Hexagram 53 unchanging relationship tips

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hexagram 53 unchanging relationship tips

I Ching Reference: Hexagram # The I Ching symbol Your receptivity to a fulfilling relationship is growing deeper and deeper. But don't rush things. This is a. 53 Jian4 漸 It is a measured advance like line 3 of hexagram Pi (12) advancing by one step and exchanging positions with line 4; According to traditional Chinese marriage customs, there are five steps involved, from matchmaking to the. “Its answers bring you into contact with something fundamental and unchanging, You build your own hexagrams by some randomised method can be a little complicated at first,” counsels the Beginner's Guide. try to make The Guardian sustainable by deepening our relationship . 16 Feb

Gradual Development shows the opposite as a time of moving forward step by step or patiently waiting for something to unfold. This hexagram has emphasis on living from the inside-out rather than the outside-in.

Like a tree nourished by the sun and rain, we may look to the outer world for elements that nourish us, but we do not look to others for answers about who we are. This information is sacred to our Te or internal blueprint. We must quiet its tendency toward survival, always looking for threats and what is wrong in the environment.

Instead, we wake up in each and every moment, balanced in the knowledge that we are living from the inside out. By honoring who we are, life celebrates our arrival. The lines refer to the Geese which symbolize a connection between our organic and spiritual nature demonstrated in grace and dignity.

They walk on land, float in water and soar through the sky revealing how following instinct and relying on surrounding elements to uplift us, we always arrive exactly where we need to be.

For the benefit of the roses we water the thorns too. The tree on a mountain benefits all, but must grow slowly in accordance with the seasons. The seed holds within, all that it will one day become, although it must remain steadfast through the changing climate. The tree becomes a lesson of perseverance in your unfolding as you move forward from the foundation of Te.

hexagram 53 unchanging relationship tips

Because its growth is slow and steady, it demonstrates the principle: What you are attempting must be cultivated slowly and patiently. Bo Ju ji wrote about trees: It is only in the depth of winter when there is frost and snow that we have means of knowing how luxuriant the pines and cypresses are.

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To be in unbroken contact with the stem of life, the germinating power of nature, and to make Te the door to all wisdom; that is what is meant by being a sage. Realness is self-completing and the Way is self-directing. Realness is the end as well as the beginning of things, for without realness there would be no things at all; which is why the sage prizes above everything coming-to-be-real. If you merely strive to be real, success will come naturally.

Remain focused on your plan and surpass obstacles with gentleness and decorum. Stay focused on the long term. Plant the seeds for success now, and reap a bountiful harvest in the future.

hexagram 53 unchanging relationship tips

Cultivate tolerance, patience, detachment and adaptability. Understand that all you have the power to change is yourself. Do not be subservient to those above you nor domineering to those below you. This will give you the confidence you need to succeed. It is possible to grow to great heights but keep your inner balance that has brought you here.

hexagram 53 unchanging relationship tips

Do not become complacent now. Your run of good fortune has begun to wane. Retreat into yourself and have faith that things will improve sooner if you stick to your plans and don't give up.

hexagram 53 unchanging relationship tips

Deal with reservations and dissent earlier, to head off problems down the road. Now is an opportunity for you to shine, but don't forget to keep your humility and integrity. If you abuse your strength, you will lose it.

You can deal with any challenge if you remain modest and don't lose sight of what's right. You have the momentum and energy to see plans through. Hexagram 17 Sui - Following Lake over Thunder Accept the way things are and stay steady in response to events. Inner truth and acceptance will lead to contagious happiness. There is an opportunity to fix the situation by righting wrong ideas and attitudes.

You need strength of character and decisive action, but first figure out where the source of disorder is. When you've identified it, work quickly. Your undertakings will meet with success.

Your Experiences with Unchanging Castings-Hexagram 53

People above you will offer help and support. Don't lose sight of what brought you here. The creative power of the universe works in mysterious ways, influencing situations and people. Hexagram 21 Shih Ho - Biting Through Fire over Thunder There is an obstacle here, possibly an incorrect attitude that needs to be dealt with. Try to see the problem clearly. Forcefulness will bring misfortune.

Use your inner strength to withdraw. Attempting to influence the situation will only prolong it. Withdraw now, wait patiently, and allow everything to settle. Watch and wait as things progress on their own. Consolidate your strength and energy for the time of growth that is coming soon. Nip cynicism in the bud, so intuition can flow and so that you can be receptive to the advice of a wiser adult. Hexagram 26 Ta Ch'u - Taming Force Mountain over Heaven Remain calm and detached in the face of hostile provocations from others who seek to undermine your resolve.

hexagram 53 unchanging relationship tips

Your character is being tested. Hold on to your inner truth. Use these difficulties as opportunities to understand the situation better. Some people may be afraid and jealous of your spiritual progress.

I Ching Hexagram #53:

Ignore them and stay focused. Hexagram 27 I - Nourishment Mountain over Thunder By feeding the desires of the ego, we encourage the growth of inferior spiritual qualities such as envy, self-pity, and distrust. Through meditation we cultivate tranquility and receptiveness that allows wisdom to flow in. It is likely you'll give in. You understandably want to escape the situation, but that will only delay the inevitable. Constantly running weakens your resolve and worsens your problems.

A time to stand firm. Rely on your inner truth and integrity and you will emerge stronger. This might require a sacrifice, but you will see the fruits of your efforts if you persevere. Open your heart and adopt a detached, receptive state that will allow the universe to work everything out.

Hexagram 54 Gate 54

Be open-minded and diplomatic to receive benefits from external influences. To have a beneficial influence on others you need to maintain inner independence and integrity, acting from a position of quiet inner truth and humility.

Be calm and sincere and be careful to stay true to your path and you will succeed. Do not yearn or hope for better things, and do not give in to pessimism, but remain constant and unwavering. Do what needs to be done with calmness, detachment and integrity. Withdraw in order to set a strategy in place for a more favorable time to move forward.

Maintain patience, humility, calmness and detachment. Old wounds of the heart are healing little by little. Your receptivity to a fulfilling relationship is growing deeper and deeper.

But don't rush things.

Mark Rylance used the I Ching for his career: can it help with my lunch?

This is a time to put all your energy and attention directly on the step you are currently on. Take practical action, but do it with intense focus. Pay attention to where you are and who you are with, here and now. Let each step be its own adventure and its own goal.

Hexagram 53 "Confirmation" Oracle of Love

Love is found only in the present moment. Think about the "now" and the future will take shape perfectly. Changes in Line 1 "Swimming Toward Shore" In matters of the heart, you may feel overly sensitive right now. Be all right with where you are.