Grisaia michiru ending a relationship

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grisaia michiru ending a relationship

The relationship between Yuuji and Amane in Grisia No Rakuen only adapt Prologue de la Grisaia (from Rakuen) and Yumiko's route. The Fruit of Grisaia is a Japanese adult visual novel, the first in a series of visual novels by The Fruit of Grisaia follows a branching plot line with multiple endings, and Michiru also appears as the main character in the all-ages spin- off game . relationships with Yūji in the excuse of teaching him how to handle women. Grisaia no Kajitsu is originally a VN from FrontWing. By the end of the very first episode, you already knew way too much about each of the characters. understand the relationship between Meowwel and Michiru to have.

I liked Michiru's route quite a bit, even though it was really far-fetched with Michiru's condition. I have heard about cell memory and whatnot, but the idea that a person's entire personality and memories were transferred with the heard was a bit ridiculous.

I didn't like the bad end, it felt a bit rushed to me. Michiru attempts suicide again than gets brain damage. I played Amane's route last. While I enjoyed the story, I didn't like the fact that so much of her route was telling about the past, and not about Amane and Yuuji's own interactions. The long term goof ending was nice though.

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To err is human. To blame your computer for your mistakes is even more human. All the stars in the sky are waiting for you. Fate8 Fate8 4 years ago 3 It has been over a year since I read the novel but there are two things that come to mind. Michiru suffers from Dissociative Identity Disorder which may answer your question. I thought her route was the best overall and I didn't like her character going into it either.

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I thought Amane's route had awful pacing issues. I ended up skipping large sections of text due to the redundancy of it and the pointlessness of so much useless information. The protagonists sister was not addressed very well in this novel but do not fear she will be returning in some capacity in the next novel as the author delves into Yuuji's past especially in relation to his relationship with his mentor. Thats because you touch yourself at night.

Those thugs are likely sent out by Yumiko because she does not trust Yuuji at first place. If you carefully read the conversation with thugs, they says someone have put up bounty on internet board and you know Yumiko loves to surf on net.

As for identity of "who is locked away at basement of Ichigaya" is revealed in 3rd installment - with surprise. Not much to see on 1st and 2nd game but that who will become very important later in 3rd game.

That's an interesting theory.

grisaia michiru ending a relationship

It's been a few weeks since I started the game, so I've forgotten some details about the common route, but I did see a scene in the anime where Yumiko was offering a 1 million Yen reward for anyone who had information of Yuuji, so I guess that it isn't so far-fetched.

Would have been funny if they brought it up in Yumiko's route. Well I'm glad to hear that, I rather liked Kazuki. The bad luck mentioned was in reference to how she was periodically bullied and abused by her tutors, this all happened without her parents' knowledge, causing her parents to think that Michiru was indeed a stupid girl, this alone didn't matter to them though as the fact that Michiru still had her health was enough to keep them happy.

Michiru Matsushima

Her father wanted the best for her but most of his actions had always make it even harder for Michiru. Once it became apparent that she had a heart condition, she had failed all of her parents' expectations and they gradually stopped giving Michiru attention, in stead they started trying to produce a second child.

This caused Michiru to fall in to a deep depression; she had spend days just sitting still in her room because according to her "sitting still was the only talent she had. Michiru was envious that the girl had managed to build up the courage to take her own life, and inadvertently prevented her from going through with it.

The relationship between Yuuji and Amane in Grisia No Rakuen

As the girl was about to jump off the roof, Michiru stopped her by yelling at her causing the girl to stop in confusion. These two briefly became very close friends, and Michiru started to take an interest in the world again. They would always spend time together that both of them considered each other as best friend. However, her new best friend later went through with her suicide in front of Michiru. The shock of seeing her friend leap to her death caused enormous amounts of stress for Michiru's already frail heart, so much so that she was no longer able to live a normal life and just like that, she collapsed.

She was brought to the hospital and according to the doctor, she needed a heart transplant. Fortunately, Michiru acquired a suitable heart for her that came from an American girl whom had been in a traffic accident that caused her to become totally paralyzed.

This person became the "other Michiru," a Michiru who only appeared whenever Michiru was going through a hard time. This Michiru was a much more sociable, smart and athletic girl dedicated to helping the original Michiru get her life on track, but alas it had the opposite effect, as it caused Michiru to almost take her own life by stabbing her chest to get the intruder out of her body.

After that incident, Michiru gets sent to a mental ward and there she is prescribed a medication to suppress the "other Michiru. She figured if she could give people joy and let them laugh and smile, she would be at least contributing something to the world. This became her very reason to live, and eventually she constructed a clumsy energetic tsundere personality to make this task easier.

grisaia michiru ending a relationship