Hiruma omamori relationship memes

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hiruma omamori relationship memes

In particular, Shinji's relationship with Kaworu shows just how much our main After Kaoru is captured by the man claiming to be the Battosai, Gohei Hiruma, it is revealed Did you expect her to become a meme for that matter? be willing to put up with it for all the benefits he has in Omamori Himari. by Yoichi Hiruma, the quarterback of the school's American football team. . Third-year high school student Koyomi Araragi barely survives a vampire attack, thanks to the help of Meme Oshino, . Saito & Louise struggle with a relationship no longer defined as Master Omamori Himari [TV] UltraMight gave it a 7. Anime is a style of hand-drawn and computer animation originating in, and commonly associated with, Japan. relations.

Since he spends most of his time away from school helping his mother run the family business, he doesn't get to enjoy his younger years like most teenagers.

Kuroko no Basket [TV] I. Kuroko is a member from the legendary middle school basketball team known as "The Generation of Miracles", and while nobody seems to know about him, the main 5 players of the team all admit that he is a better player. When he joins the high school basketball team, everyone is surprised to find out that he is small, weak, and easy to miss. Tanaka Yukio, better known by his nickname Koyuki is a year-old who feels disconnected from life itself.

The new English teacher, Chun-Woo, is not your ordinary teacher. Shioon, a victim of constant bullying, unexpectedly witnesses Chun-Woo's fighting power, and begs him to make him his disciple. Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun [TV] I. Mizutani Shizuku is the type of person who only cares for her own grades.

But when she accidentally delivers lesson notes to Yoshida Haru, he becomes convinced they are friends. Cowboy Bebop [TV] I. Earning bounty rewards is one of the few profitable jobs outside of crime in the solar system - and Spike and Jet are just doing their work as they get mixed up with even more interesting people.

Baka and Test [TV] I. A hilarious Slap stick comedy with plenty of transgenders and occasional raunchy themes. Unable to find him, he learns that the town is divided in two distinct factions. Summer Wars [Movie] I.

hiruma omamori relationship memes

In the future, all facets of society are tied into Oz, a virtual world inhabited by millions of users. D Snuggles gave it a 9. A group of high school teenagers are suprised one day to find that the citizens of Tokyo are turning into zombies. They band together to stay alive and escape. Kodaka Hasegawa is a recent transfer student to St. Chronica's Academy, a private Catholic school. Kore wa zombie desu ka? Aikawa Ayumu is a normal high school boy.

One day he is killed by a serial killer and revived as a zombie by a necromancer named Eucliwood Hellscythe. The Neighbor's Club—a club founded for the purpose of making friends, where misfortunate boys and girls with few friends live out their regrettable lives.

Although Yozora Mikazuki faced a certain incident at the end of summer, the daily life of the Neighbor's Club goes on as usual. The story starts when a guy called Aono Tsukune fails in getting accepted to a good highschool,so he ends up going to a monster highschool.

Gosick takes place in in a small, made-up European country of Saubure. The story centres on Kujou Kazuya, the third son of a Japanese Imperial soldier, who is a transfer student to St.

Wiki Keima Katsuragi, a second-year high school student, is an avid bish? In an alternate version of the present day, we have computers known as Persocoms that can be designed to look like toy figures, animals, and even people.

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Our story focuses on one such Persocom named Chi and her new owner, Hideki Motosuwa, who is too broke to buy one and yet is lucky enough to have found Chi in the trash.

When he was young Shirou had lost his parents in a large and unexplained fire. He was rescued and later adopted by a man named Kiritsugu Emiya who had revealed to Shirou that he was a magus, a person capable of using spells and magic. Three children, Sakamaki Izayoi, Kud? Asuka, and Kasukabe Y?

