How to be less whipped in a relationship

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how to be less whipped in a relationship

Now learn ten signs your friend is whipped and help him see the light. I've seen my friends grow from relationship to relationship, and all too often I Some guys date girls who don't have names, at least according to them. Maybe the guy in the relationship is in love with the girl and .. Still, my friends will probably see and hear from me less in those situations. At the end of the day, if someone in a relationship does not feel special every now to be treated with respect, and I absolutely refuse to settle for anything less .

How to Save Your Best Guy Friend From Becoming Whipped

His girlfriend comes first all the time. Going for a beer requires permission. Going out for drinks with his guy friends spells 'trouble' for his other half and it is heavily frowned upon.

In order to avoid upsetting her, he will ask for her 'permission' to grab a beer with his friends. If she says no, he will accept her decision after a very brief argument.

His girlfriend makes decisions for him.

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How did he ever let it get to this point? His freedom seems a distant memory now, and he has given up all his basic human rights. He has no say in his own personal affairs such as holiday destinations, major purchases or weekend plans. He goes home when SHE'S ready.

Whipped boyfriend's mates look on in sheer disgust as he leaves the pub early - after 2 pints because his girlfriend says she's tired. He winks at you pretending he's "getting the ride", but you both know that's not true.

His friends have magically become replaced with her friends. It is no longer acceptable to spend time with his old friends. Whipped boyfriend finds himself hanging around with his girlfriend's friends and they're just awful. His friends don't even bother anymore. His friends never call or text to see if he wants to hang out because they know what the answer is going to be!

Friends no longer treat him as an individual. It seems like he has been absorbed by his girlfriend, and they are now just one person. Whipped boyfriend has no shame. SHE owns the remote. His girlfriend dictates what they will be watching on television all the time. Every time you call or text him, his girlfriend is in the room with him.

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She hovers around him and his friends can never reach him on his own at any time. His own hobbies and interests have disappeared. Whipped boyfriend used to play football for a team, be in a band or be an avid gamer. The Cash Cow You ever go somewhere with your friend, and he always feels the need to buy her something. Oh I must buy it. The Moral Affliction If you ever have the following dialogue with a friend, drive him to the state house and force him to return his testicles, he doesn't deserve them: I'd tap that shit!

how to be less whipped in a relationship

Show a little respect. Listen, I don't know many things, but let me tell you this. Girls like that, they live for it. Why else do girls wear jeans two sizes too short and six inch heels. Get out of your fantasy world. The PDA Public displays of affection are the most earnest ways of destroying your friendships with others. If you are surrounded by others, you may not kiss, or even hold hands what, is she going to fall down?

The Possessor Some guys date girls who don't have names, at least according to them. This occurs when you hear bits of dialogue like this: Not that there's anything wrong with objectifying woman, but when you're using it strictly as a means of self-pleasing, jerking off if you will, it's lame and contrived.

The Denial It's such a grave insult to be called whipped that many guys claim they are not.

how to be less whipped in a relationship

Ahh shit, baby just paged me, if I leave now, I can make it in time to massage her bunyans. The Uggo Complex Now it's one thing to be whipped if your girlfriend is cute. I mean, if you have a nice car, a Ferrari perhaps, you want to keep it happy—oil changes, lube jobs, other auto terms as sexual innuendo metaphors. But if you're driving an '86 shitbox, who gives a shit if you use the Premium?

In conclusion, if your bitch isn't better than unleaded, she ain't worth spending the extra time and money on the Plus. The Life Changer The saddest thing I've ever seen was a friend of mine who converted to being a Yankee fan because his girlfriend was. You do not change your ideals for a woman. Oh, sure you can change in little ways: But you do not change interests, hobbies, and religions.

And yes, the Red Sox are a religion.

And Yankee fans are Satanists. The Hoover It's a terrible thing to lose a friend. But some guys do it to themselves.