How to fix a lie in relationship

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how to fix a lie in relationship

It can be hard to know how to fix a relationship after lying, because the trust between two people has been taken away. But there are steps to fix. Lying is always destructive to relationships. The causes and Lying is a bad solution to an underlying problem: How to break the cycle. Posted Jul 29, to last forever? Read on to find out the worst fibs, untruths, and downright lies you should never tell. If You Keep Lying About These 10 Things, Your Relationship Is Doomed . The person can't fix what you don't tell them.

However, it is not impossible to mend things once again. With vulnerability, a new attitude and a willingness to make things better, partners can be reconciled and the hurt caused by dishonesty can be healed.

how to fix a lie in relationship

Though in some cases it may be best to seek professional advice about relationship issues, these steps may put you on the path towards reconciliation. It takes time to mend a broken relationship.

how to fix a lie in relationship

Meet Singles in your Area! Step 1 Confess to telling the lie. Covering your tracks with more lies will only damage your relationship further. Being honest with your partner will start you on the path to repairing your relationship.

It may be difficult to confess, but continuing in dishonesty will only make matters worse. Brace yourself for your partner's reaction.

how to fix a lie in relationship

Even if she knew that you were lying, talking about it may stir up emotions that you may not otherwise expect such as anger, sadness and hurt. Step 2 Apologize for telling the lie.


Don't simply apologize because that is what you are supposed to do, but say you are sorry because you really are. Be open and vulnerable with your partner as you apologize. If you keep things from them, it only makes you look worse when the truth eventually comes out.

If you lied to protect someone, the situation might be a little different.

How to Stop Compulsive Lying

You will be aware that you had reasoning behind your actions, and though you should never use this as an excuse or a safety blanket, it might help people understand why you did the things you did. Once you have said your piece, step back and allow time for your words to sink in.

how to fix a lie in relationship

Wait for them to reach out to you instead of prompting them to come to a decision. This is their time, not yours, and you have to respect them to make up for all the times you disrespected them. Allow the person you lied to time to forgive Depending on the strength of the lie, it can take someone a long time to forgive you.

If you hurt someone, saying you are sorry is not always good enough. Depending on the person, they might be willing to forgive you right away, or they might make you wait for their answer. Either way, just be happy if they do forgive you.

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If you are deserving of their forgiveness, you will get it in time. When the time comes, be prepared to rebuild what you destroyed, or risk the trust slipping away from you yet again. You must be prepared to be a better person in order to gain what you lost due to your previous actions.

All you have to do is come to terms with what happened in preparation. You may not feel like reliving the incident, but it does help. It allows your brain to process how you feel about it all. How much are you willing to put up with and how much time are you willing to spend with a liar? The key ingredient in any relationship is trust, especially as we grow older. Coupled with respect and love, trust gives you a strong basis as a couple.

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While trust is a bond, it is also a tenuous one, easily broken, if one of the partners constantly lies. When we talk about lying, we're not including innocent white lies as in, "Did you close the outside lights?

It no longer is an active part of being a couple. That breaks the strong bond of partnership. Lies about fidelity and money are the two most common ones that affect couples.

They make it almost impossible to have real trust ever again in a relationship. If your partner has cheated or if you feel that he or she will cheat again you have a trust issue. In addition to lying to you, he or she is making you constantly wait for "the other shoe to drop.

Staying together is not an option for you. Life is too stressful. I absolutely cannot trust him.