Dating sim master Keima Katsuragi wants nothing more than to immerse himself in the 2D world, chasing digital girlfriends.

hiruma omamori relationship memes

But when the so-called "Capturing God" answers a mysterious email from an unknown sender, Keima finds himself chasing down real-life ladies in an attempt to help the peppy demon Elsie de Lute Irma capture "lost souls" escaped from the depths of hell. After losing their mother, Alphonse and Edward Elric attempt to bring her back using the forbidden science of human alchemy.

However, alchemy operates on the theory of equivalent trade, and breaking the human alchemy taboo carries a heavy price. The series follows the relationship of Akira Tsubaki and Mikoto Urabe. Urabe is a transfer student who recently came to Tsubaki's school. Is This A Zombie? Ayumu is murdered by a mysterious dark force. He awakens as zombie, the work of a beautiful and cursed angel of fate, a necromancer, Eucliwood Hellscythe.

The sequel to Bakemonogatari. The story follows Koyomi Araragi and the strange relationships he has with his friends and family who are afflicted by paranormal apparitions. Third-year high school student Koyomi Araragi barely survives a vampire attack, thanks to the help of Meme Oshino, a strange man who lives in an abandoned building. Despite being able to save his humanity, several powers from vampirism remained in his body as side effects.

Ninja Scroll [Movie] I. A ninja-for-hire is forced into fighting an old nemesis who is bent on overthrowing the Japanese government. His nemesis is also the leader of a group of demons each with superhuman powers. As the Cowboy Bebop crew travels the stars, they learn of the largest bounty yet, a huge million oolongs.

Apparently, someone is wielding a hugely powerful chemical weapon, and of course the authorities are at a loss to stop it. In the yearthe gaming industry has reached a new height after the development of the NerveGear, a helmet-like controller that allows the user to fully dive their senses into the world of virtual reality.

Failure Human Tsukune is unexpectedly put into a school for monsters, where he meets the cute vampire Moka. YuYu Hakusho follows Yusuke Urameshi, a street-brawling delinquent who, in an uncharacteristic act of altruism, is hit by a car and killed in an attempt to save a young boy by pushing him out of the way.

His ghost is greeted by Botan, a woman who introduces herself as the pilot of the River Styx, who ferries souls to the Underworld where they may be judged for the afterlife. The world is beginning to get back on it's feet and rebuild after the destruction that lied in Sephiroth's wake. Not all is going well, however, as a new disease known as Geostigma threatens the world.

On JuneKeiichi Maebara moves with his family to Hinamizawa, a peaceful rural village. He quickly befriends his new schoolmates Rena Ryugu, Mion Sonozaki, Satoko Hojo, and Rika Furude, usually spending their leisure time playing board games. Girls Bravo [TV] I. Yukinari Sasaki is an average high school student who was teased and bullied by girls to the point that he developed an allergic reaction. He breaks out in hives whenever he comes into contact with a female.

Events in After Story take place immediately after the end of the first part, but extends into the next ten years, where Tomoya and Nagisa live together as a family. Life continues on for Tomoya. Gun x Sword [TV] I. On the planet of Endless Illusion, a lone man adorned in a tuxedo roams the wild and lawless frontier.

Lupin the 3rd [TV] I. Zetsuen no Tempest [TV] I. If you are near the long line by the bridge over the canal, you are clearly at Kani Doraku, one of the many iconic signs in Dotonbori.

If you recognize this sign, it was featured in Hand Shakers when Hayate and Chizuru decide to dine here after their failed match against Tazuna and Chizuru. This is one of the places where tourists are drawn to try crab because everyone loves crab, right?

Crab sushi is sold at the counter, which is where the line stands. Crowds of people wait to be allowed within the establishment. You can dine here, but you may want to keep walking to consider your options. From here, you can walk through Dotonbori, imagine yourself as Tazuna, as he walks past Dotonbori into the Shinsaibashi Shopping Arcade, which is extremely busy.

