nick thought about intervening before things got out of hand when a woman approached the children.

She appeared to be the other boy's mother. The three of them were twenty-five or thirty feet away and the playground was loud with noise, but Nick could hear every word. There was a fine line between loving your child and spoiling them rotten, Nick observed. Oh boy, Nick thought as he started quickly in that direction. The apple didn't fall far from the tree, Nick thought as he saw the son point out a distracted Adalind with a devilish grin. As Adalind lifted her head, Nick stepped up right behind the other mother.

Hauling her son to her side with desperation, the woman started to back away. Nick dreaded the kind of grown man her son would make. She ran from him dragging her son as quickly as possible. With frustration, Nick pinched his fingers to the bridge of his nose then glanced up at Adalind. She gave him a sympathetic and knowing half smile. Nick decided they should call it a day, the peaceful moment was gone.

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Remembering she should be discussing Kelly's two year old birthday party which was only a couple of weeks away, Adalind looked over at Nick as they pulled into their garage. He had been scowling ever since they left the park during their five minute drive home, so she figured now wasn't a good time to talk about a party. Nick was out of sorts and so Adalind was uneasy. They silently walked into the house and the kids ran upstairs.

After the fiasco at the park and Nick having to Grimm-out in broad daylight, old doubts surfaced that she realized were never completely put to rest for her. Nick must regret today, Adalind thought. If he'd had a normal family and a normal life with Juliette, there would be a lot less of these outlandish moments in his life. I know you hate being the kind of Grimm who has to terrify Wesen and I wish you hadn't had to do that ," Adalind began in a sorrowful voice. Nick had been thoughtful and he remained quiet as he digested what she had just said.

The deep unresolved pain finally erupted from her, "I'm sorry you never got your normal family and life with Juliette. Things could have been so different for you. They would have been very different," he replied and two years of pain twisted her heart all at once.

Stop lying to both of us," Adalind for once just wanted it straight from him. Just let me have all the ugly stuff we've buried, she thought as she looked him in his beautiful green eyes with naked challenge. I'm seeing life in hindsight and realizing what I thought I always wanted would pale compared to what I have," Nick's statement rang true, but Adalind wasn't ready to hope. I remember finally breaking down to Rosalee about regretting everyday how I tricked you into sex.

Nick, I basically raped you. How is that better than the honesty you had with Juliette," she finished. She had finally said it to his face, laying bare the horrible truth. It was like a gift, a glimpse of something I was missing. That's why when I found out it was you, I couldn't bring myself to be very angry.

We Love the Monster Love on “Grimm”

I was shocked, but not sorry. What I'm saying is it wasn't everything it should have been. For the uninitiated, Grimm follows Nick Burkhardt, a Portland homicide detective. He discovers he is a Grimm, one of a long line of hunters who fights supernatural creatures, known as Wesen, that are eerily reminiscent of fairy tale creatures. But let's be honest: So let's talk about that series finale. Finales are a hard thing to pull off, and I thought Grimm did a nice job.

It was a bold move to kill off Hank and Wu - one that I applauded, though I love those characters - but after Renard was killed, I figured this was all a big fake-out.

A dream sequence, an alternate reality, or something that would be fixed with magic. All the characters were just dying in too quick a succession. And of course, Nick came out of the mirror for real this time and everyone was just fine. The final battle took place on the "big bad's" home turf. I always appreciate it when finales jump into the future a bit, to let us see where the characters ended up. Six Feet Under mastered this technique in their finale, showing how the characters died and, by extension, how they lived in the same manner that was used throughout the show on inconsequential extras.

Grimm gave us an epilogue, jumping ahead 20 years, showing Nick's son, Kelly, continuing the tradition of keeping the Grimm diaries going. He works out of a new trailer, with his older sister Diana, and Rosalee and Monroe's triplets, to keep the world safe from rogue Wesen. It didn't seem like Grimm left any loose ends. The symbols in the tunnel were a kind of calendar; the stick was part of a bigger staff; the "Other Place" as Diana termed it was a kind of alternate universe that was essentially shut down when Nick destroyed the Big Bad.

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How far in advance did you have the finale planned? We had it completely planned out by the end of the sixth season! We had it planned out right before we shot it. We had no idea until the very end.

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Well, we knew there were certain things that had to happen, but we didn't know specifically. We felt we had answered the keys with the stick, but then we thought we really had to answer that stick - for real. We had a lot of different versions we were playing around with. Eventually we came up with what I think is the best one. What were some of the other ideas you considered?

They weren't as good as what you saw. We just tinkered around. We weren't really settled on anything. We just let the characters lead us to where we should go, I think. That seemed like the most logical last episode. What was the cast's reactions when they first read their death scene? I think it was something like, "Oh my god! They couldn't believe it. Throughout this last season it kind of felt like Eve was switching back into Juliette mode, and that at some point she was going to proclaim her love to Nick, and try to get him back.

Was that ever a possibility? Not in our minds. In other people's minds, it was definitely a possibility. We shot where she felt the strength of being a hexenbiest, all that power. She went from bad to good. But she didn't want to give up that purpose.

grimm monroe proposes a relationship

It wasn't like she was converting; she was coalescing in this last season. They both did a lot of stuff, good, bad and indifferent. But she was no longer interested in simple happiness.

grimm monroe proposes a relationship

She discovered a purpose in life. Eve found her purpose this season. If we could figure out how to do it, we would, but you don't know those things until you really figure it out. We hadn't planned, "how do we bring them back," and created the last episode around them. It wasn't that at all. We found a way to incorporate them into the last episode.

At the end of the final episode, we get the sense that Nick and Adalind are still together. And obviously Monroe and Rosalee had the triplets, and are - hopefully - still together.

What happened with some of our other characters? What happened with Renard and Eve and Trubel? Whatever you think happened to them!

grimm monroe proposes a relationship

They all reformed a new kind of family, having fought evil together, I think they all came together with the reality that this war, this battle, will continue and they will fight it together. And whatever you think happened! It's supposed to live on in your mind! But it's quite probably true that they are all out there, fighting the good fight. Was there ever any discussion or consideration of incorporating them into the epilogue?

No, that would have been too much. And the reality of our time We only have 42 minutes or so of broadcast time. There were other things we wanted to do, but there just wasn't enough time.