How to maintain strong relationship with husband during pregnancy

How To Keep Your Relationship Strong During Pregnancy | Expectful

how to maintain strong relationship with husband during pregnancy

Below are some tips on maintaining your relationship and how to be a supportive . Pregnancy is a great time to nurture healthy relationships, so that you're prepared as a couple for parenthood. Read practical tips for pregnant couples. Your relationship with your partner during pregnancy to have some emotional times, as a couple during pregnancy is a good place to start. There is no physical reason why you can't keep enjoying your usual sex life right.

With some patience, compassion and understanding we were able to grow together. Below are three tools we used to keep our relationship strong during our journey. I hope these help you to feel more connected to your partner and allow you to enjoy each other throughout this adventure.

Nurturing Your Relationship During Pregnancy

During pregnancy and new motherhood I focused mostly on what was happening to me and my baby, not on my partner. Once I allowed my partner to know that I was there to support him just as he had been there to support me, it opened up space for us to go through this transition together rather than separate.

Make time for each other. When we did start to make time for each other, even if it was dinner in as the baby slept, we started to connect better and in turn felt more love between us.

how to maintain strong relationship with husband during pregnancy

Try not to feel upset if he doesn't seem concerned about picking out nursery paint or looking at booties. He might feel left out Again, everything is happening to you. Aside from a couple of congratulatory back slaps or a handful or cigars tossed his way, most of the excitement about the pregnancy revolves around you.

And since he can't exactly help you grow that thing, he might not feel so connected to it -- or to you, at times.

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Encouraging him to bond with the bump will help him feel more integral to the pregnancy. Be sure to set aside non-baby time, too.


Making his favorite meal or surprising him with a movie date after work will help your partner feel like he's still your number one guy.

The intimacy will intensify Getting used to your bodily functions during pregnancy is going to be interesting, and sharing them with your partner could be a new thing for you two. There will be moments when the two of you might be in awe of the life you're creating, you'll bask in love's glow and feel extremely close emotionally -- and then, you might fart.

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You may feel that you would rather not have your partner there with you for some reason. Talking openly is the only way you can move forward with any of these issues. Fathers may also have different feelings There aren't any rules for how women should feel or behave in pregnancy - and there are no rules for men either!

Fathers share many of the experiences of pregnancy - the worries, problems, pleasure, joy and the waiting.

Nurturing Your Relationship With Your Partner During Pregnancy | What To Expect

New dads may also have some issues of their own to work out. Men don't have a baby growing inside them however much you sometimes wish they could and this can make it really tricky for them to adjust to pregnancy and the thought of a new baby as quickly as you can. Some men want to feel more involved in their partner's pregnancy, but find it hard to believe that a baby is really there.

Many fathers say that the turning point for them is seeing their baby at the first ultrasound. After this, many dads-to-be begin to feel a greater sense of involvement with their unborn child. Once again, simply sharing your feelings with each other is a huge step towards understanding the range of emotions you will both feel during your pregnancy.

how to maintain strong relationship with husband during pregnancy

It's also important to remember that no feeling is 'right' or 'wrong' for any particular stage of pregnancy. If you would like to read more about dads and pregnancy, have a look at the section "Dads guide to pregnancy" on the 'Raising Children Network' website Sex during pregnancy You can continue to have sex while you are pregnant as long as you don't have any complications with your pregnancy and you are feeling fine.

Many couples worry about having sex during pregnancy. Their main concern is that it could hurt the baby. There is no physical reason why you can't keep enjoying your usual sex life right through a normal pregnancy.