The shopping arcade goes on forever, and even when you cross major streets, it continues into other ones. Back at Dotonbori, you can walk in either direction to follow the Dotonbori Canal and see more iconic shops and foods. One major ramen chain has no signage aside from the large dragon on its signboard. Still, hundreds of people wait to dine here and at one of the other many establishments. If you see a very angry looking Japanese man sign, welcome to one of the most popular kushikatsu restaurants, Kushikatsu Daruma.

It can be rather intimidating, but this is one of the most well-known restaurants that serves kushikatsu, skewered foods that are fried. Try the mochi kushikatsu! Anime-wise, you might not come across much. There are not many anime shops although there is an owl cafe if you follow one of the shopping arcades down the ways. There are a lot of pachinko parlors, clubs, host clubs, and all sorts of things to keep you occupied at all hours of the day.

I.M.D Snuggles

There are also arcades of all sorts if you are too young to play pachinko. Do not forget the UFO catchers. Do not you want to win yourself a cute or anime-themed souvenir to take home?

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Additional info As we were mentioning before, Dotonbori intersects with multiple shopping arcades so you can literally spend hours here. You can find almost anything you want here including traditional wagashi shops, souvenir shops, Daiso, coffee shops, restaurants, desserts, etc. The options are endless! Osaka is the place to try them all. They say that Osaka is the kitchen of Japan and most who visit Osaka come for the food.

There are many ramen shops including a whole street of ramen options!

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If you plan on dining at Michelin guide restaurants like the very discreet looking yet Mizuno that line could take an hourwe suggest dining alone to bypass the line faster. If Kani Doraku or Kushikatsu Daruma are restaurants on your hit list, do not hit up the iconic ones right in the center of Dotonbori.

The lines are long. This is also true of Ichiran, which is a tourist favorite all around Japan when it comes to ramen, and there is one located right on Dotonbori that always has a line while the other one does not! Sword Art Online [Movie] hurricaneg gave it a With the Nerve Gear, a VR Helmet that stimulates the user's five senses via their brain, players can experience and control their in-game characters with their minds. Naota is a normal Japanese 6th grade boy, cynical about life and just wanting to be left alone.

But his older brother leaves for America to play baseball, leaving his homeless 17 year old girlfriend Mamimi behind. Bakemonogatari [TV] hurricaneg gave it a Third-year high school student Koyomi Araragi barely survives a vampire attack, thanks to the help of Meme Oshino, a strange man who lives in an abandoned building.

Despite being able to save his humanity, several powers from vampirism remained in his body as side effects. Steins;Gate [TV] hurricaneg gave it a Rintaro Okabe is a self-proclaimed "mad scientist" who believes that an international scientific organization named SERN is conspiring to reshape the world according to its own interests.

He and his friend Itaru Hashida inadvertently create a gadget able to send messages to the past. Noragami [Manga] hurricaneg gave it a Yato is a minor deity who lacks even a single shrine.

In order to build his own shrine and gain recognition as a god, he scrawls his cell number on the wall of a downtown bathroom telling people he will help them in exchange for a 5-yen offering, becoming a self-styled "delivery god. One Punch Man [TV] hurricaneg gave it a In a world where having superpowers is the norm, heroes fight day and night against the villains who terrorize the populace in order to keep peace and order in the society.

The story follows a seemingly bland but extremely powerful individual named Saitama, who initially fights as a hero for fun. Koe no Katachi [Manga] hurricaneg gave it a I wish we had never met.

I wish we could meet once again. Suzumiya Haruhi No Shoushitsu [Movie] hurricaneg gave it a The brigade members Kyon, Nagato Yuki, Asahina Mikuru and Koizumi Itsuki start preparing everything for the party, such as costumes and decorations. Shokugeki no Souma [TV] hurricaneg gave it a Ecchi, School, Shounen Yukihira Souma's dream is to become a full-time chef in his father's restaurant and surpass his father's culinary skill.

