Hexagram 24 5 relationship

Romance and hexagram 24

hexagram 24 5 relationship

This hexagram is associated with a turning back of long nights towards more the careful development of new relationships after a splitting apart of old ones. The I Ching symbol meaning 'The Turning Point'. Changes in Line 5 This line is a reminder that old relationship patterns could return if you are unwilling to. I received HEXAGRAM 24 UNCHANGED. to know what the prospects were of meeting a man for a committed love relationship this year.

I Ching Hexagram 24 — Love: If we rush into a new relationship and our partner is feeling controlled and heavily influenced, then there is no guarantee of success. Showing a manger how well you can work and not being a good example to others can prevent an associate from being selected as a leader in the work place.

I Ching Hexagram #24:

As we try to control the future, we can prevent ourselves opportunities that are meant for us at a time of steady progression. Friends come without blame. To and fro goes the way. On the seventh day comes return. It furthers one to have somewhere to go. Thus the kings of antiquity closed the passes At the time of solstice.

Merchants and strangers did not go about, And the ruler Did not travel through the provinces.

hexagram 24 5 relationship

Conclusion With any process of improvement, try to understand what you are progressing towards. Is there a certain goal that is being readily available for completion? If you are examining a new direction, explore how it relates to the cycles you have always known. Look for that part of you that has remained unchanged over time and explore your original sincerity.

You may need to transform it if it is no longer serving you, or hold to it if you can validate its importance in leading you toward fulfillment. If your question is about the return of something or someone, this is often affirmative.

Hexagrams for the I Ching, Tao of Power, and Art of War Turning Point

Changes to 2 Receptive. You realize that a path was not correct and return. Your decision has consequences for others who might be expecting you to continue in a different direction.

You need to follow your own insight and not just blindly follow others which will lead to good fortune. Changes to 19 Approach. You realize that returning is the proper course and have no need to seek advice from others although you remain sensitive to their views. By remaining humble during a quiet comeback after a time of adversity, your virtue and tenacity are recognized. The return to success after a period of heavy defeat is the only way to self mastery.

Others will seek your counsel because of your experience.

Relationship between 5 elements and I ching theory

Changes to 36 Brightness Hiding. You return because of a crisis and while it may take a few attempts to finally settle, your decision is correct. Following your own insight is not always the popular way but keeps you deeply connected to your Tao.

How can this be wrong?

Hexagram 24 "Return" Oracle of Love

Keeping your intentions to yourself minimizes any danger or opposition. But some may wish to break old habits, and experience entirely new adventures.

hexagram 24 5 relationship

For those, it is important to seize the reins at this time in order to steer their lives onto a new path. The opportunity for doing this will not last long. Be warned too that overcoming the momentum built up over a period of years can be a formidable task.

Circumstances and old habits will tend to nudge you once again back to your old course.

hexagram 24 5 relationship

You may also experience discomfort and even fright at the prospect of veering off a known path. Too, a new path does not guarantee a better one. All it promises is a different course of events. Many people who achieve a breaking with old patterns do so not from their own efforts, but from an external force that pushes them off their worn path and onto a new trek often against their will.

Proper timing can mean the difference between success and failure for a change in course. For, at the best of times, little or no effort is required to affect a change.

hexagram 24 5 relationship

At the worst of times, all the effort in the world may be inadequate for the task. If the way to change is open now, it would be better to act sooner rather than later; for opposition will only increase after this point, for some time to come.