But just as Yukihira graduates from middle schools his father, Yukihira Jouichirou, closes down the restaurant to cook in Europe. Kotonoha no Niwa [Movie] hurricaneg gave it a The Garden of Words?? Sket Dance [TV] hurricaneg gave it a Most of the time, though, they hang out in their club room, bored, with only a few trivial problems floating in every once in a while. My hero academia [TV] hurricaneg gave it a Izuku is born normal in a world where super powersoft or "quirks" are normal.

Despite this he attempts to become a hero like his childhood hero All Might and prove himself to his childhood friend by doing the hero course at the most prestigious hero academy.

Assassination Classroom [Manga] hurricaneg gave it a The students of class 3-E have a mission: He has already destroyed the moon, and has promised to destroy the Earth if he can not be killed within a year.

Chibi Vampire [Manga] hurricaneg gave it a Karin Maaka is the middle child in a family of vampires who immigrated to Japan two centuries earlier. Unlike the rest of her family, Karin does not feed on blood, she produces it. Fooloy Cooly [TV] hurricaneg gave it a Fooly Cooly is an original video animation series written by Y? Torah Dora [TV] hurricaneg gave it a Yahari Ore no Seishun [TV] hurricaneg gave it a This romantic comedy revolves around an antisocial high school student named Hikigaya Hachiman with a distorted view on life and no friends or girlfriend.

When he sees his classmates talking excitedly about living their adolescent lives, he mutters: Akira Movie Movie [Movie] hurricaneg gave it a In Neo-Tokyo, all authority is waging a never-ending struggle against the underground that virtually rules the shattered city. The film takes place one year after the events of the anime series. After going through a painstaking journey across multiple "World Lines" due to the invention of "D-Mail," text messages that can be sent to the past, Rintarou Okabe has assumedly landed in the "Steins Gate" World Line, in which none of his friends would have to die and a future ruled by SERN due to the invention of a time machine no longer exists.

When year-old Makoto Konno gains the ability to, quite literally, "leap" backwards through time, she immediately sets about improving her grades and preventing personal mishaps. However, she soon realises that changing the past isn't as simple as it seems, and eventually, will have to rely on her new powers to shape the future of herself and her friends. Oregairu [TV] hurricaneg gave it a When he see his classmates talking excitedly about living their adolescent lives, he mutters, They're a bunch of liars.

The plot primarily follows the two characters Haruto Kirishima and Yuzuki Eba. Yuzuki moved from Tokyo to her father's rural hometown in the Hiroshima Prefecture. Unlimited Blade Works [Movie] hurricaneg gave it a This is the adaptation of the 2nd route of the popular visual novel: In this route, Tohsaka Rin will be the major female character.

Toki o Kakeru Shoujo [Movie] hurricaneg gave it a Life for year-old Makoto Konno is filled with fun days of school and hanging out with her two best friends, Chiaki and Kousuke. And then she finds herself with a strange ability to leap or jump back in time. The series is set in a world where magic exists and has been utilized as a technology for nearly a century.

Rather than casting spells with chants or other traditional forms of spellcasting, mages use a Casting Assistant Device, better known as a CAD. Natsuki Subaru is an ordinary high school student who is lost in an alternate world, where he is rescued by a beautiful, silver-haired girl. He stays near her to return the favour, but the destiny she is burdened with is more than Subaru can imagine.

Furi Kuri [OVA] hurricaneg gave it a Shingeki no Kyojin [Manga] hurricaneg gave it a Kimi No Na Wa The story is set one month after a comet has fallen for the first time in a thousand years in Japan.

Mitsuha, a high school girl living in the countryside, wants to live in the city because she is tired of life in the country. Erased [TV] hurricaneg gave it a Satoru Fujinuma is a young manga artist struggling to make a name for himself following his debut.

But, that was not the only thing in his life that Satoru was feeling frustrated about…he was also living with a strange condition only he was able to experience. After Junior High he finds out his father is closing the Restaurant. A struggling manga artist and pizza boy extraordinaire in his late twenties. Seems like your average Joe, right? Awesome, thats the plot. Ichijou Raku is an honor student with outstanding grades and an admirable conduct.